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One of the goals of Celtic Radio is to bring together a community of listeners and musicians that share a unique bond of culture and music. Our community events section contains an event calendar, chat rooms, member birthdays and more! All members and musicians are encouraged to post their local events to the calendar. Special chat rooms are available upon request. Watch this section for special community events!

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Proverbs of the Moment
Gaelic Proverbs come primarily from the western Highlands and Islands of Scotland, and they have a distinctly rural or agricultural flavor which reflects the society from which they were gathered. It is to be expected that many of them pertain to the weather, to the planting of crops, and to country life in general. Others reflect the Gaelic love of company and hospitality, fear of poverty and laziness.

Gaelic Proverb:
Cha tid n sam bith san drn dinte.

English Translation:
Nothing can get into a closed fist.

Few countries have a greater number of proverbs than has Scotland. Even today, everyday speech in Scotland is sprinkled with them. Scots are wonderfully given to this way of speaking, and the lovely Scots tongue loses much of its flavor when forced to translate their unqiue language. Those that appear in English have been preserved that way for at least 200 years!

Scottish Proverb:
Forbid a fool a thing and that he will do.

Latest News

July CD Contests

Posted on: 21-Jul-2018, 09:25 PM
Posted by: CelticRadio

We are going to try something a little different this month for our July CD contest. We have three really great CDs available which includes Saor Patrol's latest CD. Saor Patrol is headed up by Charlie Allen - you've seen him in movies such as King Arthur, Snow White and the Huntsman, Gladiator and Robin Hood and he thought enough of us to send a stash of his latest CDs for Celtic Radio listeners to enjoy. If you like bagpipes, of the rock version, you will definitely like Saor Patrol.

Here are the CDs up for grabs this month:

So, we are going to give away these CDs in a raffle, but here is the thing. You have to post a message and a picture in the Celtic Radio App Chat feature. Its our new Social place on the App and we just made some improvements to it.

Load up the App and click on the Chat Icon to access and post away. We will randomly choose the CD winners for that month from within the App.

To download the App for your mobile device, visit our mobile website here:


scroll to the bottom and choose the mobile system you have. Or just search for "Celtic Radio Network" in the store of your choice. Its Free!

thumbs_up.gif wink.gif

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Last comment by CelticRadio at 21-Jul-2018, 09:25 PM

Link of the Moment
Marton Mills

Welcome to Marton Mills, fabric weavers based in the heart of Yorkshire. Established in 1931, our wealth of experience allows us to produce the finest cloth.
Our production is focused on supplying a stock supported range of Schoolwear and Highlandwear. In addition we produce a variety of compositions to accommodate: Corporate Wear, Sportswear, Military and Ecclesiastical wear.

Our flexibility enables us to offer a bespoke service for a range of applications.
If you are looking for a particular shade or fabric, or need a little advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Added by: TetonAndDistrictPerformingArts On: 0000-00-00 00:00:00


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Game of the Moment - Brewery Defender
Brewery Defender - Stop the rocks from destroying the brewery and trucks. The trucks must get out to supply the pubs!


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The Celtic Zodiac

The Holly, 7/8 - 8/4

In the Ogham, it was stated that the Holly was "best in the fight," since it helped balance both the positive and negative aspects of the self, thus revealing a new direction. It was believed to restore lost energy, bestowing the strength needed to continue toward a resolution. Despite its prickly leaves (which afford protection to the tree during Winter), the Holly offered empathy and understanding within its branches and was often associated with goodwill and love...virtues of certain Gods and Godesses. For this reason, it was frequently planted near homes for protection and to ward off evil, psychic attacks and demons. When Celtic chieftains chose a successor, that successor was crowned with a Holly wreath and branches of the tree were carried by Celtic men for good luck. The Holly was said to ease thoughts of jealousy and mistrust while providing protection from evil spirits. Also reputed to tame wild beasts, babies were bathed in water from the leaves in order to protect them from harm. The Holly (also known as "Bat's Wings" and "Christ's Thorn" among others) was thought to repel enemies and warriors would carry cudgels and fashion spear shafts made of its wood. As a symbol of good luck and good fortune, the Holly was the evergreen twin of the Oak in Celtic mythology and was often referred to by the name "Kerm-Oak." As the Oak ruled the light part of the year, thus did the Holly rule the dark. The Holly also represented the eternal, ever-green aspects of Mother Earth. With Ivy and Mistletoe, the Holly was regarded as a potent life symbol by virtue of its year-long f........ more

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