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What to write about...
Posted by Skeleman on Sep 9th, 2008 7:22 PM
When I try to write this is my most prevalent problem or barrier. I've been told before if I go to write but don't have a subject to write on, I should just write about anything, about what comes to mind. Well, that's ok for a writing exercise, or once in a while but most of the time one needs a direction. So, what's my direction? That's what I'm trying to find out. I've also been told before that I should write about what I know. I agree with that. But that doesn't solve my problem. I honestly know quite a lot. I'm not bragging, I know there are many people out there who know more than I do and a lot of those know a great deal more than me. But that doesn't change that I know a lot. I should mention though that much of my knowledge is useless in everyday life. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas for me please feel free to share them. Otherwise I guess this is a problem I'll solve next time I encounter it.

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you have done well so far
Posted by Aaediwen on Sep 19th, 2008 8:27 PM
I've written a few poems based on exactly what you've written here. Can you call it writer's block if you write a couple paragraphs about how you're struggling with writer's block? We all know about a lot of things, and although a lot is indeed trivia, that's because it has no context. Once you place it in context, everything changes. The fact that Robert Stephenson's locomotive 'The Rocket' was the first practical steam locomotive, and ran in 1831 is nothing but trivia. I've said, something existed, who created it, when, and even the name of it. Yet that all means precisely dip. But if you take that and put it in the context of a discussion about what helped trigger the Industrial revolution, or the development of transportation technology, then it becomes a very good, and very interesting tidbit to use to illustrate that turning point in technological history. Such as talking about how reliant everyone was on muscle power alone, with horses and their own legs being about the only way to get anywhere. Then James Watt and friends coming up with this really cool way to pump water out of mines that this one weird Robert Stephenson fellow thought might be good for making a self propelled locomotive machine that didn't actually need a horse, and which would revolutionize the world. And if that's not enough, then there's these two crazy bike mechanics 70 years later who think they're birds. Man, fly?? what a load of crock.

See, trivia is only trivia when it has no context. There I've mentioned all kinds of trivia, who is responsible for the steam engine, what it was used for, who built the first locomotive, and that 70 years later a couple bike mechanics were trying to make man fly. All not quite so pointless though this time smile.gif


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