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Macleods and the (GitchiWitchi Maengens) Rating: 9 / 1 TimesRating: 9 / 1 TimesRating: 9 / 1 TimesRating: 9 / 1 TimesRating: 9 / 1 Times

Long ago when the settlers arrived and colonized this part of deep northern Ont Nippissing Cove my Forefathers on my mothers side were the Macleods of Scotland .
Their sons were born from First Nations women as my mother Ojibwe and halfbloods (Metis)an independent culture of Canada i am a woodland metis desended from the Macleod and my mothers people back then gitchiwitchimaengens in english (Crazy Wolf)
I was born and raised on the Rez and was initiated into all aspect,s of ceremonial worship of the authentic Shamen WolfBand Magicks and have practiced for many years under the tutelage of the late great medicine man Earnest Macleod who passed on to the great medicine circle 10 seasons ago along with my celtic irish root wiccan webmaster i run thus page in the honour of these bold men who fought the british here long ago by their fathers sides and in protection of their mothers in those turbulent times of Kanada back during the civil wars of the states the Macleod men fought the british up here in an equally and as viscious a war unknown by many called the Indian Wars of Canada and i practice the very same wolfcraft magiks of strong celt influence they adopted during then right until today however strained and unknown today it runs as thick in practice among our small circle as back then ...Many Thankyou,s( Norwalk Crazy Wolf Macleod)

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Kiwifolk (New Zealand) Rating: 8 / 1 TimesRating: 8 / 1 TimesRating: 8 / 1 TimesRating: 8 / 1 Times

New Zealand Folk and Acoustic Music portal. Information about, and links to folk related resources, clubs, festivals, venues, artists, tunes and more. Also the the home of the nz-folk listserver.

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