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Celtic Harp Music by Anne Roos

Anne Roos is considered at the top of her field as a Celtic Harpist. She is a many-faceted performer who excels as a soloist in concert, as well as with her ensemble, with her years of experience and extensive music list. Her recorded music has aired internationally and has been described as "lovely" and "enchanting".

Anne Roos' love of English and Celtic music blossomed as a child and young teen at Southern California Renaissance Fairs, when she became involved singing in madrigal groups, performing period music. She started playing the Celtic harp quite by accident. While employed at an incredibly stressful job, Anne serendipitously met Sylvia Woods at a booth full of little Celtic Harps at a Winter Solstice Fair and began taking private instructions from her as a creative outlet. Then came music theory courses at UCLA and eventually teaching music for the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Anne has been performing throughout the country for more than twenty years as a soloist at resort hotels, convention centers, cruise ships, concert venues, highland games, Celtic and Renaissance fairs, casino clubs, wineries, meditation retreats-- you name it. She has been invited to perform for several dignitaries, including the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Ireland!

She makes her home at Lake Tahoe and continues to perform regularly, priding herself on the ability to be versatile and take requests: playing anything from O'Carolan's Irish music and Greensleeves, to Beatles love songs and Stairway to Heaven, and just about everything in between.

Anne’s CD projects demonstrate quality musicianship and versatility. Anne’s albums are unique--Her recent releases are actually little books with CDs tucked neatly into the back page. She recognizes that her listeners enjoy reading about the background of the music on her CDs.

Anne’s latest release, “A Light in the Forest”, is her most technically beautiful recording to date. It was recorded in 5.1 Surround Sound, and is perhaps the first folk/world/Celtic CD to be available in this format. The disc contains music of the Celtic harp with a small ensemble performing music about the woods and woodland creatures (fairies, elves, trolls, nymphs, leprechauns, and more). It’s packaged in a 31-page hardcover book describing the folk history and legends of the tunes.

Anne arranged and recorded a special Celtic wedding music CD called “Haste to the Wedding,” in direct response to the many requests she received from brides and grooms. “Haste to the Wedding” is popular with couples looking for romantic music to accompany their wedding festivities. It includes traditional Celtic music played on solo harp accompanied by an ensemble of traditional instruments. This CD is enclosed in a 48-page hardcover book containing vintage color images, Celtic toasts, blessings, legends, wedding traditions, and recipes. It’s a “must-have” for weddings.

“Mermaids and Mariners” features traditional and original music of the sea, arranged by Anne for both solo Celtic Harp and harp within a small ensemble. The beautiful sea ballads and shanties are packaged inside a 24-page hardcover book containing a bounty of illustrations and tales about life at sea. Selections from this recording have been featured on United Airlines Inflight Music Service.

One of her earliest projects, “Through the Mist,” features original New Age flute and harp duets, with flutist David Blonski. This recording is enhanced with soothing environmental sounds woven into the selections. This recording remains a favorite among massage therapists and yoga enthusiasts.

Anne’s Celtic harp can also be heard on a number of recordings available through the Siddha Yoga Foundation in South Fallsburg, New York, featuring music based on Indian ragas. She has recorded as a guest artist on many other projects.

"I really enjoy improvising from a skeletal idea of a song and seeing where it will go. I can get creatively stale playing solo harp as often as I do; I always get great new ideas playing with others. So, I relish the time working with great musicians, like the ones on my CDs," says Anne.

View Anne Roos' entire song list, concert information, and biography at www.celticharpmusic.com. For booking information, send an email to

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The Mizzen Men

The Mizzen Men are a Celtic/Folk Trio based out The Maritime Provinces... The group, which are all multi-instrumentalists, consists of Wayne Burke on Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar and Bodhran; Tom Mills on Lead Guitar, Mandola, and background/harmony vocals; and Ray Carrier on Bass Guitar, Harmonica's, Whistles and background/harmony vocals… Their repertoire consists of many original compositions, rollicking Sea Shanty's, haunting Folk songs, along with a wide variety of tunes from many genres… The Mizzen Men have been entertaining audiences all around Atlantic Canada since 1999, most recently at such venues as "The Stan Rogers Folk Festival", "The 2006 East Coast Music Awards", and the 2006 Canadian Country Music Awards"…

