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Sisterly Love
Posted by emerald-eyedwanderer on Oct 24th, 2004 7:23 PM
I love my sister... ah ha... how could you not love this?:

CriSSy3426: stop TALKING
sionedx89: just because i am smarter than you - get over it
CriSSy3426: just cause you watch the history channel doesn't mean your smartr
CriSSy3426: smart*
sionedx89: well you prove that it does
CriSSy3426: i'm smarter and you know it you just cheat your way through life
sionedx89: well at least i am confident enough in my own intelligence not to go around accusing everyone else who does better than me of cheating
sionedx89: you insecure little failure
CriSSy3426: lol
CriSSy3426: you dont have any friends get off
sionedx89: oh and you have 200 LOL - you prob don't even talk to 180 of them
CriSSy3426: i do lol - i dont, cause i waste my time talking to you
sionedx89: but having 200 on your list makes you look cool
CriSSy3426: and having 10 makes you look like a loser
sionedx89: lol and how many of you '200' friends are you talking to right now? i am guessing me and one other person and our cousin doesn't count lol
CriSSy3426: all 200 of them, actually ... lol
sionedx89: you're bugging me
CriSSy3426: what are ya gonna do kick my ass?
CriSSy3426: ahahah buahaha
sionedx89: i do so much you weren't even able to pass a simple test like the MEAP - i should prob lay off LOL
CriSSy3426: ahahaha you're so funny i think i just pissed myself
CriSSy3426: keep the jokes coming
sionedx89: well what other stupid thing have you done lately that i can make fun of?
CriSSy3426: i never do stupid things
sionedx89: LOL
sionedx89: i can remember the things you did in kindegarten so what makes you think i don't remember the rest of them?
CriSSy3426: oh ya
sionedx89: have you ever tried your theory?
sionedx89: rocks growing from seeds? your own little rock garden?
CriSSy3426: ya bite me - it was first grade
sionedx89: i need to finish this homework so go away
sionedx89: i'll beat your ass tomorrow, when i see your ugly face again
CriSSy3426: slut i will slap you silly
sionedx89: you have tried and have yet to do it
CriSSy3426: ohh yes i have
sionedx89: quit telling stories
CriSSy3426: ok
CriSSy3426: go away
sionedx89: good night
(a few minutes later)
sionedx89: read my journal
CriSSy3426: if you said anything about me your gonna die
sionedx89: LOL

I wouldn't change it for anything.

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Posted by Guest on Oct 25th, 2004 1:15 PM
two thumbs up! this is hira btw:)

Posted by emerald-eyedwanderer on Oct 25th, 2004 11:52 AM
It's fun, that's why, lol.

That was hilarious...
Posted by sir_tal on Oct 25th, 2004 9:41 AM
Reminds me of some of the conversations I've had with my best friend. Why do we rag on the ones we love? wink.gif



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