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I'm back!
Posted by Ceciliastar1 on Aug 6th, 2004 9:37 AM
So I got the apartment today. Guess what?????? It's a triple! Woo hoo! It's huge! It's such a nice apartment and it's somewhat secluded and private. So I talked to the lady about the animals and we're only allowed to have one animal. Noelle (my roomate) just got her puppy so we'll probably just keep Deja (the dog). The cat doesn't belong to eiter of us, it's her brother's so he'll just have to stop being a bum and take care of his animal.

So yeah! We all get our own room! The cable isn't hooked up but I am going to look into the options of getting cable into all three rooms and downstairs. the place is really nice.

Since Noelle and I are unemployed right now we are going to get $75.00 dollars are month to help with utilities. I'm so excited this place is huge! Weeeee.....

Right now Noelle is living at her dad's house. He moved back to colorado and is selling the house. He asked noelle to live there until it was sold. How dumb is that? the bills are soooo huge and there's a house payment coming up. I'm trying to convince her to just move out, turn off all the utilities and move into parkvie with me! It's kind of annoying. I mean I can't help her with the bills there cause it's too much money, I need to take care of Parkview, but that's a lot of money that I don't have either. I don't get paid until the end of the month so I'm kinda screwed in that way. Noelle's to nice to move out. I don't think her dad realizes how expensive and kinda rediculous it is to ask her to stay. I don't know. I"m just ranting. All the fink's think she should stay there. I think that's dumb. She shouldn't have to pay for all that stuff! Turn it all off! Argh!

Okay. So yeah. We got a triple. I have the key in my hands right now! There's still a little work to be done in the house like the cable and whatnot. But yay! There's no cat. We'll figure something else out! Woo hoo!

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