2017 Celtic Radio Fund Raising Drive
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2017 Fund Raising Drive

It is that time of year where we once again look to our listeners and members to help us meet our yearly fund raising goal. This year our fund raising efforts take on special importance, we need to meet our fund raising goal this year in order to keep the Celtic Radio Network App free to all. Without your support we may need to limited or restrict the app to subscriptions only. While this would allow us to keep the App going, it would greatly reduce our reach to the people that are on a fixed income and may not be able to afford the subscription price. Reaching our fund raising goal will allow us to keep the app free for another year.

If your donation is at least $15, you will be eligible to receive one of our Celtic Radio donation gifts below. We have alot of new gifts this year, so take a good look at all of the goodies before you decide on which donation package fits you best (thank you gifts are only available within the U.S. due to cost prohibited shipping rates). Be sure to include your mailing address with your donation.

This year all donation packages $20 or more contain 1 year of Celtic Radio Premium and
your family coat of arms downloadable graphic - a $32 value!

Watch this page for our special donation thermometer! As donations are made, the total current donations will be displayed here. Make sure to click the "return to Celtic Radio" button on the donation page so your donation is credited to our goal. Thanks again for all of your support of our site and broadcasts!

Donate Any Amount

We have 48 donations so far!


Basic Donation Package

Our Basic Donation Package is for those donating between $15 - $24. Choose one of these donation gifts when you make the donation, or send us an email with your selection.

- Irish Cross Necklace

- Celtic Dragon Necklace

- Irish Ghost Stories

- Celtic Fairy Tales

- Irish Fairy Tales

- Scottish Fairy Tales

- Twelve Celtic Bookmarks

- Celtic Beaded Bookmark

$15-$24 Donation

Thank-You Gift

Full Size 2017 Celtic
Mandala Wall Calendar!

Earth Mysteries & Mythology

The Celtic Mandala wall calendar presents the magical knot weavings of Welsh artist Jen Delyth. Jen's intricate paintings and illustrations are founded in her deep connection to her Celtic heritage and are a personal journey into the language of ancient Celtic myth, mythology, and symbol. Jen's original iconographic style is inspired by the spirit in nature and Celtic pagan knotwork, which expresses our mythic connection to the natural world.

The Celts perceived the presence of divine forces in all aspects of nature. Patterns of harmony and balance, dark and light, winter and summer, female and male are woven throughout Celtic tradition. Celtic knots and patterning reflect their belief in the continuity of life and the interconnection of all things, plants, animals, and otherworldly divinities. Celtic art is a symbolic repository of the mythology and spirituality of the ancient Celts.

  • Calendar ~ 28 Pages.
  • 12 inches by 12 inches full size.
  • U.S., Canadian Holidays, Moon Phases, Observations.
  • Frameable artbook-quality printing.
  • Perfect art gift for those who love all things Celtic.
  • A year of Jen Delyth's stunning Celtic artwork on your wall.
  • One year of Celtic Radio Premium membership.
  • Downloadable Family Coat of Arms

$25 Donation
Only 20 in Stock!

Irish Pub Cookbook

Pubs in Ireland are the cornerstone of their communities, relaxed places where locals and visitors can experience the best of traditional Irish hospitality. Many pubs have also become the place to go for a great meal, wit ha choice of both traditional and contemporary dishes. In recent year Irish cooking has been transformed, with skillful cooks making the most of wonderful fresh local produce to create delicious new dishes and giving a twist to many classics. This collection includes the best of both worlds - with best-loved favorites such as Irish Stew and Split Pea and Ham Soup and also newer recipes, like Scallop Chowder or Oatmeal and Raspberry Cream to set your taste buds tingling. So just open this book to enjoy the best of traditional and contemporary Irish pub cooking.

$30 Donation

Celtic Tattoos

Express Yourself on St. Patrick's Day!

Celtic symbols are packed with meaning and their own unique brand of Irish lore. This kit includes seven Celtic symbol tattoos, a pendant necklace, and an 88-page mini book. Perfect to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and as a way of expressing who you are, this is body art that doesn’t just look great; it speaks volumes.