The lads have just completed recording their third and new CD "Folk Songs & Sea Shanty's", at The Sound Expression Studio's in Lake Utopia, NB with Producer Christian Gay... With a busy and exciting summer ahead of them, The Mizzen Men plan to focus their efforts toward concerts and the Festival circuit, as this is where their true passion lies… Getting their audiences involved in their "Maritime Kitchen Party" shows, has made The Mizzen Men a favourite among convention organizers and concert goers all around the Maritimes… So prepare to tap your toes, clap your hands and sing along, as this trio invites you into their kitchen for a good ole' fashion Maritime Ceilidh… <br><br>


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Celtic Tattoo Art

Celtic Tattoo Designs with symbol meanings. If you are looking for Celtic art, useable as tattoos and crafts by Shane Clark, you came to the right place.

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The Desert Piper - Eric Boyd

Eric Boyd is an award winning, third-generation bagpiper of Scottish descent. He has been playing and writing music for the Great Highland Bagpipe since he was only ten years old. Eric was trained by some of the best Bagpiping instructors in the United States, including Pipe Majors’ Seamus Coyne, Allan Weidlich, Stephen Megarity & Glen Thompson as well as John McLean Allan. His natural talent and extensive training have helped him to earn several first place medals at Bagpiping competitions all over the west coast as well as a Celtic Radio Music Award nomination.

Eric is a former member of the Celtic band Silent Planet as well as the prestigious Los Angeles Police Department Pipe Band, City of Glendale Pipe Band and Cabar Feidh Pipe Band. Eric has performed with world renowned bagpiper Eric Rigler and his band Bad Haggis, as well as The Pacific Symphony Orchestra, Golden Bough, The Wicked Tinkers, Carol Tatum, The Browne Sisters & George Cavannah. Eric regularly performs with the Celtic band Tartanic.

He has performed at a multitude of concert venues as well as various private events for television and film stars such as Darryl Hannah and Rob Knepper of Fox’s Prison Break. He has also played his bagpipes in the film Primary Colors with John Travolta and Larry Hagman and in a European televised commercial for Intel. Eric’s non-musical talents have been put to use in the television show Monster House (Episode: Sultan House) as well as on the construction crew’s for the film Almost Heroes and television show Renovate My Family. Eric’s most recent film credit is included in the independent film "Juan Frances: Live".

In addition to the Great Highland Bagpipes, Eric also plays the Scottish small Pipes, acoustic, electric & bass guitar, tin whistle, drums, keyboards & piano.

Eric is currently working on various solo projects including a new album slated for release in February 2008.

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The McCullough Scottish Games

The McCullough Scottish Games is Harford County and Maryland's newest addtion to a well-represented Highland Festival scene. As a follow-up to our inaugural event in 2007 we are dedicated to an expanded athletics program to include a ladies competition, bringing back the pipes and Scottish food as well as ending with a Celtic concert. Come see wood, iron and stone take wing.

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string quartet

String Quartets Live provide quality ensemble music for weddings and special events. Classical and popular repertoire provided by quality musicians. Personalised music service available.

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Celtic Woman Chorus Fan Forum

Fan forum for the Chorus of Celtic Woman.

Great people, conversation and laughs await.

Come join us, and learn about the talented people of the Celtic Woman Chorus.

Roísin Dempsey, Catrina Scullion, Amy Rivard, Helen Kelly, Catherine Neylan, Una Pedreschi, Kira Deegan.

Julian David Edwards, Niall McGrath, Sean Loftus, Andrew

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Russell CelticFest 2008

The second annual Russell CelticFest is a full day of family fun, featuring pipes and drums, celtic bands, horse shows, kid's activities, food, beverages and more! Saturday, June 14th, Russell Fairgrounds, Russell, Ontario. Closing acts are Windy Kilts and Greenwich Meantime, 8 - 11pm.

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Wicked Tinkers message board

Hope this link works as it is all new.

This is a message board for Wicked Tinker fans.

The board is still in creative progress. Please be patient, but feel free to post comments on the board at any time.


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Scotch Hunter - A Guide To Single Malt Scotch Rating: 10 / 4 TimesRating: 10 / 4 TimesRating: 10 / 4 TimesRating: 10 / 4 TimesRating: 10 / 4 Times

A comprehensive site devoted to finding and tasting the finest single malt scotches known to man. ScotchHunter.com is the Best Single Malt Scotch Site providing Single malt scotch tasting notes, Single malt Distillery Information, Scotch nosing and tasting tips, single malt terms, As well as a detailed listing of our personal favorite single malt scotches found around the world.

