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Fall Break
Posted by Ceciliastar1 on Nov 1st, 2004 11:33 AM
So today is fall break. There is nobody around it is the nicest thing! haha! So to give ya'll an update.

Last wenesday, Kara and I went to the local pub and got stood up. Oh well, we kinda had a couple and watched people dance. There was this one dude who was hilarious! He was dancing to all of the songs and knew the words to every single Madonna song and all the songs from Greece. Who does that??? Anyway it was funny.

Thursday me, Kara, Antoinette, and Jackie went to the pub to have a drink. This was interesting. Jackie and Kara do not get along...at all. Anyway it was a little awkward but not a big deal. It was ok.

This weekend. I did nothing! It was great! Saturday night Noelle and I made dinner for a couple of our friends (Mike and Bryan). Mike and I went to highschool together so it was cool hanging out with him for a while. We haven't done that in a long time! Bryan is just a cool guy and it's always fun hanging out with him. Anyway we made dinner and just had a lot of fun.

I feel bad cause Ryan works all the time. He's never around when I want to make him dinner, or when people come to my house to hang out. He's always at work. I wish he was around more but I guess I'm going to have to just get used to it. Oh well.

Today I'm going to work on my homework and chill out. I think I'm going to call Antoinette see if her and her little dude want to come over to eat or something. Talk to ya'll later!

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