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30 years old!
Posted by Nocturnaline on Jan 28th, 2007 7:09 PM
I celebrated my birthday two days ago with my friends, we went to an indian restaurant, we had fun sharing this moment, it was very nice to have them all together around the table!
Yesterday, i went to a french restaurant only with my parents, it was of course different, but it was also a great time, cause we hadn't share that kind of moment for a very long time.
The next saturday, we will celebrate it with all my brothers, sisters, and their children... I know they will give me a jewel they bought together and i'm quite in a hurry to wear it, in a sense it will be a kind of materialization of their love, i already hold into my heart...
Did something really change?
-No. The only thing is that i know i'm 30, and i feel it as a new beginning, and somewhere i hope my life to change.
I would like to find the reason why i am here, on Earth. I enjoy living, being able to learn, to discover the world... But i hope that there is more than that... Perhaps it is a still lack of wisdom to believe that there is a higher meaning to life, and to want to discover it... But i can't help believing that it exists...

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Happy Birthday!
Posted by Macfive on Jan 28th, 2007 8:35 PM
A happy Birthday to you! A very thoughtful post. I enjoyed reading it and share your belief in a higher meaning to life......


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