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I am a taurus in every sense of the sign. I have a heart of an artist with, hopefully, ample talent. I enjoy history, music (anything done on the piano), and mythology. My most favorite thing to do is to visit the annual Renaissance festival and the costumes we make for the festival (11 years and counting). I love to travel and my favorite place so far has been the Cayman Islands.
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I'm having a blast
Posted by emerald-eyedwanderer on Nov 12th, 2004 1:08 PM
School has become so much more interesting lately. Perhaps because I just sit around with a few friends and laugh and tell stories. What we SHOULD be doing is homework but we have to relieve the tension of the blood drawing that goes on in the back of the room. Yeah, we are learning Hematology, which means we get to poke at each other until we draw blood. I thought I would be nervous, but I love it! I've gotten blood all three times that I have tried! I was quite proud of that. I was so happy the first time I got blood I wanted to keep the tube for a souvenir, but that would be kind of unsanitary... and weird... My arms have seen better days though, I am beginning to look like an addict lol. Well I've had only four blood draws done on me today and one yesterday, but over the next few weeks I'm wearing long sleeves!
I miss Torri... crybaby.gif And I miss all fun times this past summer. She's been having some fun without me LOL this I found in her journal -

"im drunk rith now but i judst want to say i like people better, when im drunk, probably, beacuse im too drunk, to judge pepole..my bad for juginmg the world but somebody's cogotta do it!@@ MISS U ALI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will be home EXTREm'LY soon!!! nto much longer!!! i cant wait to see michigan!! i will be there shoertkyy, i must pee now!!! buh bye!!!!"

lol She's too funny.

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Always the bridesmaid
Posted by emerald-eyedwanderer on Nov 8th, 2004 3:04 PM
Well I spent Saturday at my cousin's house, the day went on as usual. Then an unexpected surprise; a good friend turns up home and trying to get ahold of me. We went out and had a good time. We talked for a good long while, which we haven't done in ages. I just realized this past weekend that I am the one who will have to throw a bachelorette party for her since she only plans on having two other bridesmaids. I know it's a while before I get to think about that, but it sounds like fun. Not to mention the only wedding I have ever been in is when I was four, as the flower girl, so this would be my first bachelorette party.
Alright I have over a year and a half to think about that... it's kind of exciting. I, for one, am not in the marriageable state of mind right now (and that's not going to change for a good long while) but to each their own. They can get married, I'll party. Weddings make for some of the best parties though, as do bachelorette parties...
Alright I have to leave, be productive, I've been slacking a lot lately. Besides the tension is getting high around here, that's when I know to leave.

Listening to some Cranberries.

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Halloween was great
Posted by emerald-eyedwanderer on Nov 1st, 2004 6:28 PM
I wished I could have had a video camera this past weekend. I would watch it everyday just for a good laugh. Picture this: a tall, lanky, flannel wearing, fifty something year old man, your typical uncle from the country. Now picture him in red high heels, fish-net tights, short skirt, black glittery sweater over a huge stuffed bra, red lipstick and a bright pink feather boa. I couldn't stop giggling from the moment I saw my Uncle Don to the moment I left the party. My family party was so much fun. This year was the first year I participated in the savenger hunt, I also had two of my friends over. I, luckily, was in a group with three of my older cousins and my other uncle, all of which are very competative. They were all hockey players up until a few years ago so you can just imagine. Poor Lor had been put in my uncle Don's group. So when we had to run into The Dorsey House, a restaurant and bar around the corner, the whole bar whistled and clapped for him. He's goofy anyways so he loved the attention and was laughing just as hard as everyone else. I think he even got offered a drink, lol. Well it was great and I am def not missing next year. I don't even know who won now that I think about it.

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Thanks Urian
Posted by emerald-eyedwanderer on Oct 25th, 2004 4:51 PM
The new avatar is cool isn't it? It all Michael's talents smile.gif I was getting tired of my old one anyways, good timing.

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Sisterly Love
Posted by emerald-eyedwanderer on Oct 24th, 2004 7:23 PM
I love my sister... ah ha... how could you not love this?:

CriSSy3426: stop TALKING
sionedx89: just because i am smarter than you - get over it
CriSSy3426: just cause you watch the history channel doesn't mean your smartr
CriSSy3426: smart*
sionedx89: well you prove that it does
CriSSy3426: i'm smarter and you know it you just cheat your way through life
sionedx89: well at least i am confident enough in my own intelligence not to go around accusing everyone else who does better than me of cheating
sionedx89: you insecure little failure
CriSSy3426: lol
CriSSy3426: you dont have any friends get off
sionedx89: oh and you have 200 LOL - you prob don't even talk to 180 of them
CriSSy3426: i do lol - i dont, cause i waste my time talking to you
sionedx89: but having 200 on your list makes you look cool
CriSSy3426: and having 10 makes you look like a loser
sionedx89: lol and how many of you '200' friends are you talking to right now? i am guessing me and one other person and our cousin doesn't count lol
CriSSy3426: all 200 of them, actually ... lol
sionedx89: you're bugging me
CriSSy3426: what are ya gonna do kick my ass?
CriSSy3426: ahahah buahaha
sionedx89: i do so much you weren't even able to pass a simple test like the MEAP - i should prob lay off LOL
CriSSy3426: ahahaha you're so funny i think i just pissed myself
CriSSy3426: keep the jokes coming
sionedx89: well what other stupid thing have you done lately that i can make fun of?
CriSSy3426: i never do stupid things
sionedx89: LOL
sionedx89: i can remember the things you did in kindegarten so what makes you think i don't remember the rest of them?
CriSSy3426: oh ya
sionedx89: have you ever tried your theory?
sionedx89: rocks growing from seeds? your own little rock garden?
CriSSy3426: ya bite me - it was first grade
sionedx89: i need to finish this homework so go away
sionedx89: i'll beat your ass tomorrow, when i see your ugly face again
CriSSy3426: slut i will slap you silly
sionedx89: you have tried and have yet to do it
CriSSy3426: ohh yes i have
sionedx89: quit telling stories
CriSSy3426: ok
CriSSy3426: go away
sionedx89: good night
(a few minutes later)
sionedx89: read my journal
CriSSy3426: if you said anything about me your gonna die
sionedx89: LOL

I wouldn't change it for anything.

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