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Back at School
Posted by MKOC19 on Sep 5th, 2005 10:13 PM
I have been back at classes for a little over a week now. My room mate is the same as last year and I love her dearly. We have a new room this year and its pretty good. I just wish it wasn't so hot all the time and it would be perfect, but it is a lot closer to the buildings we frequent and its closer to the people we hang out with as well which is good.

I am, of course, excedingly busy. One would think I would learn, but I never do. HAHA. I love doing the stuff that I do ie Music, choirs, theatre, work, classes. Seperately, they really wouldnt be so bad, but I seem to hang myself with everything put together.

Today was the first day when I was doing everything and I am just exhausted. I dont think that it was the best thing that it started off to be just one of those days and it just progressed from there. I am usually a really big people person. I will normally say hi to anyone especially the people that I dont know, but not today. Today, it felt like almost everyone was purposefully envading my personal bubble. If someone that I didn't know decided to come and sit next to me I cringed. I dont know why, but I did.

This goes out to my best friend, Hilary, who made my feel better through IM and typed to me even though she was drunk and did not succed at being completely cohearant while still made me giggle.

Congratulations to my Big sister on setting at date for her wedding.

Congratulations to me and my boyfriend for our 1 1/2 year anniversary on September 1.

Well, another day another chance at life. smile.gif



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