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David Hyams and the Miles To Go band

David Hyams and the Miles To Go band are one of Australia's foremost celtic acts. Described as a “refreshing combination of imaginative new material with deep respect for source traditions” - the music ranges from atmospheric, inspired by Australian & Irish landscapes, to lively and blistering jigs and reels.

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Wayne Janus

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Celtic Roots Radio

Celtic Roots Radio began as a 30-min podcast show in September 2008. The podcast began to really take off in March 2009, with almost 400 new subscribers per day!

In April we launched our 24/7 Celtic Roots Radio webcast station on Live365 and in December 2009 our 30-min Celtic Roots Radio show began broadcasting on the Eurobird 9 satellite - across Europe, Russia, Middle East, North Africa & parts of western Asia - via Radio Eden.

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dress sporrans by the kilt sporran co


I would first like to congratulate you on a most interesting and informative web page.

My name is Iain and I live in the Scottish highlands. I have recently started a small business selling handmade Scottish sporrans and other kilt accessories, all of our sporrans are made in Scotland using traditional methods, we are one of only a few highland wear business that don’t sell cheap imports from china and Pakistan as we believe these to be of very poor quality.
We also specialise in bulk dress or horsehair sporran orders for pipebands.

I was wondering if it would be possible to be added to your websites links page. My website is 'www.kilt-sporran.co.uk'

Please let me know if you would like any more information...

Kind Regards

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greenfieldsonline radio

greenfieldsonline radio plays the very best in folk and ballad music in ireland..come in listen to all your favourite singalongs

we want to give all our friends across world to heard the best of folk/ballads only on greenfieldsonline radio

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Celtic - Scottish Music Videos of Peat-Fire Flame

Colyn Fischer on fiddle & Shauna Pickett-Gordon on piano are Peat-Fire Flame. Playing traditional Scottish music and new music in the Scottish tradition. Colyn has twice won the U.S. Open Scottish Fiddling Championship. They also play 'Jazzeltic' (jazz-influenced celtic), world and improvisation. They are based in the San Francisco Bay area and perform at various events. The link above is to a set of their music videos, their home page is http://scotsduo.com.

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Irish Madness

Kierah is Western Canada's fiery young Celtic fiddler. Her exceptional talent captivates audiences with a musical ability far beyond her years. Her 1st CD "Irish Madness" received recognition with a 2008 Canadian Folk Music Award nomination. Her latest release, "A Fiddle Affair" is a high energy cd comprised of Cape Breton, Scottish, Irish and original tunes. This brilliant young fiddler has also published her own original book of West Coast fiddle music available online at www.irishmadness.com
Kierah has performed at many festivals and is a much sought after private and public event performer. She has performed live on CBC Radio, Delta TV and on Shaw TV's GenY youth programme.

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Dark Patrick

Wolrd Music/Urban Folk group Dark Patrick

(Added By: darkpatrick On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 299 )

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Marc Gunn, The Celt Father

Marc Gunn plays acoustic folk music rooted in the American Celtic song tradition–-Celtic music, the Traditional and the Twisted. He brings a powerful and expressive voice to Celtic music. His musical instrument of choice-the autoharp-continues to surprise musical veterans and fans a like for it’s unique sound and spirited energy.

Donned “The Celt Father” by Celtic music fans, Gunn is a champion of indie Celtic music. He has given away over ten million MP3s through his music and podcasts since he began his Celtic music career in 1999. His award-winning Irish & Celtic Music Podcast earns over 30,000 downloads of each show and is one of the most-popular music podcasts on iTunes. Embrace independent Celtic music!

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Celtic MP3s Music Magazine

The Celtic MP3s Music Magazine is a free monthly Celtic music magazine featuring free music downloads of Celtic, Scottish, Irish music from around the world. Here, you will find free music downloads from independent Celtic artists.

New to the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine? Subscribe to the monthly magazine or get free blog email updates. Some MP3s are time sensitive. So download them now. All of the latest MP3s are available for at least a month. As always, if enjoy the music, please help the artist out and buy their CD. Serving Celtic music fans since 2000!

