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Almost done!
Posted by Ceciliastar1 on Oct 19th, 2004 10:38 AM
I went to the eye-doctors today. I got a checkup and I bought some contacts and glasses as well. I needed some new ones for a long time really. I'm as blind as a bat. Anyway, they were really nice about it. Frickin' expensive though. For the check-up, glasses, contacts, and lens the total came to almos $500. Wow that's a lot of money, and that was even after my insurance kicked in.

Tonight I'm going to be filming the last part of my project! Woo hoo! We're meeting at 5:00 and I'm am going to be filming the singer. After I'm done with her it is nothing but editing on my beloved AVID. The fun part is about to begin! Woo hoo!

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Here we go again!
Posted by Ceciliastar1 on Oct 18th, 2004 10:28 AM
Ahhh, monday. This weekend was really fun. My roomate had some friends come up from Tennessee to visit and it was a blast. We had a party every night. I'm glad I had the time to hang out like I did. I've been so busy that I just haven't had the time to do anything. This weekend was so nice and relaxed.

Thurday. Kim's friends came into town. We played poker and they cooked us chicken parmesan. Mmmmm... I lost in the poker game, it sucked. We had a lot of people playing poker but not enough chips. I have never played such a fast game of poker before. There were some guys there who were friends of a friend of my roomates (if that made sense then you're good!). They acted like we had no idea what we were doing, but we've been playing poker every week for a long time. These guys were knocked out the first round! I lost poker. It was sad, I went all in on pocket eights. On the flop I got another eight (= three of a kind) the guy who called me won with a straight by getting a 9 on the river card. I hate it when that happens! Oh well. I went to bed after that cause I had to work in the morning.

Friday. I went to work from 9-12, I was going to film Lauren (the last bit of filming that needs to be done) but she was sick so she had to cancel. That's ok though. I rescheduled for tomarrow. Thursday was fun. An old friend of mine is back in town and it's been like two years since I hung out with him and his friends. We had a big party at my house. It was really funny. There were three parties gonig on at the same time and everyone came to ours (hehe). I think I scandalized a few people. I hadn't seen them for like two years and last time they saw me I was a PRUDE!!!! I treated people like crap back then, and well it explains why we drifted apart. But at the party I was smoking (cigarettes thank you very much) and drinking and just having a good old time. My friends thought it was hilarious cause they weren't used to seeing me like that. I've been making the point of letting all my friends know that I'm not a prude/itchbe anymore. I'm cool and I no longer judge you for who you are, it's not my place and it took me a while to realize that.

Saturday. I got to sleep in!!!! I haven'te slept in for the longest time. I miss my sleep! I slept till 11am, I would've slept longer but I got woken up by the telephone three times. Then my roomie and I went to campus to see what their Oktoberfest was like. There was nobody around. It was pretty lame. So we played like five games of pool and had some dinner. We then went to one of the guy's dorms and hung out there. There was a battle of the bads going on in the dorm so we listened to some pretty good music and talked with some friends then we came home. That was about it on Saturday.

Sunday. I woke up and bought my treadmill and my six second abs thang. Last time I bought a treadmill it didn't work. So I didn't ask for any help in putting the thing together. Last time my boyfriend put it together and he does not read directions, not even if you paid him. So I put my treadmill together and it works! So I did that, cleaned the house, and wathced some tv. I also finished my take-home midterm. My roomie's friends left that morning. I watched Smallville with my friend, cleaned up my room and went to bed.

It was a good weekend.

Today I'm just working. Our school has a tv show that plays on EWTN and they were short on crew so they recruited me to be the time cue person. It was such a boring show, I don't know who watches this stuff. Oh well, it's resume material!!!

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Posted by Ceciliastar1 on Oct 13th, 2004 10:40 AM
Work work work
all day long
work work work
while i sing that song

Okay sorry. I got a little carried away with Adam Sandler. Anyway, things are going ok. I'm tired. I 've goten about 10 hours of sleep total in the past week. Oh well. So I was going through my footage last night to figure out what shots and takes I wanted and I am MISSING a whole 20 minute scene! Argh! I can't find it anywhere! I was not happy last night. I was able to take it out on someone though and it was ok. Haha!