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Neo-Medieval Celtic Quartet

BAY AREA (SF) Ensemble specializing in Celtic and Early European Music. Celtic Harp, Guitars, Cello, Flute, recorders, oboe, whistles, fram drum, four-part vocals! BROCELIANDE!

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Poyenberg Open Air Germany

Bands für das Irishfolk Openair Poyenberg am 14.06.2008.

Fiddler's Green Brogues Cobblestones Rapalje David Myles The Keltics The Sally Gardens

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Sycamore Shoals Celtic Festival

Sycamore Shoals Celtic Festival is held in the Sycamore Shoals Historical State Park in Elizabethton, TN about 15-20 east of Johnson City, TN. It is held the weekend after Labor Day every year and lasts for two days. The festival offers not only lots of Celtic music, but also Clans, Vendors, food, weapon demos, workshops and as much fun as is possible for a family filled adventer weekend. There is also a Calling of the Clans Torch Light Ceremony on Friday night and a Ceilidh (concert) on Saturday night. The atmosphere is full of merriment, the people are fun and friendly, the food is fantastic and we are cheaper than going to the movies plus it lasts all day. Nestled at the edge of the Appalachian mountains makes this festival a delight for anyone of any age. Check out the website for more details of events and performers and we hope to see you at the festival.

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baconworks music

Celtic music, fife and drum, and original music by Greg Bacon. Over thirty recordings of Irish flute, penny whistle, guitar, bouzouki, tenor banjo, fife and bodhran. In addition, may tunes are original and sheet music is provided.

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Celtic New Age singersongwriters from the UK producing a unique blend of contemporary Celtic vocal folk, based on Celtic legend and storytelling. Seven albums to date two available for listening on Celtic radio net. A new album to be released soon based on Arthurian legend. Music is now available for licensing for film and commercials. Through listeners votes a total of ten tracks from various albums have made it to the top tier of the folk genre at www.songvault radio and now receive permanent airplay.

author: Pete Brown

Serundal - CD - Leylines

'Leylines' by Serundal is the prequel to the story of the Legend of Serundal and is intended to promote the trilogy of albums on the theme of the legend and The Kingdom Of Roth, 'Ab Initi' being the first in the series. I'm impressed with 'Leylines' and I marvel at the creativity and productivity of Serundal and their beautiful visionary epic. Serundal's website tells of "A Celtic World of Music Poetry and Magic" - and, make no mistake, that's exactly what you get!

'Leylines' actualy feels more cohesive and generally more confident than 'Ab Initi' (and that was pretty damn impressive!!); there's a fantastic flow to this work; it drifts effortlessly along and seems to cradle you in its being. Superbly laid back but offering a warm place to go on a dark autumn's night, 'Leylines' is evocative, descriptive, at times haunting and at others, hypnotic. Everything's just so smooth and peaceful sounding - it's a wonderfully dreamy work that reminds me in parts of Mike Oldfield, in other parts Renaissance, then I hear Sonja Kristina, Sandy Denny, loads of famous names come to mind but actually it's all just Serundal! It's wonderful!!

Serundal have done a bloody good job with 'Leylines' - their story telling prequel to the trilogy is magnificent and as a stand-alone work it's equally as compelling and works just as it is. I don't know how long Serundal have taken to get this far but 'Leylines' feels as though an awful lot of heart and soul has been put into it; it's beautifully polished, it's maturely composed and performed, it's thoroughly entertaining and extremely enjoyable. Serundal should be very proud of what they've achieved here.

I really hope 'Leylines' does its job and Serundal can get their trilogy out there and accepted - it thoroughly deserves to be successful. 'Leylines' is a splendid piece of work and bodes well for the second and third release in their epic aural adventure. Great work, beautiful to behold, remarkably assured and relaxingly tantalising.

