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Writing all types of works including but not limited to prose fiction, screenplays, and poetry. I am also passionate about writing, listening to, playing, and recording all types of music. I have an acoustic guitar and am currently in the process of building a modest home studio combining both analog and digital tools.

I am also passionate on discussing film, literature, music, good TV, and various facets of geek culture. I'm an avid Star Wars fan and also into various comedies, fantasy, historic, and adventure/action movies. I used to have many more comic books back in the day, but I still love reading them--even though we now refer to them as "graphic novels".

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Another Note Before Bedtime.
Posted by Haldur on Dec 3rd, 2004 12:25 AM
Oh, I almost forgot (not really, but humor me please, Journal!) that in the next month or so I aim to acquire a few items of exponential value that will help with my recordings. The first will be a very good quality microphone (most likely a Shure) which will cost around $100; the second, a vocal processor which will clock in at around $300; the third, a good quality, inexpensive sound mixer can run anywhere between the span of $200 and $450. I have also wish for an Apple IPod because I think they're sleek and beautiful! But that may have to come much later as my budget allows.
For now I aim to purchase the microphone, the vocal processor, and some cables!

Now that I'm finished with my rants, slan leit!

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Upon My Winter
Posted by Haldur on Dec 3rd, 2004 12:09 AM
Sadly, I have not frequented Highlander Radio for some time now and have just got started back into tuning in, posting, and reading the forums here at Highlander! I feel better being amongst such an incredibly cordial, sincere, and spirited community as is here on this site...I have truly missed this!
I am looking into the prospects of broadening my musical endeavors with a good friend of mine, Aaediwen. He actually first introduced me to this site a little more than a year ago and has been a wonderfully inspirational friend. He and I aim to start working on recording some of his poetry pieces with music and sound effects in the background.
I look forward to the Christmas season and the fast approaching New Year!


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Posted by Haldur on Jan 5th, 2004 4:56 PM
My dreams of late have been quite vivid. I have been encountering two beings who are clad in long cloaks the color of ivory. One, whose face is always recognizable yet ever changing brings gifts of incense and laurel, her voice quiet and intuitive; the other, whom is not my own wife, is well along with child and never speaks yet she knows me in some way. I would like to perhaps find the significance (if any) of these visions, as they are the most illustrated I have had in a several months.

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