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One of the goals of Celtic Radio is to bring together a community of listeners and musicians that share a unique bond of culture and music. Our community events section contains an event calendar, chat rooms, member birthdays and more! All members and musicians are encouraged to post their local events to the calendar. Special chat rooms are available upon request. Watch this section for special community events!

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King of Celtic Radio

Proverbs of the Moment
Gaelic Proverbs come primarily from the western Highlands and Islands of Scotland, and they have a distinctly rural or agricultural flavor which reflects the society from which they were gathered. It is to be expected that many of them pertain to the weather, to the planting of crops, and to country life in general. Others reflect the Gaelic love of company and hospitality, fear of poverty and laziness.

Gaelic Proverb:
An làmb a bheir, ‘s i a gheibh.

English Translation:
The hand that gives is the hand that gets.

Few countries have a greater number of proverbs than has Scotland. Even today, everyday speech in Scotland is sprinkled with them. Scots are wonderfully given to this way of speaking, and the lovely Scots tongue loses much of its flavor when forced to translate their unqiue language. Those that appear in English have been preserved that way for at least 200 years!

Scottish Proverb:
Amendment is true repentance.

Latest News

Old Age In Medieval Times

Posted on: 15-Jan-2018, 10:17 PM
Posted by: CelticRadio

Humans Achieved Old Age

Prior to Modern Medicine

A study of Anglo-Saxon cemeteries suggests two seemingly timeless truths: Some people reach advanced ages likely due to good genes and biological factors, and women tend to live longer than men.

Information on human longevity in the historical record represents two extremes. On the one hand, there are the extreme claims in religion and myths: Methuselah in the Hebrew Bible supposedly lived to be 969 years old, early Christians indicated that Saint Servatius was 375, and a tombstone in the United Kingdom claims that a man named William Edwards died at age 168.

On the other extreme, there is the long-standing belief that people who lived in ancient times — before the advent of modern medicine and other conveniences — hardly ever reached advanced ages. As English philosopher Thomas Hobbes (1588–1679) wrote, "the life of man" is "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short."

Read more from The Seeker.

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Last comment by CelticRadio at 15-Jan-2018, 10:17 PM

Link of the Moment

Celtic New Age singersongwriters from the UK producing a unique blend of contemporary Celtic vocal folk, based on Celtic legend and storytelling. Seven albums to date two available for listening on Celtic radio net. A new album to be released soon based on Arthurian legend. Music is now available for licensing for film and commercials. Through listeners votes a total of ten tracks from various albums have made it to the top tier of the folk genre at www.songvault radio and now receive permanent airplay.

author: Pete Brown

Serundal - CD - Leylines

'Leylines' by Serundal is the prequel to the story of the Legend of Serundal and is intended to promote the trilogy of albums on the theme of the legend and The Kingdom Of Roth, 'Ab Initi' being the first in the series. I'm impressed with 'Leylines' and I marvel at the creativity and productivity of Serundal and their beautiful visionary epic. Serundal's website tells of "A Celtic World of Music Poetry and Magic" - and, make no mistake, that's exactly what you get!

'Leylines' actualy feels more cohesive and generally more confident than 'Ab Initi' (and that was pretty damn impressive!!); there's a fantastic flow to this work; it drifts effortlessly along and seems to cradle you in its being. Superbly laid back but offering a warm place to go on a dark autumn's night, 'Leylines' is evocative, descriptive, at times haunting and at others, hypnotic. Everything's just so smooth and peaceful sounding - it's a wonderfully dreamy work that reminds me in parts of Mike Oldfield, in other parts Renaissance, then I hear Sonja Kristina, Sandy Denny, loads of famous names come to mind but actually it's all just Serundal! It's wonderful!!

Serundal have done a bloody good job with 'Leylines' - their story telling prequel to the trilogy is magnificent and as a stand-alone work it's equally as compelling and works just as it is. I don't know how long Serundal have taken to get this far but 'Leylines' feels as though an awful lot of heart and soul has been put into it; it's beautifully polished, it's maturely composed and performed, it's thoroughly entertaining and extremely enjoyable. Serundal should be very proud of what they've achieved here.

I really hope 'Leylines' does its job and Serundal can get their trilogy out there and accepted - it thoroughly deserves to be successful. 'Leylines' is a splendid piece of work and bodes well for the second and third release in their epic aural adventure. Great work, beautiful to behold, remarkably assured and relaxingly tantalising.

Peter J Brown aka toxic pete (www.toxicpete.co.uk)

(Rhythm & Booze rating 10)

author: Peter J Brown (www.toxicpete.co.uk)


Lady of the Isles

I will begin by saying up front and out loud - this is one of the most beautiful songs and melodies that one could possibly find to end the day with, which is what I am doing here in the midnight hour gathering rosebuds of music for one or two or more of my stations here at IAC. Thank you Serundal for pointing me in the direction of your Artists Page where I found your beautiful crusading lover's ballad ... lilting, cantillating and monastic-like vocals calling back and forth gives this a mediaeval and romantic feeling that whisks one away on a magical, mystical journey, back to a place in legendary times where a grieving damsel awaits the return of her lover from a distant campaign. A celtic gem ... poignant songwriting, arrangement and production ... welcome to Legendary Music. added to station 10/19/2008 5:30:26 AM

"The Keening" happily recalls Renaissance and the more ambitious seventies prog era. Serundal are perhaps out of their time but they wear it well. Their album is lovely and deserves a wide audience.

Copyright © 2007 Anna Maria Stjärnell

All music is currently available in appleitunes worldwide.

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Game of the Moment - Chess
Chess - A 2D chessboard game.


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The Celtic Zodiac

The Birch, 12/24 - 1/21

To the Druids, the Birch (often referred to as the "Lady of the Woods" due to its grace and beauty) represented renewal, rebirth and inception, since it was the first tree to come into leaf after the Winter Season. The Birch along with the Elder were said to stand on either side of the one "Nameless Day" (December 23). This slender but determined tree, which represented the seed potential of all growth, is hardier than even the mighty Oak and will thrive in places where the Oak will fail to flourish. It also signifies cleanliness and purity. The Birch once fulfilled many purposes...from providing handles for brooms and axes to the manufacture of cloth and childrens' cradles. It is particularly well-known for its use in making writing parchment and oil from the bark was often used to treat skin conditions and depression. People were once "birched" in order to drive out evil spirits, while twigs were given to newlyweds to ensure fertility. Witches would use Birch twigs bound with Ash for their broomsticks or "besoms." Birch has been known to cure muscular pains and the sap used in the manufacture of wine, beer and vinegar. It is the rod of a Birch that Robin Red Breast used to slay the Wren in a furze or gorse bush on Saint Stephen's Day. In Wales, the Birch is a tree of love and wreaths of Birth are woven as love tokens. Its trunk was frequently use to form the traditional maypole and boughs were hung over cradles and carriages to protect infants from the glamor of the Little People. The Silver Birch, often found in spreading clumps on sandy soils, is the most common tree........ more

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