Peter J Brown aka toxic pete (www.toxicpete.co.uk)

(Rhythm & Booze rating 10)

author: Peter J Brown (www.toxicpete.co.uk)


Lady of the Isles

I will begin by saying up front and out loud - this is one of the most beautiful songs and melodies that one could possibly find to end the day with, which is what I am doing here in the midnight hour gathering rosebuds of music for one or two or more of my stations here at IAC. Thank you Serundal for pointing me in the direction of your Artists Page where I found your beautiful crusading lover's ballad ... lilting, cantillating and monastic-like vocals calling back and forth gives this a mediaeval and romantic feeling that whisks one away on a magical, mystical journey, back to a place in legendary times where a grieving damsel awaits the return of her lover from a distant campaign. A celtic gem ... poignant songwriting, arrangement and production ... welcome to Legendary Music. added to station 10/19/2008 5:30:26 AM

"The Keening" happily recalls Renaissance and the more ambitious seventies prog era. Serundal are perhaps out of their time but they wear it well. Their album is lovely and deserves a wide audience.

Copyright © 2007 Anna Maria Stjärnell

All music is currently available in appleitunes worldwide.

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Celtic Vine

This is an awesome website that offers only the best in bright new Celtic designs. The old manuscripts are the inspiration and these original designs are illuminated with 23k gold gilding,copper and silver also. the Book of Kells , the Linisfarne Gospels, the Book of Durrow, not to mention the history of England with all the kings, queens and the intrigue that accompanied the day are the inspiration that ignited this website!

If you love knotwork, crosses, shields, letter illuminations or Zoomorphics then you should definitely give this a peek! If you like anything that shines or artwork inspired by the kings and queens this is for you!We also do logos, wedding art, family coat of arms, letter and name illuminations also.

Please check it out and send us email and let us know what think!

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Folklandia radio folk show

Welcome to Folklandia. This is portuguese radio folk show from Radio Vizela\'s broadcasting company. We disclose all we need to know and listen about portuguese & european folk music.

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Wall Crosses

Largest One-Stop Wall Cross Selection - One of our primary goals at WallCrosses.Com is to offer our customers a huge selection of decorative wall crosses that would meet any need they might have for any occasion, application or personality. If we don't have what you are looking for, just let us know as we will be adding to our product line regularly

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Pipe Makers Union Carbon Fiber Celtic Musical Instruments

Pipe Makers Union, LLC is a carbon fiber wind instrument fabrication company located in Corvallis, Oregon, USA. PMU offers musicians innovative instruments that blend the advantages of modern carbon fiber technology with the time tested designs of traditional craftsmen.

PMU is committed to the development of quality wood-alternative instruments including chanters, pipes, whistles, flutes and didgeridoos using Carbony, a carbon fiber material. With our growing line of products we are providing high quality wind instruments for use by professional musicians around the globe.

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Boys of the Lough, Saturday,February 28th

“One of the finest bands in Celtic traditional music.” - The New York Times
With over 30 years of experience in the world of traditional music, over 60 North American tours, 19 recordings and two Grammy nominations, Boys of the Lough (pronounced Loch) have reached legendary status. The Boys have established a reputation for technical brilliance and integrity combined with a ready wit and sense of fun. Compelling dance rhythms, which give the music such life, will lift you to your feet.

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The World of Faeries Festival

Our 5th annual celebration will be and as always the first weekend in August 2009. This years Theme is "The Power of Five" - "Celebration of the Mighty Oak" Come one come all the a most unusual and fun filled weekend in South Elgin Illinois. in an Oak tree filled park next to the Fox River.
Still only $10.00 per peson and Children under 12 Free. Free ample parking. Go to the website and view our video's and keep in touch with the changes. If you are interested in vending the application is online if you are interested in Sponsorship opportunities contact us via email. Vollunteers are always needed to help with games and just plain having fun with the big and little kids. There will be no adults allowed.
You must leave the adult at home.

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Celtic Friends Network

A social network that hopes to bring people together who have Celtic interests.

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Mystikal Realm

Renaissance Clothing and Medieval Gifts

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Laurelhill Highland Games Fest

Birthsite of Civil War Cavalryman J.E.B Stuart. HIstoric Park on the VA registry of historic places and National registry .
Civil War renactment and fest. in the Fall.
Laurelhill Highland games and Fest . in the Spring .

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Welcome to the Church of the Culdees

We are a Celtic Rite American Orthodox - Old Catholic Church. We are inspired by the life and witness of the 9th Century Cele De reform movement in Ireland, and the Church of the first Millennium in Ireland and Britain.

