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Photos of the Isle of Man. Regularly updated collection by manxman Peter Killey.

(Added By: creator On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 482 )

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Island Images

An extensive collection of isle of man photos. Archived by John Wornham who is a flight controller at the island's airport.

(Added By: creator On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 262 )

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Clan Cunningham Society of America Rating: 7 / 3 TimesRating: 7 / 3 TimesRating: 7 / 3 TimesRating: 7 / 3 Times

Clan Cunningham Society of America, Inc. (CCSA) is the first and the largest Clan Cunningham organization in the world. For almost three decades Clan Cunningham Society has worked hard to preserve, discover, restore, document, and share our rich Cunningham heritage. With a growing world-wide membership of over 700, Clan Cunningham Society continues to embark on many new programs and projects, forging ahead into the 21st century with a clear and renewed vision for the future.

We think you will find www.clancunningham.us to be a wonderful resource for all Cunninghams. Our website is rich with valuable information about Clan Cunningham history and genealogy. In addition, you can find out about upcoming Scottish festivals that Clan Cunningham Society will be attending, in addition to learning more about projects Clan Cunningham Society currently has underway. A great deal more is available to Clan Cunningham Society members, so we encourage you to join today!

(Added By: Bill Cunningham On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 514 Comments :: 1)

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Bob Hay & the Jolly Beggars

Bob Hay & the Jolly Beggars are a string band from Athens, Georgia. Their recent release "Toils Obscure. Songs by Robert Burns" contains 11 songs by the 18th century Scots bard arranged with a bluegrass-tinged folk feeling. Visit the website for information about the band, schedule, links, information about Robert Burns. If you have comments or questions, please email us: [email protected]

(Added By: bobhay On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 425 )

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Pictyavia Visitor Centre

Discover the story of Scotland's ancient Pictish tribes, a warrior people who lived in Scotland nearly two thousand years ago. Pictavia Visitor Centre, just off the A90 at Brecin, Angus, Scotland, tells the story of the picts including the battle of Dunnichen, the riddles of the stones, the music and guides you to Pictish sites in the surrounding countryside. Pictavia - land of the Picts.

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 166 )

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Caberfeidh Music

Caberfeidh Music promotes the music of Glasgow musician Kenny MacKenzie and in particular his album 'the reel mackenzie'

(Added By: KennyMacK On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 694 Comments :: 1)

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Tradtunes.com Rating: 9 / 1 TimesRating: 9 / 1 TimesRating: 9 / 1 TimesRating: 9 / 1 TimesRating: 9 / 1 Times

Tradtunes.com is the first music download venue to be dedicated to traditional, Celtic and roots music. Visitors have access to the largest resource of digital music ever made available for this genre.

We have artists from Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales, France, Spain, the USA, Canada, Australasia - in fact any country where traditional, Celtic and roots music is performed.

TradTunes will provide unprecendented access to traditional, Celtic and roots music in digital form. Tracks from artists at the leading edge of today's music scene will be featured alongside classic albums and performers whose influence still pervades the scene.

In addition we will keep our finger on the pulse of who and what's new bringing exciting new talent to the attention of a global audience.

Radio TradTunes is a dedicated weekly online radio show presenting the very best music from all corners of TradTunes catalogue, discussions and special perspective and critical look at the traditional, Celtic and roots scene.

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 539 )

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European Irish Festivals

450+ European Festivals which feature Irish & Celtic Music, Dancing and Singers and Musicians.

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 392 )

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Rowan Rating: 2 / 1 Times

Celtic trio from Lawrence, KS playing traditional and contemporary Celtic music throughout the midwestern U.S.

