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Posted by Celeste of the Stars1 on Dec 20th, 2003 3:16 PM
Well its almost that time again. Moving Day! Oh... yeah... I'm... excited. Well I am in a way. I finally get to meet my in-laws in person. and I get to see Seattle! Allan said he's going to "try" to do something really cool for our anniversary. We always seems to be moving on or around that time. It's Jan 17th. Last year we moved the day after. So we didn't get to
go anywhere because we needed to save money for the move and after the move. Same with this year, only this trip is 3 days and the last one was only like 2 hours. Oh well as long as I get to spend any kind of time with him that day I'll be happy. I really don't need to go anywhere or get anything. Besides there will be plenty more anniversarys after this one. smile.gif

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My mother
Posted by Celeste of the Stars1 on Nov 29th, 2003 2:10 AM
Well my mother has done it again. She can be so heartless sometimes! We got on the subject of kids. I told her I couldn't wait to have one. Her "motherly" comment? "Why don't you ask it what trailer park it wants to grow up in." WHAT A B#$#H! We live in a 26 ft travel trailer because we move at least once a year. This is the easiest and cheepest way to do this. I don't ask for much, I only ask that she act like my mother and not some snob that only cares about what people are going to think.

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