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Posted by Donajhi on Aug 14th, 2007 1:48 PM
Well Guy is back in school and no matter how much I love him he is at an age where he has to be moving all the time. He does have a best friend that keeps him busy most of the time, but all eight year old get bored easy.

It is time for me to buckle down and finish my manuscript. My agent is about ready to hang me up by my thumbs, but he won't. My hands are money in his pockets so the thumbs are out.

This has been a very odd summer and I do not do the heat well. When you are the color of wall paper paste, the sun turns you to a deep tomato color rather quickly and man does that hurt. So I tend to avoid the sun, that is why blondes have more fun...can't go out in the day have to go out at night..ha, ha.

Got to run till next time.........

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