(Added By: tenstring On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 351 Comments :: 1)

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International Dunlop Society

Where the babbling burn "Glazert" winds round a small rise, through the green countryside of East Ayrshire, there is a place...a place where Celtic men and women defended their homes and families 1,000-1,500 years ago. Against the painted Picts, the Brits of Strathclyde, the Gaels of Ireland, the Angles, the Romans and possibly the Vikings, they stood in this place, this fort of stone and mud, this insignificant small hill and paid for these lands with sinew and steel and blood! They gave this place a Name, these Celts:
...a name that would be carried by thousands down the Halls of Time.......To Ireland, America, Canada, Australia
...a Name that we know well...for it is ours

the Place, the Name :


(Added By: newworldcelt On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 567 )

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Davy Rogers' FREE Traditional Irish Guitar TABs & MIDIs

Davy Rogers' FREE Traditional Irish Guitar TABs & MIDIs website is located at:
http://www.davyrogers.com (ALL FREE DOWNLOADS - With NO POP-UPs or any form of sponsored advertising - please sign my Visitors Book). All (FREE to download) Guitar Tabs are in TablEdit format (.TEF), and MIDI format (.mid). Double Jigs, Single Jigs (slides), Slip-Jigs, Mazurkas, Reels, Hornpipes, Misc. Tunes, Compositions by Turlough O'Carolan, and Davy Rogers' own guitar compositions for solo guitar and ensemble. Highly recommended for both beginners and experienced guitarists. Last updated 18th September 2004.

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 160 )

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Clan Cunningham USA - New England Region Rating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 Times

[dohtml]Learn about Clan Cunningham and of Scottish Activities here in New England. At this site you will find links to;

GATHERING of the CLANS - a listing Scottish that have web sites. To add missing clans e-mail me.

NEW ENGLAND AREA EVENTS - A listing of New England area games and Scottish events. Know of Scottish event, game, concert, program e-mail me and I will list it.

NEW ENGLAND SCOTTISH LINKS - A listing of Scottish links to New England; Scottish Scoieties, Clans, Musicians, Pipers and Bands, Stores, and other sites of interest.

CLAN CUNNINGHAM LINKS - Links to Genealogy information, sites of interest to members of Clan Cunningham, and links to WEB SITES - HOSTED BY CUNNINGHAMS or ABOUT CUNNINGHAMS, (find out what your fellow clansman & woman are up to - we have a very talented family) - If you have a site and would like it listed please e-mail me.

General Scottish Web-Links - Links to; Scottish Heritage sites, Scottish Merchandise, Scottish/Celtic Music, (Internet Radios, General Music Sites and Bands), Scottish Foods and Drink, Touring Scotland and General Scottish Information. If you have a site that fits here let me know about it.

This site is hosted by: Steve Cunningham
mailto:[email protected][/dohtml]

(Added By: cscunningham On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 476 )

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Dan's free Irish music, lyrics and chords

Folksinger site, free music downloads, song lyrics and chords, South Florida pubs, sessions, entertainers

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 456 )

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Timeless, beautiful, transformational music that transcends time and space. Born of the angels, Inspired by the gods. Music that will open your heart and heal a wounded world. Rebecca Hilton & Wen Boley make the duo Twinflame. They met each other in 1996 & have created the mystical sound that has enchanted many. To date the group has 4 cd's, "In The River", "Journey of Souls", "Peaceful Warriors & the newest "Create Your Day".

(Added By: Cosmict On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 365 )

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Luxury Cottage with sea views

Thank you all for your enquiry about our brand new, self-catering holiday home (completed Easter 2004). The cottage is situated in Inver and the towns land called Drumduff. It is in a very quiet spot but walking distance from Inver Village and Frosses, where you can experience the traditional way of Irish life. From the cottage there are views of the sea, hills and countryside. It is a place where you will be able to appreciate the best of humour in a relaxed atmosphere. Ideally we are situated on a quiet rural road but only 1Km from the main Donegal - Killybegs road. Sorry pets are not allowed.
o Living Room 19' x 13'. TV, DVD, Video and comfortable seating for 6
o Kitchen / Dinette 19'6'' x 13'9'' Dining table with seating for 8, electric cooker and hob, microwave, washing machine, tumble dryer.
o Bedroom 1 Ensuite 13' x 12'6'' King-size bed with TV
o Bedroom 2 13' x 10'6'' Twin Single beds with TV
o Bedroom 3 10'6'' x 10'6'' Double bed with TV
o Bathroom with shower & Toilet
o W.C.
o Sea views
o Ample parking
o Ironing Facilities
o Bed linen and towels provided
o Oil central heating + open solid fuel fire
o Satellite TV

