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What to do, where to start
Posted by Aaediwen on Aug 10th, 2004 6:31 AM
Beginning is easy, continuing a little wierder... Sun is looking to require redoing Makefiles for every little thing I want to build I believe tongue.gif I kindof want to take a walk, but then I don't either. Suddenly wish there was a beach nearby. Water is always a friend smile.gif Like trees smile.gif

I could spend so much money on CDs and DVD's right now it's not funny. Sacred-texts, a couple movies, and there's always a music CD to buy to seems. Ohh, and BTW, I can't store any more of them either. Need to spend a couple hundred there too tongue.gif Maybe I should just say heck with it all and dive in to buy a couple can-am cabinets.

A little bug from last night

Fluttering in the night, aimless and lost
there, a light. Hope perhaps, one to help me find myself
Then hit by some unknown force, killed by the light

I dunno, maybe that's what bugs think just before becomming a smear on a bumper late at night.

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