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Posted by Ceciliastar1 on Oct 21st, 2004 12:00 PM
Today I went to the salon thing. I got my gift certificate thing that Ryan got me. I had an hour long full body massage. It was amazing! I asked him not to do my chest cause I wouldn't be comfortable with it. I didn't expect him to massage my butt, it was a little weird at first but then I was like "screw it, it feels good!" HAHA! It was such a nice massage I have never been so relaxed in my life! then after the massage I got a manicure and a pedicure. My feet have never looked so good! It was the best day ever! Ryan's all proud of himself cause he got me the perfect present! Sigh, I could get used to a lifestyle that can afford that all the time.

I just finished this retarded project for class. I am going to hand it in which means I don't have to go to class tonight! Woo hoo! Instead Ryan and I are going to go to the movies. we haven't been to the movies in forever. Movies and dinner is out thing, and it's been a long time. I don't know which movies we'll see, I'll let you know tomarrow I'm sure!

It is a very good day for me. I bought food and I had a small sandwhich and I am completely full. yaya! I'm in a great mood right now!

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