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Minutes and Hours
Posted by gloriaraynes on Mar 26th, 2007 4:16 PM
Time is the great equalizer...we all have the same amount..24 hours of 60 minutes each. And no guarantee that our account will last any longer then right now. It has always amazed me that people will plan their lives in such detail for years and years ahead. I've planned , but only in generalities...but it only takes a moment for it all to be blown away.

Once you hear the word know...that's how I'll die...but you don't know when...Then you wish your precious life away while you have surgery, and chemo and finally wait for your hair to grow back...and then you wait for each tell you how much time you have. Then you have anniversaries...and the months, then the years go by. But still in the same minutes and hours...always 24 hours a day...never any more nor any less. Still you wait to get your life back.

Working everyday and never missing any time was my goal those 6 month of initial tratment....That was what kept me long as I could work, I wasn't going to let it beat me. And , so far it hasn't.

It is spring again...time for life to be renewed . May the Sun warm your hearts and the gentle spring rain nourish your soul. May the Spirit that Guides us all, give us Time and Love.

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The stars come out at night
Posted by gloriaraynes on Feb 4th, 2007 7:13 PM
My favorite time is 3am when I take my little dog Ceilidh out. The sky is clear, the world is dark and silent, and sometimes I see the moon on it's trip across the sky. With the occasional exception of a hunting cat or a running rat...the alley is silent. The streets and the playground are quiet, a rare and beautiful gift in a city.

In the spring you can hear plants grow and in the winter the sky is so clear..It's silent, but you know across the alley a light is on, someone is getting ready for an early shift or a young mom is rocking a baby. You are never alone. The stars are a rare sight in the city, too much light pollution. But I know they are there. And it's the biggest strongest ones I see and draw strnght from their silent blessing.

Then Ceilidh and I go back to bed and sleep, til dawn starts a new character in my silent travel thro time. My journey is not measured in miles, but in minutes and hours.

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a solitary journey
Posted by gloriaraynes on Feb 1st, 2007 5:33 PM
Life is a journey. I've thought about that awhile. Whether the road is easy or hard, just beginning or near the end, today is what we have . With no guarantees of a tomorrow. And where you are going, while important, is probably less important than who you touch today.

Where I'm going is less important to me now..I've learned that who I am is a traveller. Who I meet everyday is a new adventure or an opportunity.

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