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everything. Life is to short. I am in to trying anything once. If after that i do not like it well then its not in my list, only not Scrapple. and if you do not know what it is, it's liver and fatback from a pig boiled down a lot of times and ground down a lot of times to make this loaf looking thing that you fry up and eat................. to see more look on youtube and enter Dirty jobs scrapple and you will no y.
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I am a Mikkelsen
Posted by maddogmikk on Feb 26th, 2011 11:33 PM
I'm not sure how tough the road ahead is going to be for the Mikkelsen clan. But I know that what ever is laid before us we shoal stand high and strong. For we are Mikkelsens and we never give up. No mater how hard we are pushed down we will stand back up. No mater how heavy the load is we will carry it. No mater difficult the task is we will finish it. No mater what foe tomorrow brings we will stand up and look it in the face and say. We are mikkelsen and we never give up. So my follow brothers and sisters no mater if your name is not mikkelsen no mater the blood that runs thew your veins take a stand beside your clan and shout at that the top of your lungs like a mikkelsen. I WILL NEVER GIVE UP
So as i close a page in my life only to open up a new one i say this to all, stand high stand strong stand with your head held high and look what ever it is you face in the eyes.........................

I am a Mikkelsen and I never give up.

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Posted by maddogmikk on Feb 20th, 2011 5:55 AM
Lost down a road that has no ending in sight. Lost in a place that can only be escaped by never going there. Lost in a place that many people enjoy and just as many people fear. Lost in a place that I reach for every day and yet I'm scared to death that it will be my doom. That one place where any thing is possible. Children go to see things not yet found, adults go to find things that have been found but lost. This place is heaven to some and hell to others. There are rainbows and flowers or things not meant to be seen by the eyes of men. This place seems to call me pulling me closer every day. Closer and closer I can feel myself being pulled and yet I have that strength to resist that pull. But a fear that one day I'm going to join the rank of the fallen. Those few that seem to want to stay or maybe they just can't see the exit sign. I fear that one day when kiss my kids and hug my wife that it my be my last. Here it comes again. That pull o does it sound sweat to my ears. Like a beautiful spring day by a lake. Watching the clouds roll by, smelling that flowers. And yet even in beauty there is ugly. Ugly thoughts, ugly feelings, ugly sights. How can a place like this be real. How can a place draw people that have everything they have ever wanted, to stay for eternity. That one place that you love and hate, I fear and try to hind from. And yet I can't seem to stay away. It's like a drug. And I'm addicted to it. But yet I know if I give in there will be no tomorrow. There will be no more hugs and no more kisses. So I worn the people who reach to this place. Use care that you do not get lost. I know how good it feels. Make sure that you leave that trial of bread crumbs so you can find your way back. For if you don't then you will be lost. Lost in a place that has no way out. So tread lightly when you sleep tonight so that you don't join the ranks of the fallen. For this place may pull you in. Dream well and beware, no mater how well you dream that's all it is. A dream. Nothing more nothing less. Good night sleep well.....................

Thank you all and one for listening to a man and his thoughts.

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Posted by maddogmikk on Jan 25th, 2011 2:49 AM
Everywhere on this site is things to do with history of family. It brings a heavy sadness to my heart to know that I can't be honest when it comes to family history. This is because I'm adopted. With the only thing i have to look up anything with is the last name i know. I've spent years trying to find out more hoping that i could find my mother but never finding her or anything out. The reason that i like Celtic backgrounds is that i can see my self in them. And there is also a lot of family-ness in it. I've always hoped to be in it for the reasons above. But like i said it brings tears to my eyes know that i may never know. I always sat in school when they did the blood line and knew that i was not going to be able to do it. For awhile i use my adopted name but it never filled that hole that was in my heart. I'm 25 years old and i still have nights were i can't sleep because it hurts to much. I have children that can use their mothers background so that is one thing that make it a little better. But it still hurts. I wish that i could know i wish that i could find my mother but at last i think that it is a lost quest for no matter how hard i try i always come back hurt even more. My wife tries to help and just to make her fell like she did something i put on a smile. But the truth is that it never gets better. No matter how hard i try to find that silver lining i can't. I'm lost in a time were family lines mean something. There is a proud-ness knowing that your great great great grandfather fought to save this world or that your great great great aunt helped this person out and that person became famous. All i truly have is what i do now and with what little i can do, that is not much. I want my line to look back and see that because of me they are standing were they are. I just hope that one day this can happen. That is why my wife and i are going to make a crest. Ares. Started here and now. i hope that it will still be there when i'm long gone and walking in that wonderful place. That is all i can do right now and at lest it is something right. thank you again for listening to a man and his problems.

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Posted by maddogmikk on Jan 16th, 2011 1:00 AM
Yet again my o so nice family-in-law screwed me and my family. They seem to think that everything is theirs. Like my van. Filled it full. To the top. My family got to use 34 miles of that tank of gas to go and get food. Now after I filled it up the miles till empty gauge read 236 miles. Now if you do the math and I only drove 34 miles, that leaves 202 miles. Thats what they drove. 202 miles and not once did they put gas in my car. I hate it. If you borrow someones car put back in gas what you use. Its simple. Now this has been happening for a long time now. I can't do anything about because my wife has asked me to be nice. But you know what my limit is coming and its going to be bad. I mean it's just not my car ether. I pay 60 something for my phone. I get to use maybe 1 or 2 times a day. And thats only if they answer it. Now I'm a nice guy i will help out people when ever i can but the help gets old when you break your self every week and don't get to do anything. Also now my tv is turn off. Because they did not pay there half of the bill. So yet again my kids and my wife have to lose something because of someone else. I truly hate it. thank you all for listening

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