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Celtic Frog Leatherworks

I sell custom leather goods, mostly bracelets. If you have a particular item you want made just ask me.

You can email me direct at or you can message me on CelticRadio.net at


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The California Celts

From the street to the stage the pipe processional parades! From The Clancey's to the Pouges and beyond...

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Glasgow, KY Highland Games

The Glasgow KY Highland Games is an annual event beginning in 1986, and held every year the weekend after Memorial Day. The Games feature professional & amateur athletics, Massed Bands, Competitions for piping, drumming, dancing & harping. We always have a premier list of musical entertainers as well, including groups like Seven Nations, Needfire, Father Son & Friends, The Grimes Girls, as well as indiviuals like Alex Beaton, Colin Grant-Adams, Skip Cleavinger and Duncan MacLeod. Always a choice set of vendors for Scottish related foods & merchandise. Plenty of family friendly activities over the weekend. See our website at www.glasgowhighlandgames.com.

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Nutshell Music

Welcome to Nutshell Music, we are a fully equipped digital recording studio and music production facility, with many years of experience and many more happy clients. We can write and record music for your project, we can record you performing your own work and/or your Band. If you wish we offer musical production assistance/performance. We can take your project from the very first note to having a shiny finished retail unit.

New!! Ivan Drever Band EP - Every Beat of The Drum - available to buy £7.00 plus postage £1.00 send your details through the "Contact Us" page

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Celtic Heritage Festival & Highland Games

Seventh Annual southwest Missouri

Celtic Heritage Festival & Highland Games

Sept. 11th.& 12th, 2009

Old City Park & Fairgrounds
East Ramsey St.
Buffalo, Missouri

for more info. please contact

Buffalo Area Chamber of Commerce


WWW. swmocelticfestival.com

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Highland Celtic Leather

Hand crafted hand celtic carved leather products, designed and crafted by master leather carver
Pedriach Tubridy.

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Music in the Irish Language

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Hear Bob Rowley the Contemporary Liverpool Bard

Bob Rowley is a retired Streetsinger; a contemporary Songwriter and a University Lecturer. He was born and raised in Liverpool and now lives with his Belgian family in Flanders.
He has been away from the UK for well over twenty years and he would like to return from time to time to sing and play for his own people. Please take a moment to listen to his songs on MySpace.

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Golden Boy (Fospassin) new album

Golden Boy (Fospassin) is the best artist in the world and the ultimate singer/songwriter for the 21st century music lover. Great artist, he is a hero in pop music and the new way hip hop with world music. Originally, he incorporates a wide range of influences that makes his songs unique. Surrounded by energy, emotions and people from all over the world, Golden Boy (Fospassin) is bringing to the world something hot for people to forget their worries, while his lyrics stir the deepest universal emotions. Tight rythmes, great chorus and excellent productions brought his music at the top level of arts and entertainment.

Great composer and entertainer,Golden Boy (Fospassin) has been awarded 10 times in 2 years.His music is a fusion of hip hop,dancehall,world,pop,alternative and reggae.He has released 12 albums now available on itunes,amazon,napster,emusic,rhapsody and all the major stores.His new release "Dancehall trouble" will be available in cd stores by april 2009.Enjoy the new way hip hop

Thanks to all the stations who are playing Golden Boy (Fospassin) the best artist in the world.


Patrick Sinclair Fosso

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between a rock and a hard place

lyrical, melodic folk/rock

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Anam Cara-Soul Friend

Elaine & Alan have travelled worldwide for over 10yrs performing Celtic Religious music at Cathedrals and Basilica's. Although they also perform Irish ballads and classics. Recently they were invited to perform at Stormount Belfast and Aras an Uachtarain, Dublin for the president of Ireland Mary Mc Aleese.
Lourdes / France (Soloists main Basilica),
Knock / Ireland (Soloists main Basilica),
Fatima / Portugal (Soloists main Basilica),
Medjugorji / Croatia (Soloists main Church,
Stormont, / Belfast, (Invitation by Rev. Ian Paisley,
RTE TV (Live New years day Tv concert ),
Christian Music/ CAM Music with John Michael Talbot - Arkansas (USA, Southern America),
Christian Irish Celtic music tour in the USA, (13 cities in three weeks, mainly Cathedrals & Basilica's 2008

They are currently recording their second album "The Voice of the Spirit" ready for release Fall 2009.

