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Posted by emerald-eyedwanderer on Nov 26th, 2004 1:51 PM
I CAN'T BELIEVE MY LUCK!!! I'M SO JEALOUS! DAMN IT! ranting.gif grrrrrrrr... Alright my insanely lucky friend Torri works at Disney on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I told her I would visit her during a holiday so she wouldn't have to spend all of them alone. Stupid me, I decide Christmas break is longer so I should go down during Christmas instead of Thanksgiving weekend, also because her mother was flying down to see her around Thanksgiving. She has to work both holidays too so that was a bummer for her. WELL guess who decided to go to Disney on Thanksgiving???? Guess who decided to go on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride WHILE she is working... JOHNNY DEPP. I MISSED JOHNNY DEPP!!!!!!! Okay so I am jumping to conclusions because I haven't talked to her yet, but by reading her journal entry I am 99.9% sure that's who she means.... She left a little clue and I KNOW that's who she meant...... I am depressed....

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