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It burns...
Posted by emerald-eyedwanderer on Oct 17th, 2004 7:10 PM
My scalp hurts like crazy. I'm not dying my hair black again for a long while... it takes forever to get out, and oh does it burn. Now my hair is this golden, red color, lol it's weird but oh well.
Over all I had a pretty good day. I woke up early - I can't sleep in anymore because of school... grr... - and drove over to my mother's house to make sure my grandmother wasn't alone. She wasn't, lol she had her sister, my aunt, and her nieces and their husbands over making them breakfast. So all morning and afternoon they sat around and went through old pictures and told those great old stories about the family and especially those funny ones you love learning about your parents. I enjoyed it so much. Sometimes I forget how cool it is to come from such a big, caring (extended) family. By big I mean big - my grandmother had ten children and her sister had fourteen, throw in all their spouses and (on the average) two children each and another twenty-five great-grandchildren just on my grandmother's side (I have no idea how many great-grandchildren in the Fowler side - btw I am part of the LaMotte side) and that's a big family. And keep in mind most of them live in and around Port Huron. And they have to get together almost every holiday and at least once a month for poker parties or just because parties. Speaking of parties, our annual Halloween party is coming up. Hayrides, costumes, tons of food, scavenger hunts, and poker - I love it.
Btw, that's awesome Lesli. I will be there to help out if you need any, it'll be so much fun decorating a house! wink.gif
Alright now that I have all these really cool, really old (one dates back to 1890's) pictures and stories of where I come from, I'm going home to put them in some frames. Night everyone.

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