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Posted by Haldur on Jan 1st, 2005 4:34 PM
recently started writing a lot more vigorously than ever before! is vigorous proper for that? i don't know, who cares. anyways, the main one i'm working on at the moment is about a medieval Druid-esque character who has lost his memory due to an encounter with an evil sorcerer. it's gonna be good! also working on getting "the mirror in the corner" reworked...was once considering changing it to "the ring in the glass" but i figured it might sound like a generic knock-off of you know what.

so i've got that going on...also started a kind of weird movie script thingamajig that may or may not blossom into something good. it's too new to tell and while it was at the time just a venting piece, a spilling out of all sorts of stuff, it's probably weaker than i initially intended.

so, back to work for now...

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