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Nearly Xmas Eve
Posted by JJRau on Dec 23rd, 2004 5:16 PM
Well, actually the clock just switch to Dezember 24th while I'm writing and I do feel strange with the new tradition of with my inlaws. No parcels. Sigh.

I lived 42 years looking forward to unwrapping things - on Xmas eve as you do in Germany, and today, there will be nothing to unwrap. Weird. Really. I'll do something about it, enhancing the Tepesch.com maybe, something to show we care. A lot.

My parents will have a dinner cooked by Volker an me, just a vaucher to open, but still a valid gift. Maybe it will be photos for the inlaws as we move so far away this next year. And Oskar the folkmanis bat. I'd like to see their faces, when they find it under the tree. Don't know. Would break the tradition before it come to life, wouldn't it?

The book is in good progress again. I still fell uncomfortable closing in on the dreaded four letter word ... no, not these, I dread ending a book, because as soon, as "Ende" is put down under something that was a world to me for so many months, I feel lonely und desperate. Not that there are no other projects to write, there are more than I can do in the next decade or so, still, its like losing someone very dear. Each book is like a friend to me, ending it means this friends becomes something like a ghost.

Uups. Rambling. I should be writing instead, shouldn't I.

Thus, merry Christmas to ye all. All the best and a lovely time, parcels or no.

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