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Writing all types of works including but not limited to prose fiction, screenplays, and poetry. I am also passionate about writing, listening to, playing, and recording all types of music. I have an acoustic guitar and am currently in the process of building a modest home studio combining both analog and digital tools.

I am also passionate on discussing film, literature, music, good TV, and various facets of geek culture. I'm an avid Star Wars fan and also into various comedies, fantasy, historic, and adventure/action movies. I used to have many more comic books back in the day, but I still love reading them--even though we now refer to them as "graphic novels".

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A note before bedtime...
Posted by Haldur on Dec 20th, 2004 11:33 PM
Music is life
Life is love
Love is hope
Hope is blood
Blood is music

Music is life

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Posted by Haldur on Dec 20th, 2004 11:32 PM
Today was quite a wonderful day, considering my wife and I both have been straining to get over flu-like cold symptoms. A great friend of mine, Aaediwen, came over for a visit around noon today. Not only was it my regular day off, but Aaediwen took the day off to hang out. He came over around noon and we took right to listening to some music and also playing some tunes on his penny whistles, piano, and my guitar! It was great to work with him on some musical things...we also had a chance to check out some computer aspects and share stories and some antiques/collectibles we both had. We also ate some dinner and watched Dune, which I'd never seen before! Dune was a cool movie!

It was a great day for all! Helped Sarah and I to forget some of our troubles and sickness! And also according to Aaediwen, the recording project we have in the works is very much alive. Aaediwen has chosen to fund most of the recording studio project as I have had some financial setbacks due to medical problems...he's especially interested in making some quality recordings of some of his written work with some musical accents mixed in. It promises to also help materialize a dream of my own...a home recording studio!

Things are looking up after all!

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Posted by Haldur on Dec 16th, 2004 3:40 PM
Sadly, I'm not going to be able to finance the music project I was starting to work on with Aaediwen. Due to some financial setbacks, I'm probably going to have to save up some cash here and there out of every paycheck to purchase the mixer, mic+stand, and some cables. Either that or just buy a little bit at a time. I don't know. I'm confused, sick, depressed, and worried at the same time...this is not good!

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Decisions, decisions, decisions...
Posted by Haldur on Dec 13th, 2004 4:37 PM
Okay, I'm sick and frazzled at the same time! What a combination...anyway, here's why! I'm looking into purchasing some musical equipment so I can get my recording studio pipe dream up and running. I have narrowed the items down to several different aspects of recording and have backed myself into the inevitable corner of "what to buy?" I'm completely torn between several different options. Okay, I have an Alesis brand mixer in mind that'll run a cool $149, a great MXL brand condenser microphone that will be $100, and of course a mic stand ($20 or so) and cables (depends on what quality I want and types I need). That is my base order as all these items are included on Musician's Friend. But there's also this really keen Digitech vocal processor which is $249.95 I've been meaning to get but I'm thinking that the Alesis mixer could perform the same functions, perhaps better. Don't know as of yet. To add to the confusion, I've also expressed an interest in purchasing an Epiphone electric guitar ($199) which does not have a bad price tag at all, an Ibanez bass guitar ($332.45) which has a pretty high price tag but considering I'm desiring to learn a different instrument for now wouldn't hurt. But with the addition of the guitar and bass that would mean an extra $100 or more spent on hardshell cases 'cause let's face it...you don't want a warped guitar neck!

In the process, I've also expressed a desire to buy a Doreli violin ($149) which wouldn't be a bad buy because it comes with all the accessories including a case...but by the same token I don't know how well I'd take to learning violin, I hear it takes a long time to learn and I'm already pretty proficient at playing guitar and bass wouldn't be a bad addition! I DON'T KNOW...I'M CONFUSED!!!! To top it all off, I've been sick with sore throat, cough, and other allergy related symptoms that make me feel like royal poop so that I can't thoroughly enjoy my 3 days off.

It seems that this fall and winter have been a pretty down time considering I've encountered the cold, kidney stones, and the pleasure and pain of starting a new project with my current employer. Things have been looking on the up and up as I have a chance to spend a little extra money on recording studio/musical equipment and am looking forward to this project that Aaediwen and I are planning. It feels like I'm taking on too much, but in all actuality I am not...I'm doing exactly what I need to do, what I want to do....and that makes me happy.

That makes me happy.

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Posted by Haldur on Dec 10th, 2004 1:21 AM
I have weighed the possible costs of what I need to build my home recording studio and upgrade my PC in the process!

Primary studio equipment
mixer - $149
microphone - $179 or $104
vox processor - $249
*headphones - $20?
mic stand -$20

Computer upgrades
*Audigy soundcard - $299? (maybe lower)
*video card - $20-$40 or possibly free?
*RAM - $40-$50
*Hard drive - $50?

Keep in mind that all of the starred items are not definite prices.
Will verify the prices and get the best deals on all the starred items!

All of these items are subject to change, as I look for better deals and all (mostly on PC stuff!) but I know I'm gonna need this upgrade. It will take a while to build all of this but it will be well worth the wait! I want to have a better working format with which to record my music...time will tell!

Farewell for now...

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