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i am a free spirit. i strive to laugh, live, love life to the fullest. i'm right brain. my noodle dabbles best with the abstract and the mysterious. i enjoy directing my creative juices towards anything artistic, and passionately work with watercolor, oils, photography and soft sculpture. i love beads, chainmaile and anything shiny, and often incorporate them in my pieces.
i'm a bookworm, and i'm working to become a writer as well. A great day is getting lost in a huge used book store, and coming out with armloads of literary treasures to add to my already overfilled bookshelves. i enjoy travelling, and would love someday to visit Ireland and Scotland just to be able to sit on those green, green rolling hills, and look out into the ocean, like the highlanders of old use to do.
i'm a sponge for knowledge of all sorts, and enjoy sharing ideas and stories with like minded people. i don't even mind those who disagree. without them i wouldn't be able to stretch my imagination even farther. i play the piano, but my soul is the violin. and celtic music, the tune and beat i'm most mesmerized by.
my interests are many, but the one that outshines all would be my sweet litl 3 yr old son who strongly shares my passion for celtic music. he recently displayed a wonderful talent. for his age, he plays a mean ass bodhran!
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