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Grandaughter of William Maxwell, (ancestors were the Maxwell Clan from South West Scotland). Singer songwriter female vocalist/lyricist one half of Serundal, A Celtic New age singer songwriting husband/wife team from UK.

Serundal, contemporary Celtic male/female singer songwriters from the UK. Ten albums, two e.p's and two singles released since 2006 (most here on All original material- lyrics and arrangements songs based on Celtic and medieval English legend. Find out more on Four tracks 'White Stag' (Yule 2009) 'Sisters of Caer' 'Stone of Destiny' Don't Let the Daylight Break' (Land of the Sixth Moon 2010) voted 2010 semi-finalists in the UK Songwriting Contest.
*2011 UKSC update Commended: 'Annwn' (Dark Days White Knights)
2012 new album 'Chime Child' released!
2013 new mp3 album released 'The Scrying Pool' featuring the track 'Richard lll- The Lost King' !
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Serundal's Christmas E.P 2009
Posted by Maxie on Nov 16th, 2009 5:27 AM
Looking for something original for your Celtic Christmas collection?

'Yule' a special edition Christmas E.P is out now on

In ancient Celtic times, the white stag represented the winter solstice, the time when the natural and supernatural worlds moved closer together. When the dark nights were sometimes fearful, but also electrifying and filled with magic. They were also filled with hope, as the darkness gave way to the night of the Elder Moon, in anticipation of spring.
For Christians there is no night more magical or wonderful than Christmas Eve, when the world awaits the birth of a very special boy child. To capture this essence musically, this album is full of haunting melodies, orchestral strings and monastic vocals. By candlelight, on this Christmas Eve, take some time out from the hustle and bustle of the 21st century, to listen to 'Yule'. Go to the window, look for Orion. Can you see the white stag?

To be released in itunes soon

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UK Songwriter Contest 2009
Posted by Maxie on Sep 12th, 2009 6:04 AM


We chose to enter 'Lady of the Isles' because of the feedback we have been having from friends fans and listeners. The song format is based on 'medieval English rhetorical' but there is also a strong Celtic influence in it. We are so pleased that the song chosen by Serundal fans has got this far (especially since this was our first entry and over 6000 people applied.) All Serundal songs are meticulously researched as far as legend, mythology and history is concerned, and a great deal of work goes into the arrangements and lyrics. While we have some albums here on Celtic radio net, we now have a catalogue of 65 songs (and growing) and all can be purchased/listened to from appleitunes worldwide, napster, rhapsody, emusic and Amazon mp3 to name but a few.
If you would like to learn more about us, you're welcome to check us out on and if you have your own myspace page add us as a friend!

Thank you for listening and your support


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