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Irish & Celtic Music Podcast

The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast is a free downloadable Celtic radio show of independent Irish & Celtic music. Every hour-long episode features a mix of traditional Celtic tunes, Irish drinking songs, Scottish folk songs, bagpipes, music from Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, Wales, Nova Scotia, Galacia, Australia, the United States, and around the world.

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..Celtic Music CD Store..

Here you can find Celtic, Scottish and Irish folk music from Mage Records artists like Brobdingnagian Bards, Marc Gunn, Celtic Stone, Irish Stout, the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast and much more. We are changing the way you hear Celtic music. We offer many great Celtic music CD sales and special offers.

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displaying my art for sale.Based on Celtic themes.Poems.

(Added By: Rhymer On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 309 )

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Scotland Rising

Scotland Rising sells T-shirts and apparel with a tradional edge. They've got a catalog of T-Shirts to die for along with a number of fun shirts and even youth shirts. Their trademark "Scotland Rising" shirts are absolutely gorgeous.

In addition to Clan and Heraldy ornaments (great gifts for Christmas), they also sell the complete line of the Rebel King books, Dark Birthright and Dark Lord.

Please help us support Scotland Rising by visiting their website and referring your friends and family to their wonderful product offerings.

(Added By: CelticRadio On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 446 )

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Irish Harpist and Singer

(Added By: Guest On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 288 )

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The Bard of Boston Blog

The Bard of Boston is a blog about New England culture, Celtic music and the creative process.

(Added By: thebardofboston On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 343 )

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Celtic Sprite

Feel free to visit this site plenty of celtic reviews, free wallpapers and some music of my own...

(Added By: Brandubh On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 464 )

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CMN Irish Events

Wir organisieren Irische Events mit Flair und Niveau. Wir garantieren daß, alles, was wir in unseren Shows anbieten, haben wir selbst live gesehen und durch Überzeugung in unsere Kartei aufgenommen. Wir verkaufen keine unprofessionellen Gruppen, und jede Veranstaltung wird für das Publikum ein unvergessliches Erlebnis.

Lassen Sie sich überraschen und zeigen, wozu unser Team fähig ist. Wir werden Ihre Irische Veranstaltung zu einem Hochgenuss umwandeln und endlich die Zuschauer auf deren Kosten kommen lassen! Unsere Referenzen sprechen für sich! Bisher haben wir nur gute irische Atmosphäre in allen unseren Shows. Ach ja, Irischen Tanz haben wir auch noch an Bord!

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Five Alive'O

Irish Folk vom Feinsten mit Sean Reeves

(Added By: Guest On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 431 )

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Opus 23 - Classic Rock - Folk - Baroque and Medieval

The Opus 23 Project was designed with the goal of making a sound above all sincere, based on what we like to hear and do. We bring influences as vintages, Uriah Heep, Pink Floyd, Rainbow, folk-rock like Jethro Tull, Blackmore's Night and direct influences of medieval and baroque music.

(Added By: Guest On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 331 )

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Celtic Guitarist Christopher Dean

Reviews for Christopher Dean:

"...I fell in love with the woody resonance and bell-like sustain of Christopher Dean's Taylor guitar and with the delicious picking style that he is rightly known for. The tunes and songs he plays are evocative of the Irish and Scots landscapes. The playing is emotional and reflective without being maudlin or sentimental. The melodies lift the spirit and weave a magic that sustains long after the last notes fade."
- Jools Thatcher, DuggUp/Saturday Soundings, Melbourne, Australia

"Vary rarely have we heard a more sensitive and expressive guitarist who communicates through his Taylor guitar."
- Alfredo De Pietra, Keltika Magazine, Milan, Italy

"a poetic bard who speaks to your very soul...."
- Rob Lockhart, Canadian Author

"Listening to Celtic Journey we can feel the experience of an important historical/musical journey; Dean lives every single passage, every note, every embellishment and we greedily plunder all his musical maturity...listening to Bonny At Morn or The Foggy Dew is really an astonishing experience hard to forget."

