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Official Website of Michael Londra

Official website of Michael Londra, the Celtic singer best known as the lead voice from Riverdance on Broadway and the Passion of the Christ Symphony. Michael is also the music director and creator of RadioCelt, the largest Celtic station online.

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 470 )

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Photo Contemplations

Photographs of Scotland capturing its timeless allure, beauty, magnificence, dignity and history. Photographs are available in matted prints and photo-mounted blank greeting cards.

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 221 )

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Celeste Ray Music

Celeste Ray Ensemble is a Celtic Folk Group with world influences featuring vocals and the Bowed Psaltery. (A unique bowed harp that dates back to the Renn Era). We have four CDs out and our latest, "Strings of Gold" spans Irish, Folk and World music styles.

In Australia I performed for the Governor of Queensland and toured down uder for 6 months. Presently living in New York City, I recently opened for a Pete Seeger concert.

We enjoy gigging both on the East and West Coasts and are looking to tour in the UK. Visit our site and see what we're up to!

Erin go Bragh!

Celeste Ray Ensemble

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 481 )

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Epona's Fancy Rating: 8 / 1 TimesRating: 8 / 1 TimesRating: 8 / 1 TimesRating: 8 / 1 Times

Celtic and maritime inspired jewellery, giftware and art. All work is one of a kind and handmade in the Cape Breton Highlands of Nova Scotia, Canada

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 387 Comments :: 1)

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Sheila A Rose Photography

Sheila A Rose, Freelance Photographer - Landscape images of Wales & beyond, Portrait & Wedding photography

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 233 )

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Frank McNamara, Composer, Arranger, Conductor, Pianist

Official website of Frank McNamara, the internationally acclaimed Music Director best known for his work with The Irish Tenors, The American Tenors and the Argent Mortgage Orchestrated concert series.

(Added By: hubblegal On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 358 )

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Clan Campbell Society - Arizona Region

The Arizona Branch of the Clan Campbell Society (NA) is proud to represent such a proud clan as the Campbells. For this we dedicate our time and energy into building the bridge of communication and friendship through this web site. We are honored to bring to you this web site as a vehicle for announcements and interface between family, septs and friends.

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 464 Comments :: 1)

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Fiddlers Retreat, Irish music and culture experience

Fiddlers Retreat is the Irish music and culture holiday experience where you will enjoy a host of activities from Irish music lessons for absolute beginners to advanced levels of playing, afternoon sightseeing tours, cookery and Irish language workshops, night time Traditional Irish music sessions, Irish home accommodation and meals included. This is an authentic and truly unique experience. Based in Co. Tipperary, Ireland.

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 508 )

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Scottish Penpals

Find new Scottish penpals and friends from around the World for friendship. Create your free penpal profile with photo and take part in chatting with new friends on our messageboard.

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 602 )

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Orange County Celtic Festival

[dohtml]To Promote and Celebrate All Aspects of Celtic Culture, and to
Instill in Future Generations an Appreciation of Celtic Heritage.

Great Celtic bands, Irish/Scottish Dancing, Living History Encampments, Workshops from Beginning to Advanced, Sheep Herding, Shop For Unique Celtic Gifts, Bards, Minstrels, Story-Telling, Children's Activities, Faery Hunt, Children's Highland Games, Genealogy, Scottish Clans, Costume Contests ... Something for the whole family.[/dohtml]

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 269 )

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Keltic Nation

Keltic Nation sells a nice verity of Scottish Gifts, Irish Gifts and Welsh gifts as well as a lot of celtic information.

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 487 )

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Scotloads music download site

Music site promoting all types of Scottish music. The musicians and bands update their own accounts and the majority of all download fees go directly to them. Browse the catalogue, listen to samples, download some tracks and support the independent Scottish music scene!

