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Long time...
Posted by Ceciliastar1 on Nov 22nd, 2004 11:30 AM
So it's been a while since I posted in my journal. Well here's an update. Things are going well. I leave on Wednesday to go visit my family for Thanksgiving. It will be interesting, I haven't seen my family since September. I'm taking Ryan with me too. So it won't be that boring! lol. I think my Aunt and Uncle and cousins will be home to. My cousin just got engaged so I'm sure that will be the topic of conversation. I'm taking a copy of my thesis home to show the family as well. When my aunt and her family visit us they always bring some video of my cousins cause they are dancers and performers and what not so they always need to show off their kids. I don't mind cause I like dancing, but it's my turn to show off! haha!

I'm the search of a job now. It sucks. I don't want to work and that's the truth. I don't want to be a student forever either, it's a no win situation. I just finished typing up my resume and I'm almost done making my resume tape. So I am going to start sending my info to different job places. getting a job in Ohio is really hard though the market is very bad. I'm not going to move out of Ohio yet so I need to find a job here. So anyway, here's a copy of my resumer. If anyone knows anyone who knows anyone who might have a job let me know!!!!! Talk to ya'll later!

E-mail rfandca4ever@hotmail.com

Cecily M. Adams

2001 – 2004 Franciscan University Steubenville, OH
Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts
Concentration in Radio and Television

Work experience

2004 – present Franciscan University Steubenville, OH
Lab Assistant
Keep the editing lab, TV control room, and TV studio clean and organized. Assist students when needed.

2002 – present Franciscan University Steubenville, OH
Lab Assistant
Keep computer labs clean and organized. Assist students and teachers. Train fellow lab assistants.

2004 – 2004 Franciscan University Steubenville, OH
Video Director
Control and direct three-camera setup for the Annual Summer Conferences. Record necessary footage. Maintain proper audio levels.

1998 – 2003 University Club of Notre Dame Notre Dame, IN
Keep dining room clean and organized. Assist servers and customers when needed.

1998 – 2002 The Morris Inn Notre Dame, IN
Pantry Assistant
Assist the Pastry Chef when needed. Prepare salads and desserts. Assist other kitchen staff when needed

Interested in a full-time or part-time position located somewhere in or near the tri-state area. Prefer not to travel.

Interests and activities
Irish Music and Dance, Tin Whistle, Piano, Guitar, movies, directing, editing, and scriptwriting. I have two and a half years experience working with AVID Editing systems and ProTools.

Available upon request.

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