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Why do we do this?
Posted by connor1985 on Jul 29th, 2008 3:34 PM
have you ever loved someone so much that you are willing to basically allow them to control your life? tell you who you can and cant hang out with? when you alloud to do certian things etc? i have been with a girl for over seven years and it wasnt until recently that i finally saw that this was going on for almost the whole time. i lost a bunch of friends because they were girls and she didnt want me to be hanging with any girl but her. there other things but lately it has really been showing. any time i grow a backbone and decide to do what i want for once i a worthless piece of garbage who will never be anything and all i do is dragging her down with me. her entire family loved me for years saying i was perfect for her and then suddenly this year i not for her and she could do better. i just dont understand how we can do this to each other. if you say you love a person shouldnt that show in your life by letting that person be themself and making you happy? you cant change a person no matter how hard you want to and that person shouldnt have to change in order to impress or keep someone. you either love someone for who they are or you dont and you move on. in my case she likes to play this little game where she says she hates me and all that but then says how she cant live without me and wants me back and it all lovey dovey for a while then it right back where it was with her the boss and i have to do everything she says at the drop of a hat and i just cant do that anymore with all the stuff i have to do in my own life to get things back in order. i just dont know why or how i can keep putting up with it other then i love her but i starting to really question if she loves me the same back. hard hard HARD soulsearching to be done.

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