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 404 )

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National Geographic Celtic Music

Thanks to large immigrant communities, the music of Ireland and Scotland has spread all over the globe, and it has even insinuated itself into the mainstream. However, the Celtic realm actually consists of six nations, subdivided into two groups of three homelands that are related to one another by language and culture. Ireland (Eire), along with the UK-based Scotland (Alba) and Isle of Mann (Mannin or Ellan Vannin) make up one linguistic branch, known as Goidelic, while the other, called Brythonic, is comprised of Wales (Cymru), Cornwall (Kernow), also geographically in the U.K., plus Brittany (Breizh) in Western-most France, as well as the region of Galicia in Northwest Spain.

Read more from the National Geographic Celtic Music page!

(Added By: Macfive On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 447 )

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Cleveland Celtic Podcast

Three times a month, new shows posted featuring the best Celtic Rock and Contemporary Celtic Artists today. Bands featured include Seven Nations, The Young Dubliners, The Elders, Gaelic Storm, Great Big Sea, Brother, The Glengarry Bhoys, Arminta & Blaq Lily, Brace Yourself Bridget, AND MANY MORE!

Interviews with band members by the hostess, Wendy Donahue, are also posted. Some past interviews include The Glengarry Bhoys, The Fenians, Homeland, Searson, and Gaelic Storm.

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 330 )

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Bottoms up band Rating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 Times

Canadian celtic/maritime band from New Brunswick Canada.

(Added By: bottomsupband On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 392 )

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Hazel Whyte Rating: 9 / 1 TimesRating: 9 / 1 TimesRating: 9 / 1 TimesRating: 9 / 1 TimesRating: 9 / 1 Times

Hazel Whyte: Celtic Musician & Balladeer, is a Scots born ex nurse with a love of Celtic ballads.

Hazel has entertained in many parts of the world, including several European Countries, The USA and Caribbean.

On her site you can hear some of her own compositions – “River of Time” and “Widows Tears” to name some, and a substantial variety of traditional Scots and Celtic ballads.

The songs, some simply vocals sung in her unique lilting voice, through self accompaniment on the guitar to those performed with others are free listening on the web from her site.

If it has been a while since you heard a variety that includes traditional music such as "I will Go" and "Leezie Lindsay" through bawdy sea shanties' like "Liverpool Judies" to Tenement songs such as "The Jellie Piece" and "Coulters' Candy" then this easily navigated site has much to offer.

Hazel has also included traditional lyrics to each of the songs on her site - with more music being added monthly to this large and interesting web site.

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 431 )

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Scotland History - A Complate Resource Guide Rating: 9 / 1 TimesRating: 9 / 1 TimesRating: 9 / 1 TimesRating: 9 / 1 TimesRating: 9 / 1 Times

This website is intended to be a resource for lovers of Scottish history and culture. Within you will find information on specific topics such as religion, royalty, and battles, along with suggested reading material.

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 217 )

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Earthsong Online Internet Music Store

Earthsong Online offers a wide selection of Celtic music CDs including over 30 Celtic Compilations in an inviting, easy-to-navigate site where you can leisurely browse your favorite Celtic music and make your purchases in a safe and secure online environment. Shipping is fast - usually within 24 hours! We welcome special orders!

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 403 )

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Jimmy Carbomb Rating: 10 / 2 TimesRating: 10 / 2 TimesRating: 10 / 2 TimesRating: 10 / 2 TimesRating: 10 / 2 Times

Jimmy Carbomb is a member of that fantastic Celtic rock band called Barleyjuice. He is a big supporter of Celtic Radio and now has his own site. It is awesome! - He's got Jokes, Pictures, Links, Kilts, Downloads and more. A great resource site and also some cool stuff on Barleyjuice. Give it a peek!

(Added By: Macfive On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 369 )

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Bruce Davies, Award-winning Troubadour

Bruce is an amazing singer-songwriter. Once you've heard his music, you will be a fan for life!

