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Posted by Ceciliastar1 on Nov 29th, 2004 2:03 PM
So as everyone knows by now you cannot use any of the computers in the labs without a STUDENT ID, not a driver's license, not a library card, a STUDENT ID. I have this fricken' grad student in my lab who wants to use his library card as an id. He's all like "The library lets me use this to check books and things out and since the computer lab is in the library then I should be able to use it" WRONG! the computer lab may be in the same building but it is not part of the library! Arg! This guys all like "It's not a big deal..." but now he's demanding that I talk to the head of the library about this issue. How does that not make it a big deal??? I could lose my job if I don't check ids...this is frustrating to me. All the grad students here act like they are the biggest thing since sliced cheese. I've had tons of problems with this guy and it ticks me off that even though he's old enough to be my grandfather he can treat me like that? grrrr, I'm his superior when it comes to my job and computer lab!

Sigh. I'm ok now. I told my boss and she said I done good! lol.

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Everyone is top dog
Posted by Aaediwen on Nov 30th, 2004 8:32 PM
If there's one thing I've learned at my job on a help desk, it's that everyone feels like top dog.
Everyone wants their issue resolved yesterday, and everyone's issue is more important than everone else's. It doesn't matter who they are, if the're comming to you trying to gain access, they're just like anyone else who would come with the same request, and you have all the same procedures to follow rather they're a grad student trying to finish for finals or a freshman who walked in for the first time last week. Nowhere is that more paramount than when dealing with security such as that verification. If you let one person slip through the cracks on security, that's all that would be needed for them to completely ger revenge for having access revoked. (how can you prove that did or did not happen, after all)

I've had to play a brick wall more than once because a security check failed. If that check failed, it may be e fluke, sure. Or there may also be a good reason that you're not aware of. Personally, I hate having to give a customer the third degree for a password reset. I wish sometimes I could wave a magic wand for them and make everything just know them and work. As much as I hate security, I believe in it whole-heartedly. It has to be there, and serves a purpose, and when you're the agent of it, sometimes you have to become a brick wall and not allow access. If they don't like that, get irate and go crying to your superiors about you, that's their problem. If you did your job then you don't have anything to worry about, and they'll get the same thing fron your supervisor as they got from you.

Don't let them intimidate you and make you crack. based on what I've read here, you did well.


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