Best Wishes
Grace & James Tel No. UK 07961462638
UK 01923 237942
Outside UK (0044) 7961462638
(0044) 1923237942
or E Mail [email protected]

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 289 )

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"A lovely little drinking band with a serious ceilidh problem". Out of the Delaware Valley and the confines of the East Coast, is the band Barleyjuice. A group of Yanks keeping the fine tradition of drinking, fighting, courting, dying and sailing songs. Once called "The Rolling Pogues", Barleyjuice merges the traditional Celtic music with the energy of the 21st Century. Kilts, bagpipes, amps and attitude.

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 508 )

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Dom DufF

Dom DufF, breton singer-songwriter, in his native breton langage. samples, news, gigs, lyrics, ...

(Added By: Paganab On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 414 )

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Sue Ellen Welfonder

Ceud mile failte is Gaelic for a hundred thousand welcomes and since my novels take place in medieval Scotland, it seems an appropriate greeting to offer those visiting my website. I hope, too, that you will enjoy the above glimpse at my very favorite part of Scotland: the hauntingly beautiful far north. Also known as Strathnaver, no other part of Scotland calls more to my soul or holds my heart more soundly. The day I took this photo I was filled with unfettered joy - full consumed by warmth and golden light, the sheer bliss of simply being in a place profoundly dear and meaningful to me. And now, even from across the vastness of the sea and far too many nights and days, just remembering is to know an unquenchable need to return.

(Added By: Highland Lassie On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 633 Comments :: 5)

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Irish Penpals

Find new Irish penpals and friends from around the World. Create your free penpal profile with photo and make a new penpal friend today!

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 416 )

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ScotDance Canada

The Organization that governs competitive Highland Dance in Canada.

(Added By: Dalriada Dancer On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 242 )

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Isle of Man -Ellan Vannin group

A group promoting the Isle of Man to the world and for those interested in the Isle of Man, its history, its culture, its beauty, its everything..... a diamond in the Irish Sea.

If you don't have one, you will need a user name and password to join Care2Connect and then you can join the Isle of Man group and contribute and/or learn about our wonderful Island and its Celtic/Viking history and culture.

Group Host

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 253 )

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The Rogues

Roguetrip! Home page for the Rogues of Scotland, a Celtic music band from Houston, Texas, featuring EJ Jones (formerly of Clandestine), Jeremy Freeman (second place in the 2004 Silver Medal piping competition at the Northern Meeting at Inverness), Nelson Stewart and Randy Wothke.

Roguetrip, the Rogues' newest CD, combines bagipes (acoustic and electronic), driving percussion, keyboards and guitars to create the most daring Rogues album to date, which includes everything from traditional Breton melodies to original Top 40 and funk, and, of course, the Rogues' signature bagpipe tunes.

(Added By: vickita On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 629 )

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Celtic Obsessions Rating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 Times

Celtic, Irish, Scottish, Welsh & Cornish Cross Stitch Patterns. Free postage & Free pattern enlargement. Made to order designs & photo to pattern conversions available. Information on Celtic language, culture and history.

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 489 Comments :: 2)

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Ron Lindsay's Americelt Music

Just what is Americelt Music ?

Well, Ron Lindsay, a singer songwriter and bona fide celt from Dundee on the East Coast of Scotland would say it is an 'innovative blend of acoustic roots, folk and country laced with the taste of celtic cream'. His debut album Americelt Union features 12 carefully chosen songs which have been produced to create this celtic influenced blend.

Ron's career began in the mid 70's. Life events in 1980 resulted in his music dreams being placed carefully on the 'sometime later shelf'. It took until 2002 before his sometime later eventually arrived. Now working closely with LA based producer John Wooler, Ron is again writing material inspired by his passion for melody and lyric driven music based on real life events, love, conflict and his battle with mental illness.