Orders for Album:

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Sean Treacy

I have played in venues around Ireland with seasons, in Kinsale, Killarney and abroad in London, Cyprus, Salou, Canary Islands, and New York. I play mostly fast Irish music with some Eagles and Beatles U2 type of music and some country music as well. I am a really good musician and play guitar / mandolin. I am a very confident performer singer on stage. I can play to a sit down or dancing audience. I play mostly covers but I do some of my original music as well if the occasion permits. I use some backing tracks and drum machine but am very comfortable just singing with the guitar or mandolin as well. I don't drink or smoke and have a very professional attitude to my music. I like to interact with the crowd and make them fell part of the night with me.

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oliver kane

A site about and for those interested in Music. Irsih ballads, Traditional, Showbands. and other oddities.

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MacTalla Mor Band

"Celtic Music For The Masses"
"The Pipes Are Calling Resistance Is Futile" TM

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Poitin-Celtic World Music

Poitín (pronounced 'patcheen') is of course that famous Irish firewater distilled from wheat and rye, but it's also a trad Celtic band from the Czech Republic not averse to a little experimentation - on their latest album they've got a didge player and a saxophonist who doubles up on low whistles and tin whistles. The band is, however, firmly grounded in the pub session tradition and like nothing better than sitting round a table in the corner of a cosy pub and bashing out old favourites about tarry sailors, merry maids and drunken nights (or is it drunken sailors, tarry maids and merry nights?!)
History: Poitín play Celtic music in all its shapes and forms from haunting Breton melodies to raunchy traditional Irish songs. They've performed at festivals across Europe in Italy, France, Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic. The latest cd, ‘Hot Days’ features a daring mix of saxophone, didgeridoo and more traditional instruments to create a sparkling collection of songs and tunes, some traditional, some new, all suffused with Poitín magic. They formed in Pilsen, CZ, in 1996 and have released three albums to date on their own label and are also included on four compilation albums (two released by Popron, CZ and two by Marc Gunn in the U.S.). The first album, ‘Poitín’ was released in 2000 and featured a very traditional collection of tunes including the 'Congress Reel' and songs such as 'Spanish Lady' as well as lesser known Breton and English songs.

The second album, ‘De la Basse Bretagne’ was eventually released in 2003 and was a tribute to the talents of the band's French singer, Neige Pruvost on her return to her birthplace. It consists mainly of French and Breton songs and tunes and features Dan Eberle on double bass. There's a lovely traditional Czech folk song, 'Lida, Lidunka' at the end of the album in acknowledgement of the band's own roots. Poitín were pleased to be invited to contribute to Popron's ‘Best of Celtic Music I and II’ compilation albums and recently Marc Gunn's ‘Victims of Irish Music’ and ‘The Best of the Irish and Celtic Music Podcast’ which have had excellent reviews on CD Baby.
Review: Here's what they said about us on the Free MP3s Celtic Music Magazine (thanks, Karen J. Brady!)...
'It seems an odd combination...Celtic music from a Czech band, but it turns out that in the 1990s, the Czechs were just beginning to rediscover their Celtic roots, especially in the west, where the ruins of a Celtic fortress still remain. The history of the land is as interesting as the music of Poitin, who perform not only dreamy ballads, but also rollicking pub sing-a-longs, scintillating jigs, and thundering reels from Ireland, Scotland and England.

Since they formed, Poitin has undergone a metamorphosis as far as their sound, incorporating more progressive elements into their traditional repertoire. With their new album having caused a bit of controversy with the addition of a saxophone, the band promises something that even traditionalists will enjoy. Nothing wrong with a fresh sound. And that is precisely what Poitin brings to the world of Celtic music.'
Over the last 10 years they have played in France, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland and Italy and are still going strong.

