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The Hardest thing I will ever do
Posted by capttrk1 on Jul 10th, 2008 2:49 AM
Mom passed away the other day ,I just seen her on Thursday she said she wanted to go home ,Dad told her she was leaving the hospital as soon as he got a bed and oxygen home. Which would be on Monday , Dad left for a min. to talk to a nurse/social worker, mom and I talked for awhile ,she's looking frail , her arms all black and blue from the IV's she had over the past week. I kissed her ,told her I Loved her and had to leave to go home . Sunday night at work ,I got a call to come right away ,which my wife {Joanie } and I did ,took us 5 hrs of driving to get there , they told me she sent everyone home at 11:30 after giving her Morphine and a priest said last last rites.At 5:01Mom left us to go home. The day of the funeral I dressed in kilt and took the pipes. Outside the church I stood by a giant cross .With all that was in me played the pipes as they carried her passed me the song Going Home, after the mass as she passed me for the last time as I stood in the same spot while playing Amazing Grace. Mom its true the you were with me and pipes rose you up to Home , fore they never sounded or will sound as beautiful as that moment . You will be missed but when I play the pipes I will feel you with me. Love you MOM ,Rest in Peace and Thank You

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