His album Americelt Union is the result of the new industry contacts made over the last 3 years. Barbara Orbison, wife of the legendary Roy Orbison is one of these new contacts. She asked him to record some celtic inspired demos of classic songs written by her late husband. The results were enthusiastically received and consideration is now being being given to the potential for an americelt compilation of the Big O's hits. The demos of Pretty Woman and Only The Lonely then featured on Iain Anderson's BBC Radio Scotland Show. This generated the seeds of a plan for Ron and producer John Wooler to put together an album of songs written by classic writers of the 60's and 70's and produced in a style aptly titled americelt.

Recorded at Steakhouse Studios, Los Angeles in Novermber 2004, Americelt Union was released on 4 July 2005. The americelt production concept brought together a top class studio band which featured David Immergluck of Counting Crows on acoustic guitars, mandolin, dobro and pedal steel. Stephen Hodges of Tom Waits Band took care of drums and percussion while Jeff Turmes of Fabulous Thunderbirds played bass. Eric Rigler of Braveheart Film Soundtrack fame added his ullian pipes with Kathleen Keane of Bad Haggis on fiddle and accordion. An album truly laced with the taste of celtic cream.

Ron is currently writing new material for his next release scheduled for late 2006. This album will mostly feature his own self penned material. He is also exploring collaboration, more americelt style production work and film score writing opportunities.

(Added By: ArlinZee On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 510 )

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Donoghue Tours Rating: 10 / 3 TimesRating: 10 / 3 TimesRating: 10 / 3 TimesRating: 10 / 3 TimesRating: 10 / 3 Times

Irish and Scottish tour operator/travel agent, for individually tailored tours of Scotland and Ireland. Small or large groups welcome.
Member of Canadian Chamber of Commerce Ontario.

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 425 )

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James Boswell - a guide

A guide to James Boswell (1740-1795), including 220+ biographies of his friends and acquaintances.

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 172 )

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Celtic Grove

Featuring contemporary and traditional Celtic music in a high- or low-bandwidth MP3 stream, plus discussion on Celtic music, culture and traditions.

(Added By: Macfive On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 419 )

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Irish Culture and Customs

From the Site:

Welcome to Irish Culture and Customs, a labor of love we began several years ago. What started as a surprise milestone birthday trip to Ireland became the beginning of a journey through time. A 2,000-year voyage on a quest to learn as much as we can about everything Irish. So here's where we are so far - more than 500 pages that range from Irish poetry, superstitions and recipes to specific Irish calendar celebrations such as St. Patrick's Day and the Feast of St. Brigid. Whether it's an Irish symbol such as the shillelagh or an Irish craft like Aran Isle knitting, you'll discover a wide range of topics in our index. We hope you find the little bit of Ireland you may be looking for."

(Added By: stevenpd On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 666 )

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Brittany in western France is a celtic country as much as Ireland and Scotland.
Each month of august the Festival Interceltique takes place in the port city of Lorient, distant of a few kilometres of the ancient alignments of menhirs (vertical stones) of Carnac.
During 10 days about 300,000 people listen to artists of all celtic communities and enjoy breton food (crèpes, cidre, sea food, white wines).

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 499 )

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Bagpiper for Hire; Tampa Bay, FL

Bagpiper available for weddings, receptions, formal dinners, corporate functions, funerals, memorials, and special events of all kinds throughout the greater Tampa Bay area.

(Added By: EBondurant On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 460 )

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LISTENERS FM Rating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 Times

24/7 Fun Source E-Music Station!

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 328 )

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The Irish Rebel Music of Padraig Mor

[dohtml][dohtml]Site dedicated to promoting the formation of a 32 county sovereign & socialist Irish Republic via the rebel music of Glasgow/ Irish balladeer Padraig Mor & the rebel bands he has played in over the years ...Saoirse & Shebeen.[/dohtml][/dohtml]

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 541 )

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Uilleann pipes and Fretted Instruments

Construction of Fretted instruments and other instruments played in celtic music

(Added By: amoore On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 507 )

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JACKDAW Rating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 Times

South Buffalo Brick Throwin Celtic Rock. This Band was voted Buffalo' Best Rock Band 4 Years in a row.
JACKDAW is Terrific!

