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Posted by Aaediwen on Aug 6th, 2004 6:23 AM
Time to check this out I guess. So much going on....
Drunken felines
Learning Sun
Got to finish Schiana's story... Darn I need to get the Queen more present or take her out completely. Antagonist(s?) need more of a presence. More of a reason for the reader to hate their guts. Ohh, and need a name for the group of Schiana's followers

Then one of these days I need to finish learning to play 'Amazing Grace' Those last couple bars that keep getting me right in the middle...

Then to kick the bot down and out of ops status

Pennsic in a couple weeks (Heather Dale in concert ! Finally smile.gif

Then to build the other machine, get it going... Get this machine to Jimmy....

Wonder how hard that dock app really is going to be.... Do the ones in existance really draw on the minimized icon like that?? really???? Doesn't quite make sense. Maybe it will... so much to learn.

And I got to work at the same time

Where *do* I want to be in a couple years?? tough question to answer, but I need to finish off that IDP
Feeling burn out too. Perhaps Pennsic will help there... I sure hope... The rate I'm going my employment may count on it! To say nothing of my mental and spiritual health. Some rough scars after the recent goings on. Hope it's over... hope it's over.... Sure looks to be settling down; which is a good thing smile.gif

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