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Practical Dream Home
Posted by Aaediwen on Feb 22nd, 2005 11:20 PM
I've had ideas on my ultimate money-is-no-object dream home for a long time. I decided a long time ago that, even if money were no object, I probably would not build that dream. However. I was just laying here listening to Peter, Paul and Mary's 10 Years Together album. This album has brought me to tears before, and I'm not far from it now. In this sentemental state of mind, while longing for something out of the past and the future, and weaping in sadness and joy, I think I have found an image that I can make a reality. Here is what made it to the keyboard when I tried to document the dream:
An A-frame in the woods, maybe by a lake
Glass front, two story, maybe with basement
open ceiling
on a clear night
gazing into the woods/over the lake
from the deck
listening to nature, or to
stereo in the front room
maybe studio
yes, studio
small garden, maybe. with pond
wood exterior, interior like a castle
Celtic knot in the front window
broadband pre-requesite
listening to John Denver, Peter,Paul&Mary on a sunny day
standing in the doorway
gazing out, to the woods or lake
thinking back
on 15-30 acres, in the woods, maybe on a lake

Call to the eagles
Live with the trees
feel the caress of a forest breeze

yes, this is a dream I have

I can do this one. Wonder what is in my way.

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