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 435 )

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Sliotar is a three piece band based in Dublin playing traditional music. The roots of the tunes they play come from the music of Ireland but are played in an original style thanks to the wide ranging influences of the members of the trio. Sliotar’s latest studio album, Crew of Three, has in its making seen the development of the groups unique approach to composition and arrangement which can be heard for itself at any of their 200+ gigs a year. The energy of their live show is something that can only be experienced and is not for the faint hearted.
Sliotar has performed extensively in the European folk music circuit. They have performed in Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, Denmark, Czech rep. Slovakia, Finland and Israel. Their music has been heard in all types of venues from a small irish pubs, Folk clubs, theaters to big international folk festivals, like Folkwoods in Holland. In Dublin you can see Sliotar perform in the famous Porterhouse. But also the band spends substantial time in their tour bus traveling around Europe.

(Added By: Sliotar On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 484 )

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Hank's Music Page

Mostly a video documentation of my own personal exploration
of Celtic music with Photos and links to videos that I've made and put on the YouTube. There are also links to other pages that I want to promote, like Highlander Internet Radio.

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 226 )

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The New Order of Druids

The New Order of Druids is a free online Celtic community for those who seek the Druid path and want to learn more about Celtic culture, traditions and spirituality.

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 472 )

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Clan MacFarlane

The Official page of the Clan McFarlane Society

The MacFarlane homeland is located in
the Highlands at the heads of Loch Long
and Loch Lomond. For over five centuries
this area, the feudal barony of Arrochar,
was held by the chiefs of Clan MacFarlane
and before them by their ancestors the
barons of Arrochar. The family is Celtic
in the male line and native to their
beautiful Highland homeland of tall peaks
and deep lochs just above the waist of

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 377 )

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Celticsilk.com shop is operated by Mulberry Silk, UK's leading supplier of silk scarves and handbags to the art and heritage gift shops. We are now bringing you our beautiful collection of Celtic silk scarves and handbags with excellent customer service and secure shopping environment. We hope you will enjoy shopping at Celticsilk.com.

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 428 )

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No Celtic Boundaries

Broadcasting to the Western Highlands and Islands of Scotland from its Base in Ullapool, Invernesshire.

(Added By: nocelticboundaries On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 276 Comments :: 1)

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Dialogue Society For Scotland

The Dialogue Society for Scotland was established in 2004 by a group of Turkish-Muslim intellectuals, academics and volunteers as a not- for-profit charitable organization. The objective of the Dialogue Society for Scotland is to promote tolerance, understanding, mutual respected and acceptance of people as they are, between people from all walks of life. The Dialogue Society therefore actively encourages and nurtures dialogue between followers of different ideologies, different ethnic communities, adherents of different religions and members of society generally.

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 483 )

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Celtic Warrior Music

Born out of the spirit of protest!
Activism is the primary message behind the music on our label. Activism through song, which we hope will change the mess that this world is currently in. The artists on our label feel passionate for the rights of all people to live in and on their land and for all beings to exist. At this site, you will hear a selection of songs of various artists, streamed free. Highlander Radio can be contacted if you want to have this music played online to all true "folkies", the activists of yesterday and today!

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 428 )

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Foot Stompin' Internet Radio

Internet Radio from Foot Stompin' Celtic Music - great monthly podcast and overview of current Scottish traditional tuners.

(Added By: rhmunson On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 300 )

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Celtic Radio Amazon Store

Discover a wealth of Celtic Music and DVD products as recommended by Highlander Radio. We will be featuring different products on our Amazon Store, so check it out every so often!

(Added By: Macfive On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 381 Comments :: 1)

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chill out and let it all flow out

Two musicians - One sound:

Lay back, relax and let your imagination and feelings go free as you experience a diverse mix of rhythms, cultures myths, emotions and visions.

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 412 )

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Kiwifolk (New Zealand) Rating: 8 / 1 TimesRating: 8 / 1 TimesRating: 8 / 1 TimesRating: 8 / 1 Times

New Zealand Folk and Acoustic Music portal. Information about, and links to folk related resources, clubs, festivals, venues, artists, tunes and more. Also the the home of the nz-folk listserver.

