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Always the bridesmaid
Posted by emerald-eyedwanderer on Nov 8th, 2004 3:04 PM
Well I spent Saturday at my cousin's house, the day went on as usual. Then an unexpected surprise; a good friend turns up home and trying to get ahold of me. We went out and had a good time. We talked for a good long while, which we haven't done in ages. I just realized this past weekend that I am the one who will have to throw a bachelorette party for her since she only plans on having two other bridesmaids. I know it's a while before I get to think about that, but it sounds like fun. Not to mention the only wedding I have ever been in is when I was four, as the flower girl, so this would be my first bachelorette party.
Alright I have over a year and a half to think about that... it's kind of exciting. I, for one, am not in the marriageable state of mind right now (and that's not going to change for a good long while) but to each their own. They can get married, I'll party. Weddings make for some of the best parties though, as do bachelorette parties...
Alright I have to leave, be productive, I've been slacking a lot lately. Besides the tension is getting high around here, that's when I know to leave.

Listening to some Cranberries.

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