They released their first CD back in 2000, imaginatively called ‘Poitín’ , it has 17 tracks of traditional Irish, Scottish and French songs and tunes plus a bonus traditional Czech folk song, ‘Lida, Lidunka’. It features Neige Pruvost on the French and Breton songs, Jeremy King’s vocals on the Scottish and Irish numbers and Tonda Muzik on bodhran.
Their second CD was made as a farewell tribute to Neige who returned to France in 2001. It is a compilation of 12 French and Breton songs called ‘De la Basse Bretagne’ with Tyna Frankova and Neige Pruvost on vocals. It was finally released in 2003.
Their third and most recent CD was released in 2006 to mark the band's tenth anniversary and is called ‘Hot Days’. It features 13 tracks with Helena Markova on saxophone. You can hear scintillating arrangements of classic jigs, reels and songs, plus completely new compositions by Helena, Honza and Kuba, all with an unmistakable Celtic flavour.
They also feature on three compilation albums, ‘The Mystery of Celtic Music I’ and ‘The Mystery of Celtic Music II’ (released in the Czech Republic by Popron) and Marc Gunn’s compilations of Celtic music from around the world, ‘Victims of Irish Music’ and ‘The Best of the Irish and Celtic Music Podcast’ .

Poitín can be contacted by emailing Jeremy King at or through their websites

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Heather Mulvey

Heather Mulvey is a New Jersey based musician who plays finger-picking acoustic guitar and sings traditional Americana, Celtic and contemporary folk songs, entertaining audiences of all ages since the early '90's. Heather’s programs include Celtic Music Journey and Americana Music Journey. A history of the songs is incorporated into the programs and interaction and participation is always encouraged. Heather has performed at community events, cultural and heritage commissions, festivals, schools, First Nights and libraries throughout NJ and was a Featured Artist at both the NJLA Annual Meeting in 2005 and as well at the Garden State Storytellers' League "Tellabration" event in 2006.
"Flowers from the Mountain", her debut CD released in May 2008, features Celtic and Americana songs. Contributing musicians are Bob Harris (also the producer of the cd, International Flatpick Guitar Champion, and formerly the guitar player for Vassar Clements) on guitar and mandolin and Gary Oleyar (of Loggins and Messina band) on fiddle and viola.

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Ciara Considine - Enchanting Album of Traditional Irish Songs

Ciara Considine took a trip back to her cultural roots and made an album of Ireland's much loved traditional songs. Her album is titled "Ó Mo Chroí" meaning "Of My Heart" - from an old Irish saying. The songs speak of love, family, famine and emigration. A one-woman-album, she sings and plays all 8 instruments on the CD. Receiving good reviews and radioplay, the album has attracted growing interest in the UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, USA, Canada and Japan. It's available on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Payplay, CD Baby and Napster. To buy or download Ciara Considine's album visit her website: www.ciaraconsidinemusic.com/products.html

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Round Sky Music

Celtic and New Age music of Grammy Nominated composer Paul Avgerinos .

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Kierah Irish Madness

Irish Madness is a happy, high energy CD that contains 9 of Kierah's original tunes which are blended with traditional Irish Tunes. Irish Madness was nominated by the Canadian Folk Music Awards 2008 for Best Youth Performer.

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Jay and Abby Michaels - The Harper and The Minstrel

Jay & Abby Michaels - The Harper and The Minstrel are an act that is hard to describe. Incorporating elements of Celtic, Folk, Rock, Classical, Baroque and Renaissance into something that is uniquely their own. The duo specializes in beautiful airs and ballads, the occasional jig or reel, many of their own original compositions, music from the Baroque and Renaissance periods and their unique arrangements of Traditional Celtic tunes and songs by artists like Sting and Led Zeppelin.

Their music is enjoyed, and their musicianship is appreciated by audiences of all ages. They have performed in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Arizona, California and all over New England at Renaissance Faires, Folk and Celtic Festivals, Coffee Houses, Farmers Markets and at other venues.

"You can best judge a musician’s acumen by the way they interpret music, whether that music is familiar to you or obscure...Jay and Abby Michaels’ deft adaptations of songs from Sting to Robert Burns are thrilling, and they reveal the pair to be artists of some skill.
-Motif Magazine

"Sheer uniqueness"
-Dirty Linen

"Lilting vocals, hypnotic harp, and occasional guitar and flute evoke the sensation of a warm spring day spent in an enchanted place."
-Faerie Magazine.

"Gentle, lovely music"
-Renaissance Magazine

Their influences include early music from Europe and the Celtic lands, Yes, Loreena McKennitt, Sting, The New World Renaissance Band, Cantiga and Led Zeppelin. They have recorded several CD's together including:


Jay Michaels is the primary songwriter in the The Harper and The Minstrel. He plays both the nylon and wire-strung Celtic Harps, Guitar and sings. Abby Michaels sings, plays Flutes, Recorders, Penny Whistles, Guitar, Harp and Bowed Psaltery.

