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its been a while
Posted by maddogmikk on Mar 2nd, 2014 12:10 AM
Well its been a long time well a few years. At the time I was really sick and i mean on death bed sick. Never found out what was wrong don't care to ever find out. But I did find something that was and still is great and that is God Jesus and the Holy Spirit. When I found Him I was on the last day of the three weeks that the Drs gave me to live. I choose to listen to that still small voice in my heart and say please for give me lord and i was. Its been a long bumpy walk be I'm still here. Healed and loving God. It's a hard walk but a fun one. More to come but I hope someone reads this and it gives them hope that there is Some one that Loves them and wants to help.... Just ask him. Lord help them

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