"With Celtic Journey Christopher Dean gives us, with taste and experience, the magic of celtic music with its atmosphere wrapped in fog, legends and history. First-rate work."
- Luca Ferrara, Axe Magazine, Rome, Italy

......Visit CairneyHill.com to learn more about Guitarist Christopher Dean, music samples, video, and much more.

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Flying Pixie Promotions & Music Management

We manage and promote (mainly) Celtic music from around the world, although primarily Scotland. We work closely with a number of media partners and aim to keep music live where possible. Music is Inspiration, Inspiration is Life. Fiona Elcoat.

(Added By: flyingpixie On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 268 )

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Schotten Radio

A radio station in Spall, Germany, run by artist, singer, and all round good guy Basil Wolfrhine, dedicated to playing the music of Scotland and beyond. We welcome you to the Celtic Family. Schotten Radio - GeHORT zu mir!

(Added By: flyingpixie On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 257 )

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Celtic Music Radio

A community station based in Glasgow but playing to a Global audience. This station promotes primarily Celtic and Scottish music but will also present any new material worth it's salt. Broadcasting on 1530am or online at above link, CMR hope to soon be going digital. Connecting singers and songwriters across Glasgow and beyond.

(Added By: flyingpixie On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 1504 )

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Don Nicolson

Scottish original singer/songwriter Don Nicolson. Dundee-born, now living in Crieff, Don writes from the heart, soul and mind. His lyrics are thought-provoking and his style is heartwarming. Ranging from Celtic to reggae undertones, Don is a very versatile performer and one not to miss.

(Added By: flyingpixie On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 246 )

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Irish Songstress Linda Scanlon

Irish artist Linda is shortly going back into the recording studio to start work on a new album! Keep checking the site regularly for uo to date info

(Added By: Guest On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 285 )

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Import Irish Food and Drink Store

Shop online for your favorite Import Irish Food and Drinks. Our Irish Food Market Store offers a wide selection of various Irish Food and Drink items on sale including an online Irish Gift Shop.

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Highland Leather Works

Don "Banjo" Smith, otherwise known as "Hieland Donald" in the Celtic world, singer, song- interpreter, multi-instrumentalist; Leather worker, SPORRAN MAKER of the WORLDS FINEST ANIMAL MASK SPORRANS, and promoter of CELTIC CULTURE WORLDWIDE.

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Scotland Rising Clothing

The most awesome Scottish pride t-shirts on the planet. Our unique take on our Scottish heritage makes it the most unique in the market today. From our Rising phoenix to the Spaceman to our humorous shirts, we want you to wear your pride everyday. Make a statement that says my ancestors gave blood and bone to get me here and I am proud of it. All designs are original and unique you will find no place else on the web.

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Celtic Attitiudes Clothing

Irish & Celtic Themed Clothing and Apparel. All Celtic Attitudes designs are original, copywritten artwork and cannot be found anywhere else.

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Dublin Public - Irish Music for Singin, Dancin, Drinkin, & Clappin!

A blend of traditional Irish drinking songs and ballads from the likes of the Dubliners, Clancy Brothers, Great Big Sea, & Pogues with modern Irish styling’s borrowed from the likes of Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, Mahones, LeperKhanz, & The Mighty Regis.

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Celtic Music Connection

Celtic Music Connection is an online promotion service for Celtic musicians who are interested in broadening their audience in the US.

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Helen St.Helen-Galways West End by Pay and Jim Byrne

Interviews with Irish/Celtic Artist and others. Announcesments. And culture

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Kennedy's Kitchen

The band is led by joHn Kennedy, award winning singer and guitar player. It's Kitchen Music from the home, the hearth, and the heart. Joining in are joHn's nephews Liam and Nolan Ladewski, award winners themselves having both competed in the all-ireland fleadh, Chris O'Brien, Rob Weber, and Jacob Turner.

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Martyn Wylde - Bard

Martyn Wylde performs “songs of the British Isles… and beyond”, accompanying his vocals on acoustic guitar, bass, mandolin and bouzouki.

