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We live in the woods. We cross paths with some wild animals and the occasional neighbor. They say the bluest skies are in Seattle. The nights are even better. We live far enough away from the city lights to get an awesome view of the stars. On a clear summers night, I can vision seeing the same stars that were visible in Ireland only a few hours ago. Perhaps someone there was looking up and thinking who would see the stars in a few hours. It does seem to be a small world. Only time separates us from the golden years of our heritage. Perhaps someday that barrier will not be so persistent.
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Great Christmas Music
Posted by WConnell on Dec 24th, 2009 10:05 PM
I have enjoyed Celtic Radio for several months, and just recently introduced the Christmas music to my family. Your selections have been a high point of our season. I don't know who decides the music to play, but my hats off to him, her or them. At this instant we have connected your music to the stereo system and have the volume sufficient to excite even the creatures in the woods. Thanks for a great season of music! smile.gif

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