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Posted by Ceciliastar1 on Oct 24th, 2004 3:03 PM
I love reading the stuff I write down when I'm angry. When I am no longer angry at anyone it is rather amusing to see what I said in the heat of my emotions. It's quite amusing.

Well, things are pretty slow. Not much is going on this weekend. I slept a lot. I went to the local bar on friday cause there was a halloween party and it was fun. I danced for like three hours straight. My ego was shot just a littl cause back when I was thin I got hit on all the time at the bars, but I wasn't hit on once friday night. Oh well, I'm not available anyway. It was fun overall though.

My friend is getting married next year and she asked me to be her hairstylist and also do the bridesmaids hair as well. wow! I'm surprised she asked me to do it. I said yes cause I love doing hair. My other friend just starting dating this one dude at school. It's cute, she came up to me and showed me her promis ring. she had turned it around which means she is dating someone. I'm happy for her. She is actually taking a risk and dating someone. She normally tends to sit around and wait for God to tell her exactly what to do. She never does anything on her own, but this time she is taking a risk and I'm happy for her. That's about it.

Can I just say that girls are really really stupid! Do they ever grow out of their highschool years????? I mean come on!!! they tick me off. Being a girl can be so hard sometimes, it is such a daily popularity contest!!! I belong to this "household", it's like a fraternity but more religious. And let me just tell you. If you're not popular then you're screwed. I don't go to some of the commitments in household but I work very hard in other areas for household (aka the website). They all consider me inactive and do not tell me anything and don't bother to call me. Ugh! Girls are retarded! I'm ranting and raving now cause one of them just totally insulted me to my face in front of everyone! It makes me mad. Oh well, 20 years from now I will be famous and making lots of money and being able to rub it in their faces. lol. I'm not saying I am the most mature person there is out there, but these girls act like their still in seventh grade and they are all about to graduate college! Argh!!!!!

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