Prior to embarking on his career as a renaissance faire musician, Martyn immersed himself in the world of Celtic folk song, He soon realised he had undertaken not just a musical journey, but a spiritual one, as well, and his studies began to include not just the music of his Celtic forebears, but also their lifestyle and belief systems.

Martyn’s first solo album, Minstrel’s Lament, features traditional folk songs, contemporary songs with a traditional feel and four original compositions. On it, Martyn played all the instruments and multi-tracked vocal harmonies. A new album, Celtic Heart, is currently being recorded with release scheduled for Autumn 2013.

With an extensive repertoire culled from the rich folk traditions of Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales along with his own original songs, Martyn Wylde strives to continue the legacy of the bards of old.

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Kilts and accesories from BuyaKilt

A dedicated highland dress store selling Scottish/Irish/Welsh kilts, kilt outfits, sporrans, kilt belts and buckles, sgian dubhs, kilt pins and much more.

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Internet Radio

Tune in and listen to thousands of internet radio stations. Search or browse for your favourite music genres and play the radio stations in your preferred player.

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Leonard Barry

Uilleann Pipeer from County Kerry Ireland has just released his second CD entitled "New Road" to critical acclaim.

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Martyn Wylde Folk songs of the British Isles and beyond

With a repertoire derived from the rich folk traditions of Ireland, England and Scotland along with his own original songs, Martyn Wylde continues the legacy of the Bards of old. Accompanying himself on guitar, bouzouki, mandolin and bass, Martyn's pure tenor voice and three octave range combine with his multi-instrumental talent to form a truly unique folk instrument, bringing new life to material which is sometimes hundreds of years old.

Martyn’s passion for the “folk songs of the British Isles” has never been more evident than on his new album The Child Ballads, Volume 1. The album features performances of eight of the compositions collected and catalogued in the mid nineteenth century by Harvard scholar Francis Child, which were published in five volumes titled The English and Scottish Popular Ballads, and which have become the “standards” of the folk music idiom.

Martyn performs solo at folk and acoustic music venues, renaissance and medieval faires, Celtic festivals, house concerts and private/corporate events, and plays bass with Celtic Mayhem.

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Poems Maureen Scanlon

Maureen Scanlon grew up in New Jersey, whose influence can be seen and felt in many of her poems. Life has taken her to times in Connecticut, Florida, and Massachusetts; she now calls home the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania.

Maureen‘s work has been published in a number of New England journals, and she was a featured reader at the venerable Stone Soup Poetry Readings. She has also hosted Amergin, a poetry reading series.

Her interests, bolstered by travels to Ireland and China, include Celtic and Oriental culture, particularly Chinese art and history, as well as music, and all things of beauty.

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Eileen Ivers Download Sample

Free download sample off of Eileen Ivers' Facebook Page of her upcoming CD to be released February 2015.

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Helen St.Helen at Glasgow West End

Page leading to Eileen Ivers' Facebook Page where you can download a free sample from her upcoming CD, "Beyond the Bog Road", to be released February 2015.

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Elaine Olson, Harp

Harp music on the wire-strung and Celtic nylon-strung harps.
My CD "Green Islands" is available, and features harp with ukulele, banjo, and concertina.

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Haley and Dylan Richardson

We are a young brother and sister duo who specialize in traditional Irish music on fiddle, guitar, and bouzouki

We know it's hard to tell by our ages but we've been playing Irish music together for over 8 years. We entered a local talent show when Haley was five and have been playing together ever since! Haley is a 12 year old All Ireland Champion fiddler who has performed with many of the most well-known Irish musicians such as The Chieftains, Altan, Dervish, Pride of New York, The John Whelan Band, and The Teetotallers. We recently released our debut recording Heart on a String.

(Added By: fiddlersmom On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 93 )

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Ortodox Ikons

Ortodox ikons from the Serbia.

(Added By: plitvica On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 89 )

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Great Meditation Music

Great meditative piano music for meditation or Yoga sessions or even for work. It's good for you if you need inspirations and a relaxing time!

