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The Barn
Posted by UrchinGirl on Nov 27th, 2004 2:59 PM
Okay, so I'm being dragged off this evening to partake in local culture. I'm not so sure how I feel about that, concidering I grew up around here and don't particuarly agree with what's called 'culture' in the "backwater" area of Rocky Mount. Sure it was voted one of the All American Cities, but... well I'm not particularly fond of my peers. I've been told I've an "old soul" whatever that's supposed to mean anyway. Maybe that explains something to those of you reading, and perhaps one day it will to me too. As for now...

Well "The Barn" as it's called is just that. A barn out between Nashville and Castallia, where every Saturday night there's a DJ and dancing and what not. Now I'm not much for dancing, or even parties unless it's a cast party or a Celtic Festival. I just like knowing what I'm getting into. I think that's pretty resonable.

Anyway, Debbie is getting me out of my 'dungeon' as she calls my room and the computer room. She says I need to live life while I can. I'll go of course, only to make her happy. I'll even try to have a good time. Who knows, I might end up having a great time and make it a weekly outing. *laughs* Right. Well, we shall see won't we?

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