Ever wanted a tattoo for St. Patrick's Day, but you didn't want it permanently? This kit is for you! There are 7 beautiful Celtic symbol tattoos to choose from. Perfect for adults and children alike. A great way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day 2013!

$35 Donation

Mugs & Steins

Premium Mugs
Our premium hard coated mugs hold 11 ounces of hot or cold liquid. Whether you're a coffee addict or a hot chocolate lover, our customized mug is an item that makes every kitchen, home or office complete. We use vivid sublimation inks to produce no-fade, safe and washable mugs. Beautifully finished with a hard ceramic gloss coating that holds up to the most enthusiastic coffee drinker! Our premium mug handle fits snuggly into your hand for trouble free use and enjoyment.

Premium Steins
Our premium ceramic beer steins hold 22 ounces of your favorite barley beverage. With a gold accented rim on the base and top, these steins are almost 7 inches tall and have a 3.75 inch diameter base, a 3 inch diameter rim and weigh almost 2 pounds each. These festive ceramic beer steins look just like the drink ware at your favorite pub! The traditional decorative elements make this product a must-have for any home bar or to proudly display in your kitchen or living room mantle.

$40 Donation

Actual Shirt

Highlander Radio Donation Package

We have redesigned our Highlander Radio Tshirt this year with our beautiful yellow Celtic Triangle Logo, vinyl white Highlander Radio font all on a beautiful blue beefy Tshirt. This design not only looks great, but is definitely eye-catching! Great for concerts and festivals where you might meet other Highlander Radio members and listeners!

Our premium hard coated mugs hold 11 ounces of hot or cold liquid. Whether you're a coffee addict or a hot chocolate lover, our Highlander Radio mug is the perfect companion to our award winning broadcast.

$45 Donation

The Middle Ages

We consider the Middle Ages barbaric, yet the period furnished some of our most enduring icons, including King Arthur's Round Table, knights in shining armor, and the idealized noblewoman. In this vivid history of the time, the medieval world comes to life in all its rich daily experience. Find out what people's beds were like, how often they washed, what they wore, what they cooked, how they worked, how they entertained themselves, how they wed, and what life was like in a medieval village, castle, or monastery. Contemporary artworks and documents further illuminate this fascinating historical era.

Jeffrey L. Singman has written several works on medieval and early modern Europe, including Daily Life in Chaucer's England, Daily Life in Elizabethan England, and Robin Hood: The Shaping of the Legend (all Greenwood Publishing Group). Dr. Singman has worked at various living history sites, including Greenfield Village and Plimoth Plantation, and is now the Paul S. Morgan Curator at the Higgins Armory Museum and Adjunct Professor of Humanities at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, MA, where he lives.

$50 Donation

Celtic Jewelry Package

The Celtic Jewelry Package contains six beautiful charm necklaces that represents an $80 value! These necklaces are perfect for festivals, holidays or for concerts. All contain a 20 inches black leather necklace with an interchangable 24 inches Sterling Silver Necklace (925). Included with the package are the following necklaces:

  • Celtic Trinity Necklace
  • Celtic Dragon Necklace
  • Celtic Serpent Necklace
  • Irish Knot Cross Necklace
  • Pentagram Necklace
  • Sterling Silver Necklace
  • One year of Celtic Radio Premium membership.
  • Downloadable Family Coat of Arms

$65 Donation

The Guinness Package

Beer Lovers Welcomed!

Our Guinness Package is the perfect donation package to those that love the rich stout beer called Guinness. Perfect to go along with some of our more rowdy Celtic music found at Celt-Rock-Radio!

Our Guinness package starts off with a beautiful authentic Guinness Pint, with a slightly rounded tulip shape for optimal pour, and a gold Guinness logo on the side. We then include our premium ceramic beer stein that holds 22 ounces of your favorite barley beverage. Choose between Ireland, Scotland, Wales or England as your desired country flag of origin. With a gold accented rim on the base and top, this stein is almost 7 inches tall and has a 3.75 inch diameter base, a 3 inch diameter rim and weighs almost 2 pounds. The traditional decorative elements make this stein a must-have for any home bar or to proudly display in your kitchen or living room mantle.