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The Ne'er Duwels

What do a Grammy award winning percussionist, a prolific Irish bard and balladeer, a master of the uilleann pipes, and an indie producer/guitarist have in common? They are The Ne’er Duwels, a formidable quartet of seasoned musicians who weave a seamless blend of traditional Irish music, world rhythms and a sound distinctly their own.

The "real deal" from Ireland, Ken O’Malley's rich, resonant voice and engaging stage presence have delighted audiences for over 30 years. "He holds nothing back. Whether singing a passionate ballad, playing a solo on the mandolin, or explaining the gloriously sad history of Erin his homeland, Ken O’Malley is all-in, wide open to the world, and as true as an arrow’s flight. Ken’s fine tenor voice could carry him through a show all alone, but he backs himself beautifully on guitar and mandolin. . . .His wonderful wit and good humor draw us in and carry us along, and the beauty of his songs, both traditional and original, fills us with irresistible joy."

Joining Ken onstage is Patrick D'Arcy, also from Dublin, one of the finest uilleann pipers in the United States. Patrick has toured extensively with many well known artists throughout the world and is also a talented pennywhistle and bodhran player. He is an expert on the culture and history of the Irish pipes and as such is a much sought after teacher and consultant. His work has been featured in many film, television and live theatre productions and was a founding member of the band Flogging Molly.

Bryan Dobbs is the “sound” of the Ne’er Duwels. Originally from New Mexico, Bryan adds the mysterious, the romantic and the attack that traverses the musical spectrum, accompanying on the mandolin, the acoustic guitar or the very creative, innovative sounds of his Fender Stratocaster.

Grammy award winning percussionist Forrest Robinson provides the heartbeat of the ensemble. An alumni of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Forrest has traveled the globe to perform with such artists as India Arie, Victor Wooten, Arrested Development, TLC, and many others. A lover of Celtic music and rhythms, Forrest drives the rhythm that combines The Ne’er Duwels' unique, eclectic blend of traditional Irish music and song with a modern, electronic edge.

The band began two years ago when Ken enlisted Bryan and Pat to join him for a weekend of shows in a casino near Las Vegas and it was there that the magic began. Later, Forrest met Ken at one of his solo concerts, another flame was lit and the four became the Ne’er Duwels.

Their debut album features traditional Irish music combined with the lush backing and textures of Bryan’s guitars, locked in by the explosive nature of Forrest’s drumming with Pat’s whistles and pipes hauntingly woven throughout. Ken’s rich voice and solid guitar playing complete the sound that is the Ne’er Duwels.

Guest artists include Brett Anderson, leader of the famous all-female rock ‘n’ roll band The Donnas, local recording artist Hale May, Ken’s daughter Angela O’Malley and Scottish actor/singer Kevin McKidd notably of television’s “Grey’s Anatomy” fame.

This is an album where traditional Irish music meets modern world sounds and rhythms. There are several original songs as well as some Celtic gems given a new luster and energy as only the Ne’er Duwels can.

(Added By: Guest On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 152 )

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Double Hearts Music

Doubleheartsmusic.com showcases original music The Old Knotty Pine, released August 2015, and provides a place to download your copy.

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Kyla Groeschel School of Highland Dance

Located in Fair Oaks, California, Kyla's School of Scottish Highland Dance offers dance instruction to students of both sexes, all ages and skill levels. Many of Kyla's dancers perform publicly and compete throughout North America, while others dance just for fun and exercise. Whatever your personal goals are, Highland dance will enrich your life while building both muscle and characte

(Added By: TetonAndDistrictPerformingArts On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 98 )

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The Dance Conservatory!

The Dance Conservatory is the only place to learn Irish step dancing in Southeast Idaho! Irish step dancing is a lively form of dance with intricate, fast moving footwork. Classes are available for three year olds to adults, boys and girls and at any skill level. Classes are split into age and ability levels. Irish step dancing students learn traditional Irish step dancing in both soft and hard shoes. Students will start out in soft shoe learning the easy reel and progress up to hard shoe when they are ready. More...

(Added By: TetonAndDistrictPerformingArts On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 80 )

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