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Writing all types of works including but not limited to prose fiction, screenplays, and poetry. I am also passionate about writing, listening to, playing, and recording all types of music. I have an acoustic guitar and am currently in the process of building a modest home studio combining both analog and digital tools.

I am also passionate on discussing film, literature, music, good TV, and various facets of geek culture. I'm an avid Star Wars fan and also into various comedies, fantasy, historic, and adventure/action movies. I used to have many more comic books back in the day, but I still love reading them--even though we now refer to them as "graphic novels".

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new year
Posted by Haldur on Jan 1st, 2005 9:42 AM
today i woke up and reached out for a new year, blindly, taking hold of whatever semblance of retrospection that arrives this time of year. i realize my flaws, ponder, and repair. i am never perfect, no one is. though sometimes i get the impression that everyone is perfect and i am not. why is that?

are we so proud that we don't see?

we're not perfect. we're not living every new year's day with relief...we're drowning in its dark mire.

we're drowning...

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one word...
Posted by Haldur on Dec 25th, 2004 10:44 AM

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I may never...
Posted by Haldur on Dec 25th, 2004 10:43 AM
I may never grow old
And hold the hands of death
I may never die
And feel the cold, pressing breath

I may never know
All the knowledge in the world
I may never grow
And into darkness be thrown

I may never dream
And find warmth in the sun
I may never pray
And feel as one

I may never speak again
And lose my tongue in thought
I may never be rich
And regret what I never bought

I may never be proud
But that would be divine
I may never be loud
And wake the dead in time

I may never see heaven
And touch the golden sky
I may never be whole
And ask myself why

I may never love
But that would not be so
I may never hear
But the music would be though

I may never walk
But would be running just the same
I may never remember
But I'll always know my name

I may never shake
Or shudder with my fear
I may never find
The time of my leaving near

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reflection in glass
Posted by Haldur on Dec 25th, 2004 10:37 AM
The happiest moments seem to last an hour a minute; the darker ones must be the opposite.

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Ode to the Season
Posted by Haldur on Dec 25th, 2004 10:34 AM
Quaint is the hour of this holiday
As the ice turns the tree branches to glass
Melting to the ground as tears
And darkness shrouds the sky

Perhaps itís retrospection
That pulls at my heart this season
A time of death, renewal, and spirit
Encompassed in youth

It wasnít long ago
That I saw the light
But Iíve stepped away
And found something harder

I must empty thought, perception
Mind; take heed of the coming dawn
And loosen my heart
From its spiked wall inside my chest

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