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New beginning
Posted by Nocturnaline on Jan 1st, 2007 8:00 PM
I try for the first time to write in english here, then please excuse my english...

Soon i will be 30... I feel this is an important moment in my life which is involving a great change...
Untill now i was waiting for everything, for some opportunities to change my life at every level... I was aware that it's not a solution, but i couldn't help waiting...
And finally nothing changed, i just feel older... Certainly i am quite more mature, but my life didn't really change... And i feel it is time for me to move on, to take my life in hand. This is the big resolution i pass in this 2007's beginning (i hope that it won't be like every resolution i'm used to not fellowing each year...)
At least, this year will see the carrying out of a plan of travel to Scotland, i have wanted for more than a year, and this is very important for me... That won't be my first trip to Scotland, but this time i go by car, which means much more freedom to move into the North of the Highlands, i'm so happy to think about it. It's incredible to think how much a simple travel could mean sometimes!
For a first time i stop now...

I wish everyone a very happy new year!!!!

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