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 338 Comments :: 1)

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Macleods and the (GitchiWitchi Maengens) Rating: 9 / 1 TimesRating: 9 / 1 TimesRating: 9 / 1 TimesRating: 9 / 1 TimesRating: 9 / 1 Times

Long ago when the settlers arrived and colonized this part of deep northern Ont Nippissing Cove my Forefathers on my mothers side were the Macleods of Scotland .
Their sons were born from First Nations women as my mother Ojibwe and halfbloods (Metis)an independent culture of Canada i am a woodland metis desended from the Macleod and my mothers people back then gitchiwitchimaengens in english (Crazy Wolf)
I was born and raised on the Rez and was initiated into all aspect,s of ceremonial worship of the authentic Shamen WolfBand Magicks and have practiced for many years under the tutelage of the late great medicine man Earnest Macleod who passed on to the great medicine circle 10 seasons ago along with my celtic irish root wiccan webmaster i run thus page in the honour of these bold men who fought the british here long ago by their fathers sides and in protection of their mothers in those turbulent times of Kanada back during the civil wars of the states the Macleod men fought the british up here in an equally and as viscious a war unknown by many called the Indian Wars of Canada and i practice the very same wolfcraft magiks of strong celt influence they adopted during then right until today however strained and unknown today it runs as thick in practice among our small circle as back then ...Many Thankyou,s( Norwalk Crazy Wolf Macleod)

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 199 )

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Scottish Voice

Since 1999 Scottish Voice, keeping the celtic tradition alive with News from Scotland, CD reviews, interviews with Celtic artists, announcing community events, and last but certainly not least entertaining our listeners with great Scottish and Irish music.
Saturday's from one to two o'clock Eastern time (Montreal, Canada)
On the internet at: http:/www.radiocentreville.com

Program log posted on

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 578 )

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Iain was the founder of the Robert Burns Lecture on the state of today's world in tribute to the poet's dream of equality. The inaugural lecture was delivered by Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations in New York. Iain is now working on the next lecture.

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 565 )

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Clann An Drumma

About Us

If you have never heard or seen a performance by Clann An Drumma, then you may be left wondering just who exactly we are ?

It's simple really, Clann An Drumma means "Children of the Drum" - and that's exactly what we are - an exciting, energetic and rhythmic band, from Glasgow in Scotland. Our music has been passed down to us from our ancestors and is dominated by rhythm, enhanced by the skirl of the pipes, flavoured with enchanting vocals and wrapped in the warmth of our country !

On first impressions, you might think we are "just another Scottish pipes and drums band" - but when the percussion kicks in, you will soon realise that is not the case. Clann An Drumma's thunderous approach to percussion gives a brilliant new flair to those traditional pieces - and brings a whole new style of music to your living room !

Why not explore the rest of our website, meet the band, check out some sample tracks, view our photo albums, browse our community forums, or catch up on the latest with our fans in the LIVE chat ?

Whatever you do, have fun and KEEP IT TRIBAL !!

(Added By: Rindy On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 499 )

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The Irish Dancing Directory - Your Irish Dance Website

Worldwide directory of Irish Dancing teachers, schools, suppliers and dressmakers. Europe, America, Australia & New Zealand. Locations, phone numbers, websites & contact info. Your one stop shop for the Irish Dance World.

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 259 )

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Song Lyrics

Offering MP3 music downloads, musical instruments, shopping, ringtones, guitar tabs, song lyrics, concert tickets and social networking for bands and artists.

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 401 )

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Cecile Corbel - celtic harp and song

Welcome on Cécile Corbel’s official website, celtic harpist and singer, all the concerts and news. (french and english versions)

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 437 )

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Highland Press Rating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 Times

Highland Press is a new small book press dedicated to quality Historical Fiction and Historical Romance. Coming in Spring of 2006 "No Law Against Love Anthology" and in August 2006 PaganHeart by DeborahAnne MacGillivray.

