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Happy Thanksgiving
Posted by emerald-eyedwanderer on Nov 25th, 2004 8:51 PM
I spent this Thanksgiving with my friends' Nicole's family. It was awesome. I had a lot of fun. She tried to teach me the game of pool, didn't go over very well. But I did kick her ass at N64. We entertained three guests who were from Germany. We laughed almost the entire time, comparing our cultures, learning slang, ect. I won't lie, the one guy was a very attractive and very nicely dressed man wink.gif and the accent was hot (and he had played guitar for over 17 years and he had good taste in music - he liked Bob Marley- yeah he was cool). I can't for the life of me pronouce his name though and he kept calling me Alicia Keys... He was a riot. We ended up teaching them some card games and tricks after dinner- a roudy game of spoons, lol. I am wiped out. I'm going to go hang out with a friend home from college, so I'll add more later. I hope your Thanksgiving was as much fun as mine! Night!

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he he
Posted by emerald-eyedwanderer on Nov 28th, 2004 7:08 PM
Awww Chris... I can always count on you to get straight to the underlying point. You laugh, but you're more right than you know smoke.gif ha ha Btw when are you coming home? I do believe you owe me a trip to Canada (or the local store - I'm not picky), and if you don't - you do now.

Teaching Germans tricks eh?
Posted by Guest on Nov 28th, 2004 4:39 PM
I'lll bet thats not the only trick you wanted to teach him! lol


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