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I don't really know what to say about myself. If you have any questions feel free to just ask.
~My focus at school is music, more specifically vocal performance.
~I am involved in theatre and the music programs at my school.
~My senior research project I am doing a lecture and recital on Celtic Music because we do not have a class devoted to World Music and I knew that this would be most interesting to me. I know that I would want to research this even more then I already have. If anyone would like to help I would appreciate it. I will try to keep people updated.
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Posted by MKOC19 on Sep 27th, 2005 10:31 PM
It really must be boring to read about me. Everything is basically the same all the time.

Well what is new with me....
~My sister has set a date for her wedding and I am very excited for her and she is looking for a dress presently. I am going to be her Maid of Honor so that is going to be a lot of fun
~With on of my professors we are trying to plan trips this year to go with some of the courses and it will be really awesome if we can pull it off because we would be going to the West coast the East Coast and a few other place and it all has to deal with music so how could it get any better. It will be A LOT of fun

As for what I have been up to work, homework, classes, play sleep eating choir homework. and not in that order.

Thats about it. I am going to hang out with my boyfriend and do more homework. Everyone take care and God Bless bye1.gif

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Back at School
Posted by MKOC19 on Sep 5th, 2005 10:13 PM
I have been back at classes for a little over a week now. My room mate is the same as last year and I love her dearly. We have a new room this year and its pretty good. I just wish it wasn't so hot all the time and it would be perfect, but it is a lot closer to the buildings we frequent and its closer to the people we hang out with as well which is good.

I am, of course, excedingly busy. One would think I would learn, but I never do. HAHA. I love doing the stuff that I do ie Music, choirs, theatre, work, classes. Seperately, they really wouldnt be so bad, but I seem to hang myself with everything put together.

Today was the first day when I was doing everything and I am just exhausted. I dont think that it was the best thing that it started off to be just one of those days and it just progressed from there. I am usually a really big people person. I will normally say hi to anyone especially the people that I dont know, but not today. Today, it felt like almost everyone was purposefully envading my personal bubble. If someone that I didn't know decided to come and sit next to me I cringed. I dont know why, but I did.

This goes out to my best friend, Hilary, who made my feel better through IM and typed to me even though she was drunk and did not succed at being completely cohearant while still made me giggle.

Congratulations to my Big sister on setting at date for her wedding.

Congratulations to me and my boyfriend for our 1 1/2 year anniversary on September 1.

Well, another day another chance at life. smile.gif



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Posted by MKOC19 on Aug 5th, 2005 9:44 AM
I had one of the scariest moments of my life yesterday. I get a phone call from one of my closest friends and she just says, "what are you doing?" I told her that I had plans with my bf and I asked her why. She just says, "I need someone to take me to the hospital."

(A little back story... her boyfriend broke up with her and she wasnt doing very well after that because there was really nothing wrong with the relationship he is just having problems with figureing out who he is. well since then she had been getting dizzy and she threw up monday morning 2 days ago almost passed out.)

Well thats what i thought was going to happen so I got dressed and was going to get her but she didnt answer her phones so i thought she had passed out again and I didnt know how I was going to get to her because they usually keep their house locked. So I was freaking out through that entire thing and as I was about to leave she shows up at my house. SCARED THE BEJESUS OUT OF ME!!!

So we went to the hospital and the nurses were being rather sensitive to her. They decided they needed to do some blood tests and my friend and needles do not mix very well. They nurse tech that came in was this large guy who had tatoos running up and down his arms. I just thought that this is not the person to be taking blood because he must enjoy needles WAY too much. And as my friend said slam-bam-thank-you-maam took her blood as she had my had in a death grip. We are very sarcastic together....or apart but I dont think normal people want to be around us when we are in a prime.

ANYWAYS....the long and the short of it is she has a viral infection of the inner ear.. Basically she has motion sickness. BLAH never want to do that again. I will if i have to but it scared me to death.

WELL BYE FOR NOW bye1.gif Mary

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Posted by MKOC19 on Jul 29th, 2005 11:38 PM
I noticed that I hadnt updated in a long time, but to tell you the truth my summer has been rather boring. My life isnt that might be to me, but probably not to many others.

Basically the summer has consisted of me working. I definatly have worked a lot of hours this summer. Outside of that and splitting my time between my family, friends and boyfriend I really havent been doing any outside of that. Some exciting things that have happen though: 1. I went to my cousin's wedding. 2. I get to spend time with my friend Hilary who I havent seen in ages and I get to be her date woohoo. 3. I am going to a friends wedding and I am bringing my boyfriend. more woohoos. Thats pretty much it. Hmmmm....WOW not the most interesting thing to read. SORRY. I will try to be more amusing next time.

bye1.gif Mary

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In Memory of A Wonderful Woman
Posted by MKOC19 on Jun 3rd, 2005 7:32 AM
Recently, I experienced a great loss. My Aunt Mary passed away March 28 after a very long and difficult fight with cancer. She was a very dear and wonderful woman. In the last few weeks of her life when people would go to give her blessings and comfort people were surprised that it was happening the other way around and she was the one giving comfort to everyone else. Everyone always spoke very highly of her and how she ALWAYS saw the good in others..."No matter how horrible that writing might have been" my uncle said at her funeral. At the wake my uncle was talking and had my brother go out and get some sudefed for his sinuses because they were making his eyes water and he couldnt have people thing that he was crying. Before Sean, left to go get him the medicine I asked him if there was anything else that he needed and his responce was, "I need Mary, but I cant have her." It honestly broke my heart when he said that. At the funeral he said a few words and in closing he said something like, "She had the kind of beauty that poets would write about. She had the kind of beauty that when she died you would want to cut her out and put her in the night sky and as stars and the night would be so fine and so fair that no one would not want to look at the garish sun and would bask in the twinkling of her beauty." Of course he said it much more eloquently, but it was one of the most beautiful things that I have ever heard.

I know it is said often, but honestly do not let someone go without telling them what they really mean to you. Believe it or not the person really does not get the magnitude of how they effect you. I am amazed sometimes when some of my friends are down on themselves and I tell them what they mean to me or what I think of them they are blown away and incredably touched. For example, my best friend from High School was going throught an extremely difficult time recently having broken up with her long term boyfriend she was shattered in so many ways. She lost confidence in herself. In passing, I told her how much I have admired her and she was completely shocked and just burst into tears because she didnt realize that was how I saw her. She honestly didnt know how I could admire her when she was so down on herself and I was able to go on about how great she really is. This girl is someone that I have known for over 4 years now and we know what the other is thinking most of the time and say the same things at the exact same time and she did not realize the pure impact she has had on me and my life.
It is always nice to hear the good things that the people around you think about you. You never know when they will need those words of encouragement or if that today is your last day with them. Life is to short.

Aunt Mary you will not be forgotten. You will forever be in my heart and in my prayers. rip_1.gif

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