My roomate has a stalker and she's too nice to like tell him to **** off. So she moved in with me and made sure this guy didn't get her new phone number. Well someone we both know got the phone number from a friend of ours and so this someone gave our number to the stalker. So he called last night and I answered the phone. It took me a second to realize who it was and well let's just say I told him what for. I don't think he'll be calling again anytime soon. Don't call me when I am in a bad mood. wink.gif

Anyway, I'm still looking for that other scene. I just hope it's on one of my 10 tapes somewhere.

The footage looks alright. I'm a little disappointed in some of the scenes. I knew what I wanted and my actors just couldn't give it to me. I'm going to have to use what I got cause it's all I got. I've always been very critical of my work too. I guess that adds to it as well. ???

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Peter Pan
Posted by Ceciliastar1 on Oct 12th, 2004 12:47 PM
So I just spent the last two hours trying to find a cheap used cd of the Peter Pan Soundtrack. The cheapest i could find was $12.00, but after shipping and handling it was pretty much a basic cd price. I can't find it in any of the stores here though and I love the music so I totally wanted to buy it. I don't mind waiting a couple of days to receive it. I'm busy enough as is, by the time I receive it I will probably forgotten I bought it! haha! smile.gif

I've been going through all of my footage, it's about 20 hours worth of stuff. It's really nice how the video itself looks. My audio stinks. I had a real mic and everything but it didn't work. The mic. on the camera picked up all the audio. It's a little upsetting but not too much cause I'm not going to use the audio as a main part of the project. It worked out ok.

Sir_tal, thank you for your comment on yesterday's journal entry. It's nice to know that people care. smile.gif

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It's over!!!
Posted by Ceciliastar1 on Oct 11th, 2004 10:56 AM
Ahhhh...Monday. I never thought that I would love this day! I finished all my filming for my movie. It went really really well. I managed to find a couple of guys willing to save my life. As I said before I had two very KEY actors drop out on me about 7 hours before I had to start shooting. I had this one guy (who happens to be my supervisor at work) playing a smaller part and later Friday night I asked him if he would play the main character. He said yes! I was sooo relieved. That part that he used to play was easy to fill since it was such a small part.

The weather cooperated like nothing else. When I needed to film outside the sky was blue and the sun was shining. It was a little cold but none of my actors or actresses complained about it. I didn't wear a coat so I was cold with them.

I had such a talented cast. They gave up their entire weekend to do my movie. I found out yesterday that two of the guys gave up their fraternity "date night" to be in my movie. The date night is huge with that fraternity, and they didn't go so they could help me. How special do I feel right now? It's a rhetorical question.. My main actor gave up his entire weekend in a moments notice to help me. Everyone did their jobs and they were all so cheerful about it. The attitudes where amazing.

I had a couple of kissing scenes that I filmed. The two couples who kissed were so funny. They were all so totally nervous. I am impressed that they managed to do it. If it was my I would not be able to do it unless the guy I was kissing was my boyfriend. Of course, if the kissing scene starred me and my boyfriend kissing, well let's just say that we'd become famous and everyone would want us to star in movies. haha! The filming went great and I am soooo happy and blessed that it worked out so well.

On another note. Saturday night after we finished shooting we had a pizza party. I was really tired and I hadn't eaten all day and so what do I do? I eat one piece of pizza and 6 beers. How smart is that? Another rhetorical question. So needless to say, I was drunk. I talked a lot! I talked about a lot of stuff I shouldn't have. I couldn't seem to stop myself somehow. The thing is that I didn't feel uncomfortable about it, and it wasn't all weird when I had to work with them the next day. It was totally normal. The thing that made me feel bad was that Ryan wasn't their (he was with his friends, he my bf by the way). I was a total idiot and I wish he was their to keep me in line cause I was out of control. I didn't do anything stupid. The guys new that I was hands off material and things like that, but what was really weird is that I talked about stuff that I never talked about before.

When I lived in Chicago for a year I had to very traumatizing experiences happen to me. I wanted to forget it all and block it out of my memory. But somehow saturday I managed to talk about it to some of my castmembers. It was really strange cause I haven't even told Ryan (and it's been 5 years since it happened). I feel like now that I am over it, I can talk about it now. I told Ryan yesterday and it was a relief I guess you could say. It was something that I thought I would take to my grave, I guess it just needed some alcohol and good company for me to talk about it. It's weird. It was a good weekend.

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