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Posted by emerald-eyedwanderer on Nov 28th, 2004 4:53 PM
Alright I feel a little better, NOT by much though. She didn't see Johnny Depp (he's visiting Disney next month!!! Hopefully while I'm there!!), she saw COLIN FARRELL. He's hot and he's Irish, so I'm still jealous sad.gif wink.gif Speaking of him, I saw Alexander this past Friday with a few friends. I really enjoyed it. I wasn't surprised by the contents because I knew what to expect having taken plenty of history classes. Thankfully the writers did not shy away from the ideals of sexuality in ancient Greece, which I feel shouldn't be advoided. Some people, though, were a little immature which annoyed me but I still loved the movie. I've never seen Jared Leto look better, I can't help but like the long hair.
Welcome back Allen!!! It's been a while and I am glad you are back smile.gif
I have to start on my homework, the holiday weekend was not long enough... I cannot wait until Christmas break...

Listening to some Christmas carols. I love Christmas music, I could listen to it all year round.

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