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ramble mode and a spell of typo-ese
Posted by Aaediwen on Dec 4th, 2004 7:56 PM
I'm in ramble mode again
ramble on and on
no directuin
nir wvwb going ri eatch for tipos
just typing
sin'r cvare what U type
ehat;s it mayyrt anrway
want to knpw hoe baf rtpoese van get? this should do it
foing on;y based on that vtrap they reach inrtpunf class in school
if I really has abything ri saum U'f try harfer to hit thr eight kryd

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Posted by Aaediwen on Dec 4th, 2004 6:29 PM
Where do I stand

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Posted by Aaediwen on Nov 28th, 2004 5:49 PM
My mind wants to wander
Wander somewhere
Somewhere, nowhere, anywhere, somewhere
SO quiet
Active, yet quiet
A muted scream

......................................................... Here
Yes, no
I don't make sense
to myself, I make no sense
Hello... Hello?
*Knock* *Knock*
Anyone there?
Noone's home
There's a party going on inside
But noone's home.
Funny isn't it

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Back to the land of the day ball!
Posted by Aaediwen on Nov 24th, 2004 4:13 AM
Getting ready to start my second day back on day shift. I've finally flown the nest and left my friends on nights. I'll miss them and all, but it wasn't giving me any time for a life outside of work. Whenever I was up and not at work, everyone I knew was sleeping (Asside from a few minutes in the mornings after work when I might catch Irish Stepper online)

Didn't prove very good for writing either, with no stimuli. Also, If I wanted to do anything, it ment a couple of days to readjust schedules. I've tried nights and decided I don't like the shift. I could do it for a couple weeks at a time if needed, but it's not for me on the long term. That, is what I wanted to find out when I first went to Night Hawk. Would I like night shift. The answer is, "not really"

It's funny too, how one isn't informed of anything until the last minute. I found out at 21:00 Monday that I was due to be in at 08:00 tuesday, after I'd been sleeping all day in prep for returning to work at 20:00 Tuesday. Could be a good thing though. Probably helped me get through the day. Also, with the hiliday right here, I was wondering if I was going to be able to get it off. I asked about it and was told that not only could I get it off, but Thursday AND Friday were completely my choice! NICE! Thursday was no question, I'm going to Grandma's, end of discussion, you can keep the $1000000 your trying to bribe me to work with. I'm going. Friday was up in the air though. Decided it take it off too. Considering switching schedules and the work-related stress I've had thanks to this whole deal over the last week. Besides, mom will be off too smile.gif

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NVIDIA 6629 Linux TV-OUT
Posted by Aaediwen on Nov 21st, 2004 7:20 AM
It's alive!
I think I have finally figured out how I can watch movies on my TV again under Linux. my tv-out broke when I went to NVIDIA's 6629 driver, but I have found a config I can use to get it again. just looks like not both TV and CRT in the same session. So long as I can control one from the other though, that will be fine (why I leave 2 consoles open on this box for X anyway. JIC)

Ya know, you'd think there would be more documentation on this issue. Why was everyone getting ignored I wonder...

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