Submission guidelines are posted on the site. Books are published in ebooks and Tradesize Paperbacks.

contact: [email protected]

Leanne Burroughs

(Added By: Deborah_MacGillivray On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 583 )

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Canadian celtic singer songwriter Derek J Holmes

Derek J Holmes is a canadian singer songwriter who writes songs about extraordinary events in the lives of everyday folk. Site features two full length mp3.s

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 202 )

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Brian Boru Irish Pipe Band of St. Paul, MN Rating: 10 / 2 TimesRating: 10 / 2 TimesRating: 10 / 2 TimesRating: 10 / 2 TimesRating: 10 / 2 Times


The Brian Boru Irish Pipe Band was established in 1962 to preserve and advance Celtic piping, drumming, and dancing. We are one of the oldest existing pipe bands in the Upper Midwest. Over the years the Brian Boru Band has become a fixture in parades, celebrations, dances, and an increasing number of private festivities. We play for local, regional, and national events, adding a sense of tradition and spirit of pageantry to every program in which we participate.

Our distinctive Irish uniforms -- the saffron kilt, black tunic, and black cabeen (beret) with green or red plumes -- are modeled after traditional Irish pipe bands. A number of the band members wear the original brass buttons from uniforms of the Irish Volunteers, the very units involved in the historic Easter Uprising in Dublin, 1916. Officers of the Brian Boru Band, recognized by the distinctive red sash worn across their left shoulder, choose the tunes you hear.

Some of the music performed by the Brian Boru Band came out of that fierce era of Ireland's past. Other pieces are more modern, and many are much, much older -- ancient reels and airs, timeless ballads and war marches, and lively, lighthearted jigs.

Every member of the Brian Boru Irish Pipe Band is a volunteer, and each performance represents hours of personal time dedicated to providing our listeners with the finest pipe and drum music available. Ask any band member about the free weekly babpipe and drum lessons available for anyone interested.

Weddings, parades, family reunions, or other celebrations are made much more special by performances by the Brian Boru Irish Pipe Band, or by one or two pipers. We would be honored to help you turn a piping performance into one of the highlights of your event. The skirl of the pipes, the beat of the drums, and the graceful high step of our dancers make every occasion memorable.

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 524 )

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Iad Fein

Website for Iad Fein, Celtic band from Western New York

(Added By: iadfein1 On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 567 )

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David Munnelly Band Rating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 Times

Irish button accordion wizard David Munnelly & his award-winning group perform Irish traditional music excitingly fused with the rollicking ragtime sounds of the "Golden Age" of Irish American music of the 1920's & '30's, for the most part played fast, with an immense precision, and a live excitement not often duplicated.

Music critic Lucky Clark has called Munnelly "The Eddie Van Halen of the button box," and Bill Margeson of Irish Music Magazine has called the band "The hottest traditional group in Ireland."

Awards: 2004, 2005 Composer of the Year (Ireland) / 2005 Best Traditional Artist (LiveIreland.com) / 2005 Best Band (Irish American News) / 2006 Best Male Vocalist - Andrew Murray (LiveIreland.com)

Watch for the David Munnelly Band on a PBS Special. Listen to them in a two part concert on Celtic Connections on over 100 NPR stations

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 561 )

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Eileen Ivers & Immirgrant Soul with Burhan Ocal

Eileen Ivers, Celtic fiddle
Burhan Ocal, Turkish instrumentalist

Immigrant Soul:
Tommy McDonnell, vocalist
Isaac Alderson, uilleann pipes, flute, whistles
James Riley, guitar, backing vocals
Gregory Jones, bass, backing vocals

Burhan Öçal performs with Eileen Ivers & Immigrant Soul – one of the great innovators and pioneers in the Celtic and World Music genres. The collaboration of African and Latin percussion and bass, Irish instruments, and American soulful vocals with Turkish instruments will be unlike any show you have seen or heard before.

Tickets: $46, $42, $39, $35, $25, $70 (box) For more information, call the Philharmonic Society at (949) 553-2422 or visit www.philharmonicsociety.org

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 367 )

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Arranmore Rating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 Times

A fun-lovin' Celtic folk band from Chicago.

(Added By: MDF3530 On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 441 )

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A site featuring music by various artists for the purpose of encouraging people, especially those who have lost loved ones.

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 404 )

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Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games is an annual Gathering of Scottish Clans, that feats. traditional dancing, piping, drumming, athletic achievement, music and Gaelic culture.

(Added By: AyaLove On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 349 )

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