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I'm a young person l that just loves reading and writing. I know alot about horses since I own six. Starting horse back archery soon, also starting sword fighting also. I'm into RPG video games infact my name came from one of them and my advatar is that character!!!!

In only 9th grade and writing a book. I love to horse back ride once I get home and hang with my friends. In my spare time I'm looking online for weapons and watching anime music videos. My favorite book is Suikoden III: The Successor of Fate. Favorite movie is Super Mario Brothers

~~~~~~~~~~~~In my own world~~~~~~~~~~~

The war against the iron heads are raging on. The truce didn't seem to work and I had to watch my home burn down and also I lost my best friend Lulu since I couldn't protect him. I traveled with my friends Fubar, Sergeant Joe, along with Lilly Pendragon and her crew. I found what was left of my people with the lizard clan and my mom the ,my clan's chief, safe. Now along with the friends I've made we're trying to find the Fire Champion and trying to stop the war.

(Everyone one the Characters from Suikoden III game by Konami manga by Aki Shimizu from Tokyo pop)
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My homeland is the grasslands home of the Karaya tribe just one of the six clans.
The with the Zexens is still on after loosing my best friend I was forced to go to the duck clan village. There I met Lilly and her crew. I promised to take them the Lizard Clan' Great Hallow (where my family was hiding). After we get there there seemed to be a fighting going on between the rest of my clan (Karayan), the lizard clan and the iron heads. After the battle settled I have to go to the Lake Castle. There is were we all get separeted. Going to another one of the clan's villages I met the women that killed my best friend, Lulu, Lady Chris fighting for our clans.
Favorite saying: "Married is a Bliss to women misfortune to men"

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