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Realm: Terryville, Connecticut, U.S.A.

Love to listen to Bagpipe and Drum music.
The martial marching music seems to reach deep into my soul when I hear it play.
I've heard Amazing Grace played many ways but when it's the 48th Highlanders from Canada play there Bagpipes and Drums the tune just gets to me.
I also like the group Celtic Thunder and Love to hear Sarah McLaughlin when she sings a song or two also.
Rest of the time I'm a Metal maniac and like to listen to some American Country tunes when the mood hits me.

I love to go to the New York Renaissance Faire every year.
Enter the magical realm of the New York Renaissance Faire and enjoy a day… Where Fantasy Rules! Sixteenth century England comes to life as you enter a kingdom filled with magic, laughter, music, fine foods, amazing entertainment, strolling characters and thrilling stage combat. Wander throughout 35 majestic acres amidst a bustling craft marketplace of more than 100 shoppes filled with treasures unique to this world. The
young and young at heart thrill at the human powered rides and revel in period games of skill. Feast on a huge selection of sumptuous foods and thirst quenching drink fit for her royal majesty Queen Elizabeth. Become part of the show with hundreds of performers and enjoy entertainment featuring brilliant acts on more than twenty stages including the Joust on Horseback, Earthquest’s Birds of Prey and the Mudd Brothers’ Wet Dirt Show plus much more.

You can find much more info on the faire at:
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