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 257 )

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The Crossing

The Crossing are a Traditional Celtic Folk band out of Chicago.

For over twenty years the Crossing has been crafting music to warm up your heart and get your feet moving, With their intricate arrangements of traditional and original Celtic tunes, the Crossing has been received enthusiastically by Celts on both sides of the Atlantic. Instrumentation includes Highland pipes, fiddle, whistle, flute, harp, guitars, bouzouki, cello, and bodhran, just to name a few. Their song lyrics express a concern for the least of God's people and a celebration of the greatness of God Himself. The Crossing is a group whose love for Celtic music is enriched by love for the one who created the Celtic peoples and their lands.

(Added By: ravensday On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 410 )

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Eire FM

listen to all irish radiostations over the internet with just one click here

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 450 )

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Dan Sindel - Symphonic Guitars

Symphonic Guitars..!
What if the Classical Masters had access to Electric Guitars, Amps, Fuzz Boxes, Wah Wah pedals, Digital Delays, Flangers, Multitrack Hard Disk Recording Devices, Computers and other various Digital Sound Processing toys”?

Dan Sindel, a “One Man Orchestra” recreates Orchestral Scores by transposing and transcribing the compositions to fit the guitars tonal range…. Hundreds of layered guitar tracks create a massive electric guitar “Wall of Sound.”

Starting at age 9, Dan began learning trumpet and later moved on to playing the French horn and trombone in various Junior and Senior High School Jazz bands and orchestras.

Then one day it was all over! After hearing Jimmy Page hit the open "D" string and toggle the pickup selector switch and launch into the live version of "The Song Remains the Same," Dan knew his life would never quite "remain the same"...

This newfound discovery became a sonic obsession and the first order of business was to learn how to play guitar. At 14, Dan signed up for lessons with an amazing teacher, Philippe Willems (Facts Of Music®) who in turn was a protégé of the Legendary ‘Chord Chemist’ Ted Greene (R.I.P). After a few years studying with Philippe, Dan was fortunate enough to start taking private lessons with Ted Greene and continued to study with Ted on and off for over 20 years."

Dan has been recording an extensive catalog of public domain orchestral works showcasing his musical depth and versatility as well as his own diverse musical compositions. His musical influences range from classical, jazz, ragtime, big band, swing, marching band to rock and heavy metal in all its forms.

Music is his passion and Dan's demo work has been receiving international acclaim, airplay and was voted first place in the 2005 DMusic Awards (www.dmusic.com) in the classical category with his interpretation of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons - The Spring.

2006 was a great year; having received well over 200,000 downloads via his site, blog and podcast’s Dan is absolutely thrilled as an upcoming artist to see that so many people are enjoying his ‘Symphonic Guitar’ approach.”

Furthering his ‘Symphonic Guitars’ concept, Dan is in pre-production for his debut Album “Marching In - A Tribute to the March King” - John Philip Sousa” working in conjunction with Grammy Award Winning engineer, Khaliq Glover (Marcus Miller/Herbie Hancock/Prince).

“Marching In” has a scheduled 2007 release date.

web: http://www.dansindel.us
blog: http://dansindel.wordpress.com

(Added By: halipino On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 374 Comments :: 1)

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Celt Rock Radio

A rowdy mix of hard rocking Celtic music from the Pubs of America, Canada, Ireland and Scotland. Warning: Celt Rock Radio may result in the consuming of large quantities of Stout and other intoxicating beverages. Ok, let's party!

(Added By: Macfive On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 900 )

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Celtic Moon

An Exquisite Mix of Soft Irish, Scottish & Celtic Music. Perfect for night time listening when you desire the softer side of Celtic Music! Dark halls of the Castle await you - illuminated by the glow of the Celtic Moon. Welcome to Serenity!