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Teresa Doyle - Celtic and Jazz Recording Artist

Teresa Doyle’s ten recordings on her label Bedlam Records have met with critical acclaim at home in the Maritimes, across North America, Europe and Japan. This body of work has garnered numerous awards including two ECMAs, two JUNO nominations and the 2007 Victor Martyn Lynch-Staunton award for music.

Doyle has attracted listeners at countless festivals and concert venues including: The Mariposa, Winnipeg and Vancouver Folk Festivals, the Montreal Jazz Festival, the 92nd Street ‘Y’ in Manhattan, England’s Salisbury Art Centre, Sound Symposium, The St. John’s Jazz festival, Canadian Jazz and World Showcases and the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo. She gives voice workshops in Canada, Mexico, the U.S. and Ireland.

Doyle has recorded with some of Canada’s finest musicians, Oliver Schroer, Mike Murley, David Travers-Smith, David Woodhead, Ben Grossman, Rich Greenspoon, Ian Toms, Jamie Gatti and others. Doyle had the good fortune to perform with the late jazz pianist Doug Riley, Dr. Music. Together they recorded Summerfly ‘live off the floor’ at CBC Studio H in Halifax.

Teresa moves effortlessly from one musically passion to another. She has five award-winning Celtic recordings including a collection of Irish Gaelic songs. The birth of her son in 1994 inspired her to create quality children’s music from the Celtic tradition. Teresa credits much of her recording success to her long-standing relationship with the now late Oliver Schroer. Her most recent release, Late Night Parlour, is dedicated to his memory.

Music from Doyle’s label, Bedlam Records, is distributed in Canada by Outside Music, in the U.S. by Allegro and online at www.teresadoyle.com. Her music appears on more than a dozen compilations including three collections by Putumayo World Music with releases in twenty-two countries.

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Mike Jeffery

"Farewell Icarus" is a tribute song.

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old scotland and framed clan

hello,my name is john main from nairn,scotland.i have recently created a website that i hope may e of interest to you. including images of Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott, scottish castles,golf &town scenes,could you possibly pass on to family and friends,if you would like,i could send an image for inclusion on a newsletter,thanks for your help,john

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British Rock Art Collection

A photo website about prehistoric rock art in the United Kingdom, grouped per county/council.

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Irish Makeover

This is the California Official Independent Fan Site for ~ SKULLY ~ I am just one of many that are available throughout the United States. My goal is to provide you with as much information as I can about Skully and his projects.
I met Skully on Myspace ~ I had gone to see Celtic Thunder last November and I fell in love with the music, that started my Love Affair with Celtic Music, Ireland, Scotland and My Heritage.
I was so excited I went to my myspace page and went on and on about this New Show I had seen and how I felt about the music; soon after I received a message from this Musician in Ireland, Cork to be exact ~ who tells me about himself and his music; I had no idea how this was going to change my life and admiration for Skully and Celtic Music.
This man is a genius,I listened,I fell in love with his music and have been a huge fan ever since. You can tell how much of his heart and soul goes into his music, it comes directly from his heart into the hearts of his listeners. This man is gorgeous, caring, fun, and extremely talented; he has worked hard to get to where he is now and deserves to be recognized, and that is exactly what I want to accomplish.
In the last few months he has been un-stopable, like anyone would want to stop this Man; he introduced his own recording company, BLIND FAITH DIGITAL,(by the way, the turn-around when placing an order is incredibly fast), he was Featured in CELTIC RADIO'S August-September 2009 Newsletter; he Released his First solo album "SEAPORT FUDGE FACTORY", he introduced the new line of Irish Makeover Merchandise and Apparel, and, this is BIG, he announced the Book release of CORK ROCK by Mark AcAvoy of which he is featured along with other great musicians.
SKULLY is Ireland's best known electronic music producer. The music man behind METISSE.
He has released two other solo albums: his beautiful soundtrack album WITHOUT A VOICE, and his new massively successful album: IRISH MAKEOVER.
I can’t say enough about Skully, his music is as refreshing as he is; he’s a true talent and I know he will shine for a long time as any star should!
So take your time, listen to his music, check out everything on this site, you'll love what you see and hear. Any questions or suggestions please, do not hesitate to contact me. ENJOY !

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