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I want to explain why I was proud… *You refrained from any personal attacks. *You acknowledged when Senator McCain was right. *You clearly stated when he was wrong, and why he was wrong. *You set forth your own views with clarity, also. *But you refused to talk down to the American people. Whatever happens on November 4, I will never regret have worked hard for you as a grassroots volunteer. You have always conducted yourself with the utmost dignity and grace. You have displayed integrity and authenticity. You have run a positive campaign. And I know you are committed to bringing the political parties together in DC, and people from all walks of life around the country. If you win, you will help to transform this nation at home, and will restore our standing among nations. I say “help,” because you have always stressed that change comes from the bottom up, and that the campaign is not, ultimately, about you; rather, it is about the American people. Contrary to the lie that has been promulgated, to the effect that you are “presumptuous,” I feel that you have your ego under control. You have always made clear that you are not a perfect person or candidate. I appreciate that enormously. If you lose, I am convinced that you will continue to have an enormous impact not only within the United States, but abroad, as well. But I feel confident that you will win the presidency. I have been happy to spend hundreds of hours as a grassroots volunteer. Through this effort, I have met many wonderful people of all races and from all walks of life. Participation in this campaign has re-energized me, personally. In fact, I am writing a book-length memoir, partly focusing on what it like to be a grassroots volunteer in this campaign. I also have a great impression of your wife, Michelle, and your kids. What a remarkable family you have! I know you will be okay, should you win or should you lose. So will I. One of the great things you have imparted to me is the desire to remain engaged in the effort to change this country for the better—for the rest of my life. What we see here is more than a campaign; it is a movement for fundamental change in the way we treat one another in this society, whether we act out of greed and malice or, alternatively, whether we demonstrate real concern for our fellow citizens, including the poor, the disabled, and the disempowered—and forcefully act on that concern. I have seen many candidates come and go. You are the most impressive one since JFK, by far. I participated in the civil rights movement in the South during the 1960s. You have helped to make the spirit of that movement live again. I have worked with the poor and disabled for many years as a teacher, counselor, and advocate. You have helped to restore my sense of commitment to such work. Finally, your example of hard work, dedication to the task, and commitment to your role as father and husband has inspired me to persevere in my own attempt to manifest those character traits. Thank you, Barack Obama, for the person you are. Your personal traits are as important as the contribution you make as a politician. Patrick Frank Grassroots volunteer Box 1283 Kingstree, SC 29556 (843) 372-8851 patrickgfrank@yahoo.com %&Iж з  ™ š De‹”э ЖШЩ_jЗэіє”ДЕќЄІЋќјќєќє№є№ќ№ь№ь№ь№ьшьшьфьрмьмфм№єhˆ>Яh‰KhЪ55hПkh)]ЏhТzџh КhИ“hЈЯ   &'78IJ  ; < m n Ћ Ќ о п   š › З И Ј Љ §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§Ћ§Љ fgЩЪ34mnЕЖ;<=K`i}ŒЄЅІЇЈЉЊЋ§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§,1hАа/ Ар=!А"А# $ %ААаАа а†œ@@ёџ@ NormalCJ_HaJmH sH tH DAђџЁD Default Paragraph FontRiѓџГR  Table Normalі4ж l4жaі (kєџС(No ListЋ џџџџ &'78IJ;<mnЋЌопš›ЗИЈЉfgЩЪ34m n Е Ж ; < = K ` i } Œ Є Ѕ І Ї Ј Љ Њ ­ ˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€Ћ Љ Ћ Ћ џџїю“4КЕјю“šЗљю“,њю“$ЮЖћю“<ѕЖќю“ФŠЕ§ю“dЊЕўю“ ŸЕ  ` ` i i t w ­ c h r v | | ­ 9*€urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags€place€B*€urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags€country-region€;*€urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags€address€:*€urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags€Street€8*€urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags€City€9*€urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags€State€>*€urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags €PostalCode€ xЪп  ­ `c•™­ 33Г З э і ќ Њ ­   ­  х ПkЪ55‰KИ“)]Џ КЈЯˆ>Я`^њТzџџ@€ œ)s Ћ @@џџUnknownџџџџџџџџџџџџG‡z €џTimes New Roman5€Symbol3& ‡z €џArial"ёˆ№аh нЩЦ нЩЦ Ё  Ё !№ ДД24dЅ Ѕ 2ƒ№HX)№џ?фџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџ К2џџA message to Barack Obama:Linda RuedlingerLinda Ruedlingerўџр…ŸђљOhЋ‘+'Гй0˜˜МШф№ќ  (4 T ` lx€ˆфA message to Barack Obama:Linda RuedlingerNormalLinda Ruedlinger2Microsoft Office Word@@vFhў Щ@vFhў Щ Ё ўџеЭеœ.“—+,љЎ0 hp|„Œ” œЄЌД М уфЅ ц A message to Barack Obama: Title ўџџџўџџџ !ўџџџ#$%&'()ўџџџ+,-./01ўџџџ§џџџ4ўџџџўџџџўџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџRoot Entryџџџџџџџџ РFpaL„ў Щ6€Data џџџџџџџџџџџџ1TableџџџџаWordDocumentџџџџ.SummaryInformation(џџџџџџџџџџџџ"DocumentSummaryInformation8џџџџџџџџ*CompObjџџџџџџџџџџџџqџџџџџџџџџџџџўџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџўџ џџџџ РFMicrosoft Office Word Document MSWordDocWord.Document.8є9Вq