(Added By: Macfive On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 874 )

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The Grand Design

Historically, the Grand Design was an emigration scheme circa 1741 with the goal of bringing about 200 Scots-Irish Presbyterians to Philadelphia. The ship, called Martha & Eliza, left Londonderry, Northern Ireland in July, but encountered a storm which disabled the masts. In November, after drifting about 10 weeks in the North Atlantic, they were cast on the desolate shore of Grand Manan Island, now part of New Brunswick, Canada.

(Added By: CelticRadio On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 345 )

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[dohtml]A technology blog focusing on Life, Programming and Developing for internet radio websites - run by the creator of Celtic Radio![/dohtml]

(Added By: CelticRadio On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 434 )

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The Crossans
Hellraisers of Castlemilk
Fierce with our Hellraising-
yet fiercer with our Love.

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 305 )

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Celtic Woman Fan Site Forum

We would like to invite you to our Celtic Woman Fan Site Forum. On our forum we have topics on Chloë Agnew, Lisa Kelly, Méav Ní Mhaolchatha,Órlagh Fallon,Máiréad Nesbitt,Hayley Westenra,Deirdre Shannon,David Downes,and the Orchestra, Choir And Other Cast Members. You can also ask Chloë,Lisa,Méav,Órlagh,Máiréad,Hailey a question or leave them a message As time permits they will be stopping by to read them. We also have Topics on The Lark Newsletter about Méav Ní Mhaolchatha, Published by Marie-France and Beth Rice. We have The Celtic Woman Unofficial Fan Club FREE to join you will also receive a Certificate And Photo of Celtic Woman, We also have LIVE Webcams of Dublin and other cities in Ireland. Other topics include learn Irish with us and Celtic Culinary Creations with fantastic Irish recipes. Plus much much more. This is a family oriented forum therefor there will be absolutely no form of profanity or pornography on this forum. We do not and WILL NOT! condone any advertising of commercial sites on this forum or any post of similar interests. The forum is FREE come join us.

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 379 )

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Check out these lads from Scotland!!!

Their music is awesome!!


(Added By: LADY ALEXANDRIA On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 416 )

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scotchsnap.com - Scottish Sheet Music In a SNAP!

"Old Favourites and New Contemporary Scottish Music All Priced at Pennies a Page. Listen, View and Download Direct to your Printer.

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 307 )

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Clan Arthur Association, USA Rating: 10 / 2 TimesRating: 10 / 2 TimesRating: 10 / 2 TimesRating: 10 / 2 TimesRating: 10 / 2 Times

The "Official" web site for Clan Arthur in the USA!
Serving MacArthurs around the world!

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 316 )

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Neil O'Neill's personal site--for acting projects too! Contains link to neiloneilltheceltictyger which has music samples from his CD Scotch Melody Maker!! As well as posted upcoming music gigs and festivals! Please join up!


Neil O..!

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 354 )

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Kris Cade

Kris Cade is a singer and songwriter and guitarist, gigging in Scotland and trying to get the treasured attention of an A and R in America. His music includes almost every genre, but focuses on the acoustic and electric guitar sounds.

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 326 Comments :: 1)

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St. Andrew's Society of Detroit Highland Games

St. Andrew's Society of Detroit Highland Games are held the first Saturday of every August. We are pleased to be the oldest continous Highland Games in North America. For more information, please visit our website www.highlandgames.com

(Added By: Games Chair On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 292 )

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Gallery Anita and Derek

Virtual Atelier and Gallery of Anita and Derek showing oil- and acrylicpaintings as well as mixed media images

(Added By: Derek99 On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 186 )

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Deerstet Music Productions

Website containing my own compositions and recordings categorised by : classical, contemporary, meditative and celtic.

(Added By: Derek99 On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 287 )

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Scottish Country Dance

Scottish Country Dancing in northern Germany

(Added By: Guest On: 19th Oct 2003 Viewed: 160 )

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