And finally we complete this package with our own creation. To proclaim your love for the juice of the barley, our very own "Got Beer?" black tee shirt featuring 4 pint glasses of your favorite, foaming, and tasty beverage. Perfect to wear at pubs, festivals and other party locations!

  • Authentic Guinness pint glass.
  • Perfect complement to Guinness beers at home.
  • Guinness gold logo on the side of the glass .
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Gold rim ceramic beer stein.
  • Holds 22 ounces of beverage.
  • Got Beer? Tee Shirt
  • 100% Cotton Beefy, Comfortable, Soft.
  • One year of Celtic Radio Premium membership.
  • Downloadable Family Coat of Arms

$75 Donation

Shirt Size:


Celtic Trinity Package

Our Celtic Trinity Package combines all of our popular Celtic themed donation gifts into one. The Beautiful full sized Celtic Mandala Calendar, The Element Encyclopedia of the Celts, Celtic Inspirations, Celtic Tattoos, Twelve Celtic Bookmarks, Celtic Fairy Tales, Celtic Beaded Bookmark and our Celtic Trinity Necklace with 24 inch sterling silver necklace.

This is a one of kind package that will provide you with months of reading and reference to some of the most treasured Celtic history, myths and legends.

Complimenting this package is the Trinity Knot, also known as a Triquetr, originated with the Celts/Druids. They believed it to be representative of the natural forces: earth, air, and water. On a more spiritual level, it has also been known to symbolize life, death, and rebirth. Christians believe that the three points represent the three elements of the trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit (or Holy Ghost).

  • 2017 Celtic Mandala Wall Calendar.
  • Encyclopedia of the Celts (576 pages). SOLD OUT
  • Celtic Inspirations (160 Pages). SOLD OUT
  • Celtic Tattoos (88 Pages).
  • Twelve Celtic Bookmarks.
  • Celtic Fairy Tales (87 Pages).
  • Celtic Beaded Bookmark.
  • Celtic Trinity Silver toned Pendant.
  • 24 Inch Sterling Silver Necklace.
  • One year of Celtic Radio Premium membership.
  • Downloadable Family Coat of Arms

$150 Donation

Includes frame

Castles & Knights Package

Castles of Britain & Ireland: - Once great symbols of power and domination, castles are tangible reminders of Britain and Ireland’s turbulent and bloody past—one of royalty, noblemen, intrigue, and tyranny. Studded throughout the landscape, these formidable strongholds are inextricably entwined with the rich and resonant history and ever-changing terrain of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Knights: Written by an international team of historians and scholars with specialized knowledge of the medieval era and illustrated with sumptuous images ranging from manuscript illuminations and PreRaphaelite paintings to photographs of authentic armor, swords, and castles, plus maps and a timeline, this book is at once a detailed history of knights and a chronicle of their cultural creations and legacy.

Knights & Crusades: A vivid account of the life and times of the medieval knight, an examination of the code of chivalry, and a detailed history of the crusades. 850 vibrant fine-art paintings illustrate the flamboyant world of a Knight in battle, at the tournament and on campaign.

Crusades and the Crusader Knights: The history, myth and romance of the medieval knight on crusade, with over 400 stunning images of the battles, adventures, sieges, fortresses, triumphs and defeats.

Medieval Puzzles & Enigmas: 150 Jousting Games for the Brain! Welcome, gallant knights! Time to take part in the greatest tournament organized in honor of King Arthur and his queen, Guinevere.

  • Castles of Britain & Ireland - 320 Full Color Pages.
  • Knights - 304 Full Color Pages.
  • Knights & Crusades - 512 Full Color Pages.
  • Crusades and the Crusader Knights - 256 Full Color Pages.
  • Medieval Puzzles & Enigmas.
  • Family Coat of Arms Print on Parchment.
  • One year of Celtic Radio Premium membership.
  • Downloadable Family Coat of Arms

$200 Donation SOLD OUT

Family Surname
Ethnic Country

The Works

The Works contains everything you see above and is a wonderful collection of gift sets and books that will surely keep you occupied all winter long. We will contact you directly to obtain all needed information; shirt size and family surname.


$500 or more Donation

Thank you for supporting Celtic Radio!

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